General information about Galle

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General information about Galle

Форт Галле, Шри-Ланка Galle Fort in 3D View photos in 3D

Galle (Galle) – the largest city and port in southern Sri Lanka, the capital of the southern province and a popular tourist destination. Galle is approximately 145 kilometers away from Colombo international airport and 115 from the city of Colombo, near the popular resort of Unawatuna (Galle on the map of Sri Lanka). It is the fourth largest city of Sri Lanka, nearly 100 000 people.

To pronounce the city name as a cross between "Gal" and "Gal", and "Gaulle". The pronunciation of "Halle" you will not hear. So don't be surprised if you do not understand, when you choose to call the city. However, in the Russian language was fixed that is the spelling and the pronunciation of the city name, we will stick to.

Galle is primarily a tourist destination, not a beach resort. The town is on the coast, and it even has its own urban beach, but consider it as a place for a beach holiday does not. The local beach is just depressing, so for a beach vacation is to go to nearby Unawatuna, located near the resort of Hikkaduwa or any other beach in the South.

With regard to sightseeing and historical attractions, in this issue, Halle has no equal on the South coast of Sri Lanka. The highlight of the town is the ancient Fort, which was completed by the Dutch in 1663. In 1988, the Fort was included in world heritage list of UNESCO and is now one of six historic sites UNESCO in Sri Lanka. The other five of them are in the center of the country in the Cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. Inside the Fort are architectural landmarks, museums, lighthouse and much more. But the city is not limited only to the Fort: there are several churches, the Catholic Church, and a lot of ancient architecture in the form of buildings in the European style.

Галле Galle

As a rule, Galle visited in day trips from the southern resorts. But you can stay for a few days, all the conditions here for that. The city atmosphere is very nice and suitable for walks with the aim of exploring the sights and architecture. In a tourist area inside the Fort, which formed the old city, you can walk for hours, and when tired, you can sit in one of the many cafes. Interesting local market and a fishing beach where you can watch how to catch fish from the ocean, and then sell it. But in any case should not consider Galle as a place for the whole of your holiday. The beaches here, entertainment, along with walking, no, and after a few days becomes very boring.

Galle is the most developed city in the South, and therefore is constantly visited by tourists from the southern beaches to buy the necessary things, which are not found in the resorts; to exchange money in the Bank; find a pharmacy or to seek medical help. Also Galle, by local standards, is a major transportation center: there is a bus station and all buses from Colombo to the southern resorts make a stop here; it runs through the city branch of the southern railway line from Colombo toMatara.

Tourism infrastructure is also quite developed, there is a tourist area inside the Fort. There are also plenty of cafes and restaurants, travel agencies, and, as already mentioned, almost all attractions.

Weather in Galle, seasons, when to go

Galle to visit at any time of the year, it is always warm.

The high season lasts from December to April. At this time, rains are rare.

Low season is from may to November. But even at this time, the rains are short, and rarely interfere with the sightseeing.

The tourist seasons in Halle by months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Hotels and beaches in Galle

Пляжи в Галле "Wonderful" beaches in Galle

As we already mentioned, to consider Galle as a place for a beach holiday is strictly not necessary. The beach within the city is terrible, although here and bathe local. The nearest good beaches are in Unawatuna (10-20 minutes by bus, see the beaches of Unawatuna), or North towards Hikkaduwa. Don't believe the sources on the Internet that claim in Galle wonderful beaches and plenty of water sports, it is not.

Hotels in the city, but budget accommodation is almost there. Most of the hotels located inside the Fort, which is a kind of tourist area. Although there are several hotels outside of the Fort, we highly recommend a stay within its walls.

Find and book a hotel in Galle on the best search engine hotels in Asia can through the search form. Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support is present:

Hotels Galle on the map

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How to get to Galle

Ж/д станция в Галле

Galle is located about 110 kilometers from Colombo , and 140 kilometres from Colombo international airport. Less than 10 kilometers away is the popular resort of Unawatuna.

On arrival at the airport to get here easier and faster than a taxi. The trip takes about 3 hours and costs about $ 90. To find the machine on the counter at the airport or book a Shuttle service through the search form below. In this case, the driver will wait you at the airport with a sign.

