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General information about Hikkaduwa

Пляж Хиккадувы, Шри-Ланка The beach just North of Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa (Hikkaduwa, Chicagoi, Hikkaduwa) is a small town and a popular resort on the West coast of Sri Lanka, about 100 kilometers South of Colombo (Hikkaduwa on the map of Sri Lanka). Although Hikkaduwa and relate to the West coast, is actually located almost in the very South of the island. The city's population – slightly more than 100 000 people.

Like many other popular resorts all over the world, Hikkaduwa was originally "discovered" colonies of hippies in the 70-ies. They knew a lot about good beach locations, and was chosen by the more peaceful in those days the coast of a small village. The place was so successful that after a couple of decades turned into a developed resort area and the village grew into a city.

Today Hikkaduwa is one of the most popular and most dynamic resort in Sri Lanka. Come here primarily for a beach vacation and a well-developed resort infrastructure. True, it is objectively to say that because of the constant waves more suitable for surfing than for a relaxing swim. Beach area here is stretched along the coast almost 10 kilometers, and the most exciting part of it is concentrated in the range of approximately five kilometers. The entire infrastructure is located along quite a busy road (Galle Road or A2), which is basically separated from the beaches of the dense buildings of hotels, restaurants and homes. Across the road is also a chain of hotels, cafes, travel agencies, etc. Along the road there are sidewalks, and in the evenings quite comfortable to walk around the tourist area in search of a place where to eat or entertain.

Хиккадува, Шри-Ланка On the wave of Hikkaduwa

Infrastructure in Hikkaduwa developed. Hotels there are a lot of different categories and prices, lots of budget accommodation. Restaurants and cafes for tourists at every step, and many of them have a menu in Russian. The tourist shops (jewelry, gift, tea), travel agencies, rental bicycles and motorcycles, currency exchange offices abound. There are several large supermarkets in the Northern part of the district and several markets. There are banks and ATMs.

The beach in Hikkaduwa, on the whole, a good and very long. Almost the entire length of the resort it is quite wide, however, sometimes narrows, and in the North generally eroding due to built hotels of the dam. The whole beach is built up with hotels, and no palm shores in the style of "bounty" you will not see here: restaurants and hotels are located directly on the shore, becoming closer and closer to the water every year. Everywhere on the beach come across a school of surfing and diving (including training and Russian language), equipment hire. As for diving and snorkeling, according to some estimates, is one of the best places in Sri Lanka for scuba diving and almost dive capital of the country: there is a coral reef and several sunken ships. If you move further North, beyond Hikkaduwa, across many underdeveloped, but very pleasant beaches, some of which is rare for hotels.

Хиккадува, Шри-Ланка Evening Hikkaduwa beach

In the evening tourists usually walk along the beach or along launoy street Galle Road in search of a cafe or restaurant, but there are in Hikkaduwa and a modest night life. On Fridays the hotel Vibration Hotel is very noisy night party with modern music, so a sleepless Friday night fans of discos is provided. In other days, the resort goes to sleep early, and find evening entertainment except that the bars on the beach.

Attractions in the resort area there, but the area is something to see. Popular excursions to the turtle farm, the mines producing precious stones, national Park, temples in the surrounding area.

With regard to safety, then call the Hikkaduwa absolutely peaceful place in Sri Lanka impossible. Incidents involving tourists occur here more than at other resorts. Mostly traffic accidents, robberies on the streets (ripping chains, phones, cameras), steal things on the beach, theft from rooms or shooting houses. Fortunately, basic precautions help to avoid many troubles, you just need to be more careful and more attentive.

Weather in Hikkaduwa, tourist seasons

Хиккадува, Шри-Ланка The Hikkaduwa beach during the low season

Overall, in Hikkaduwa, you can relax all year round, but is allocated high and low season.

The high season lasts from November to April. At this time it is best to enjoy diving, surfing, or just relax on the beach.

In the low season from may to October in the ocean begin "problem". Constantly blowing wind creates strong waves, sometimes even a storm. At this time, some hotels even close for renovations or vacations. If you are willing to settle for just sunbathing on the beach without active swimming, and trips to tourist attractions, you can come to Hikkaduwa during this period (solar days are enough even at the time).