How does a transfer bookingDetails >
Поиск трансфераFind the right route
Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station

Cheaper to get, if you use public transport. You will have to spend a little more time, but you can save decently.

Your choice it is possible to get from the airport to Galle by bus or train, both of which with a transfer. For starters, you will need from the airport to get to Colombo from the bus or railway station. Cheapest you can do it by bus or minibus number 187. End of the bus – /railway station Colombo Fort, and before it, he makes a stop at the bus station in Colombo. Read more about how to get from the airport to Colombo here.

Next to Galle you can continue your journey by bus or train. We recommend to go by bus, because they go more often. When you get to the bus station, you will need to find a bus to Galle finally, no more direct access do not have. There is bus number 2, but it's easier to ask for help or to local drivers. The buses run very frequently, so a long wait is not necessary. Moreover, you can choose the cheapest bus without air conditioning, or more expensive but with air conditioning. The fare is about 200 rupees (see the exchange rate of the rupee and the currency of Sri Lanka), about 3 hours. Small air-conditioned buses are faster, there are 295 rupees.

If you prefer the train, you will be able to get on one of the 10 daily trains. The fare depends on the class of the car: 3rd class – RS 100; 2nd – 180; 3rd – 340. We recommend you to use second class, because the trip to the third peak resembles the subway at rush hour, and the third class at a small distance is simply not needed. Go 3 and a half hours. Buy tickets in advance is not necessary, just come to the station, find the ticket office and buy a ticket on the next train. Information on timetables can be found on the website

Автобусная станция в Галле

Bus and railway station in Galle is located within walking distance from each other and almost in the center of the city. To the tourist area inside the Fort can be easily reached on foot in 5 minutes. Special air-conditioned Express buses from Colombo will arrive at and depart from the Parking lot directly across the street from the bus station.

With other resorts in the South and South-West of Sri Lanka (Unawatuna, Hikkaduwa, Bentota, Koggala, Mirissa , etc.) easily accessible on the number 2 bus or train. From Tangalle and Dickwella also has a direct bus, but he walks often, so it is advisable to first take the bus to Matara and change there to a train or bus to Galle. Of all these places is quite real to get to Galle to walk and see the sights there, and that same day to come back.

From other Colombo bus No. 2 to Galle you can take almost any bus stop along the street of Galle Road (route A2). Beach Colombo mount Lavinia can also be reached by train from the eponymous railway station.

From other cities of Sri Lanka by public transport is best to travel to Galle via Colombo, where to do transfer to bus No. 2 or similar to train route from the Airport.

Transportation in Galle

Public transport in the city is represented in the form of buses. They ply the main streets of the city, but the main interest for tourists can be only buses, traveling along the coast road to Galle road and Colombo Road. These buses are easy to get to Unawatuna (10-20 minutes and 20 rupees), and other neighboring cities of the coast.

To move around the town centre transport is not required at all, everything is very close and is compact can be explored on foot. In the centre to spin a lot of tuk-tuk drivers who offer their services as a taxi to explore the town and the Fort, and almost all tuktuk drivers trying to Scam tourists for money under the pretext that the Fort is closed (the Fort is never closed, since it is part of the city and its district). They offer tourists a ride instead of the Fort to interesting places, and in fact will take you to a shop selling spices or something at inflated prices.

Rent of transport (motorbikes) to Halle we could not be managed. The nearest place where you can get a motorbike to rent – Unawatuna.

Find car rental in Sri Lanka

Sights Of Galle

The main attraction of Galle is an old Dutch Fort, which includes a number of sights and museums.

Other important attractions outside the Fort there. You can see more of St. Mary's Church, old market, new construction of the temple and fisherman's beach. But if you have time to spare, these places are not worth considering, and they can safely skip.

  • Galle Fort

    Форт Галле, Шри-Ланка Galle Fort in 3D View photos in 3D

    Fort Galle (Galle Fort) is one of five historic sites of Sri Lanka, a UNESCO world heritage site. Therefore, it is absolutely mandatory place to visit, especially if you stay on the southern beaches. This is the largest fortress in Asia built by Europeans.

    Originally a fortress on this spot was built by the Portuguese in 1588. However, with the coming of the Dutch in the 17th century the fortress was almost completely rebuilt and today is a Dutch fortress, and the date of its Foundation is considered to be the year 1663 (date of completion). For nearly 200 years after the fortress was the main port of Sri Lanka, it served as a stop for ships travelling from Europe to Asia.

    Today the Fort is a Metropolitan area called old town. Actually within the Fort is also a tourist area of Galle.

    We can say that the Galle Fort is a complex of attractions, because in addition to the walls themselves and the old buildings inside are several museums, antique shops, lighthouse, bell tower, jewellery workshops, a Church and a mosque. All these places can be visited while walking on the Fort, but even if they are closed or don't want to go there, the walk around the walls of the Fort and its streets, preserving historic architecture, will bring pleasure.

    Read more about Galle Fort and photos here...

    🕐 Time of work: the Fort is open around the clock. Individual landmarks in the work on your own schedule.

    🚶 How to reach: the Fort is a short walk from the centre and Galle bus and train station (see the main entrance to the Galle Fort on the map).

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: the entrance to the Fort is free. For access to certain attractions you need to pay extra, for photography also need to pay.

  • Marienkirche (Saint Mary's Church)

    Галле, Шри-Ланка St. Mary's Church

    St. Mary's Church was built by the local community of Jesuits in 1874. This is a very beautiful, clean and well maintained Church located on the hill close to the city centre (bus station). In principle, there is nothing special to do, except to look inside and see photos of the Church at the time of its opening in 1874, the signs with the chronology of the pastors of the Church.

    🕐 Working time: daytime

    🚶 How to get there: the Church is located on a hill within walking distance from city centre (near bus station) (see the Church on the map).

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

  • Old market Green Market

    Галле, Шри-Ланка Old market Halle

    The old market was built in 1880 year, as proudly demonstrated by the figures at the entrance. It is a small market where locals sell their wares, mainly vegetables and fruits. No Souvenirs and goods for tourists you will not see here, and the unique architecture of the market is not. But something here is... Time stood still here as if in that moment, as the market was built. The whole market is so authentic, that the vendors are still using old weights for weighing scales goods on the bowls. And they say that the market there are only the descendants of the merchants who traded here since the opening of the market. Trading places in the market are passed on from generation to generation and no stranger here is not allowed.

    🕐 Working time: daytime

    🚶 How to get there: the old market is within walking distance from city centre (bus station) among the rows of shopping stalls of the city market (see market map).

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

  • Fisherman's quay

    Галле, Шри-Ланка Fishing Galle

    Right in the city limits, towards Unawatuna is a beach promenade where fishermen from the ocean large networks pull ashore a good catch. All that is caught here is sold to local residents.

    🕐 Working time: daytime

    🚶 How to get there: fisherman's quay is not very far from the centre of Halle can be reached on foot in 20 minutes (see market map).

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

  • Right in the city limits, towards Unawatuna is a beach promenade where fishermen from the ocean large networks pull ashore a good catch. All that is caught here is sold to local residents.
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I do not agree that in Unawatuna there is a liquor store. It is, if you go from the resort to the main road, walk 5 - 7 minutes towards the South (in the direction of Mirissa) if you look carefully, you'll see a small stall, full of concrete, the Windows and doors are thick lattice, there, in certain hours and sell alcohol. In the evening, always! Local rum - a miracle! Stumbled upon this stall quite by accident, we love to walk around the neighborhood, and that dogulyalis that is already beginning to get dark, turned back and saw the notice about this larocca. Men happy, having bought a bottle of Araki, immediately deal with it, drank. Went and we bought a few bottles of rum (with a margin). Pushes the coin into the narrow window and give you the desired alcohol.:))) Well, I found this stall in the first days of our holiday:)) when I came a year, once in the stall ;)). Rested in December 2012 and 2013. And yet, nearby, there are tea plantations that will take you any Tucker on his tuk - tuk. In addition to informative tour about the production of tea, you will buy there gorgeous Ceylon tea at a nice price, however, then you're welcome not to believe the hype that the tea that is sold in a supermarket in Russia "produced and Packed in Sri Lanka"!:))).Although, of course, the best in Unawatuna, this is the OCEAN with its incredible energy. All wonderful holidays!!! ...
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very interesting! now you can safely go for a vacation :) ...

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