Seasons in Hikkaduwa months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Useful tips for Hikkaduwa

Обменник в Хиккадуве, Шри-Ланка Exchanger in Hikkaduwa
  • Food. In the heart of the tourist area is not so easy to find a café with low cost for local, if you want to save. In most are expensive tourist cafes and restaurants. But, if you move a bit away from the center, moderately priced establishments across.
  • Supermarkets and convenience stores. There are a lot of markets and small shops, but best of all for food, alcohol or things to go to supermarkets in the Northern part of the city.
  • Alcohol. In Hikkaduwa there are a few shops with alcohol. One of them is in a large supermarket and in a separate store further North. The supermarket only sold non-refrigerated alcohol. Remember that alcoholic beverages in Sri Lanka are sold around the clock and not only in special shops: to go into the first supermarket and buy a bottle of beer will not work. Beer, by the way, here is 160 rupees per bottle.
  • The choice of accommodation. When choosing a hotel on the road, consider the presence of noise from transport. Rooms in some hotels even along the street are well protected from the noise and where it is unbearable. Read reviews about the hotel, not to be mistaken.
  • Night life. On Fridays the hotel Vibration hotel in the southern part of the resort are night parties with the most modern and loud music. If you stay near the area Friday, sleep you will not succeed. Have or not to sleep from the loud music, or to go to the party.
Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
Christin 1 December, 2016
Guys, urgently looking for roommates in a large, two-storey house in Hikkaduwa, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (one per floor). The 4th Dec is released the room. House in European style (in the lobby leather sofa and armchairs, large dining table, large LCD TV, fridge, washing machine, gas stove, all necessary utensils, marble flooring, garden with Parking and a well, natural ventilation, lots of Windows and light). Photos sent on email/facebook. Facebook: E-mail: Local number: 0718239966 (mobile from Russia - 8 10 94 8239966, +7 10 94 8239966) ...
Algeta 9 January, 2017
Good afternoon. In March we want to go to the beach. I think to rent a Villa Pathum tourists inn. According to the map, it is on Pinkand road. The owner says it's a 3-minute walk from the beach))). I hope so) Tell me if this street to go to the beach if there's a café on the beach where you can eat and relax on the sun loungers? If see map Google, on photo you can see that many cafes NAP Ratiu street Narigama Patan. How far these two streets from each other? ...
admin 10 January, 2017
Hello Algeta! Looked at the situation of your Villa on aibnb, and if there's all without cheating, the place is great. Just opposite the beach, everything is there. Cafes everywhere along the road there, so no problem. If you really want a lot of cafes, you'll walk a little closer to the conditional center is to the North, i.e. above the map. ...
Algeta 10 January, 2017
I was just there and found her.))) I've never booked anything. How do you think this is a reliable website? And another question: are cafes along the road is good, but we're going with a 2-year old child and we would like to know if there's a café on the beach? Last year we were in GOA and we loved our time together: we lay on the beds, which belonged to Sheki, ate, drank when I wanted, as two children and mode they and we are different)))) is it Possible to find in Hikkaduwa? ...
Algeta 10 January, 2017
Thanks for the reply. I have this Villa there and watched. Tell me if there is enough reliable website? Mind the fact, that the money should be paid now, not on the spot. And still a question: and on the beach there are many cafes near this place? Going with a small child and assume the day hanging out at the beach.)))) Ideally, we need a place to 3 minutes and we're at the beach, and there lay under the canopy and the whole day swimming, eating and drinking. We have and child is different mode and to pack up and go somewhere to eat and then back to the beach uncomfortable))). Or is it just my dreams?))))) ...
admin 11 January, 2017
AirBnB reliable long current site, with regard to the safety of your money. Otherwise personally I have when working with AirBnB more negative experience. One evening came with a 5-year-old son to Sochi, and the owner of the booked apartment out of reach. Support by phone, the work involved, but offered simply to return the money, and then type to understand myself. Knowing the rules, I pressed and they agreed with the suggestion that I book this hotel not more expensive than 50 bucks, and they compensate me the cost. All has worked out well, but time and nerves I spent the car. Also twice was that the trip was canceled for 1-2 before the arrival, several times pulled with confirmation and also at the last moment canceled. Well the prices are certainly higher than directly from the owners to remove. ...
Algeta 11 January, 2017
Then where better to book? ...
Watch 21 October, 2017
Good day! The first time we fly to Sri Lanka . Mid Jan-mid Feb. Want to combine sightseeing with a beach holiday, I'm afraid to get on the wave. Advise something in my experience? Thank You, Natalia ...
admin October 22, 2017
Hello Natalia! You just go in a good season, when the wind is not strong, the waves too small, there is nothing to advise. If the waves are really afraid, then go to Unawatuna, where the waves almost the whole year low. ...
Axsi 3 February, 2018
Where you want to shoot? can the information. We want February to March. Thank you ...

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