General information about Ella

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General information about Ella

Ella (Ella, Elle also) is a city in the province of Badulla in the Central highlands of Sri Lanka, 200 kilometers from Colombo, 130 from Kandy and 50 from Nuwara Eliya (Ella on the map). Located on an altitude of 1040 meters above sea level, and along with Nuwara Elia is one of the most popular mountain resorts in the Central part of the island.

In fact, Ella is a small village, but it is so popular with tourists, mainly independent travellers and backpackers that it formed an excellent tourist infrastructure and atmosphere, there are several hundred hotels, there are cafes, restaurants and even some entertainment for the tourists. But above all, Ella is visited because of the natural attractions around, many tourist routes in the mountains and hills, waterfalls, lookout points and other places, with breathtaking views of mountains, tea plantations and even the ocean, which is 35 kilometers away.

Элла, Шри-Ланка

Stay in Ella

The rest is mostly quiet, no noisy entertainment and festivities till late. Tourists come here for a day or two to get to one or two adjacent peak, see waterfalls, visit the cave temple, walk along the railway tracks to the bridge of featuring free wifi. Rarely is retained longer. Also from Ella to visit small towns of Haputale and Bandarawela, the capital of the province Badulla, and the national Park of Horton plains, although not the most comfortable starting point for the latter. One can also enjoy massage and SPA treatments according to ancient Ayurvedic recipes, get training in culinary courses. The best spas and salons in Ella: Hela Osu Lanka Grand Suwapiyasa and Herbal Spa.

The tourist infrastructure in Ella

The city suddenly developed and touristy. The main street of the town for a couple of hundred meters is literally crammed with bars, restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and boutiques, there are even a couple of Nightclubs. But if you look on the other hand, in addition to cafés and bars no entertainment here. Main street (highway A23) and other streets is absolutely not suited for leisurely walks and recreation: no sidewalks, muddy after rains, formed a huge puddle. To blithely walk in here just dangerous, you can fall under the wheels. In addition, there is no lighting. So if you do not like to sit in the evening over a beer, then do here is absolutely nothing even just a night out anywhere.

In the centre there is a Bank of Ceylon ATM, and private HNB ATM / cash machine, currency exchange. The hotel will have Fi-Wi. Shopping in Ella is very modest, mostly tea shops and souvenir shops. There are two supermarkets next to the main T-junction. Options where to eat a lot, most cafes and restaurants in the centre along the main street. But what is bad, is * almost inexpensive cafes for the locals, everything is focused on tourists with a fairly high price by the standards of Sri Lanka.

Tours and guides are primarily available in hotels, private travel agencies with cheap group tours almost none. For travel to the attractions, you can rent a bike or a scooter (motorbike), hire a tuk-tuk with a driver.

Элла, Шри-Ланка Main street and the intersection at Ella

Hotels in Ella a lot, without problems can pick out the taste and price. Hotels are mostly simple, not above four stars. The only equivalent to five - star hotel option- private Villa Resort Nilara Ella, and affordable even for the budget traveler. It is better to book accommodation in advance so as not to waste time on. Read more about hotels in Ella here...

Find and book accommodation in Ella may on the following sites:

Weather in Ella, seasons, when to go

Ella is suitable for visiting all year round. It is a mountain resort, and here a little cooler than the beach resorts, but not as cold as it happens in Nuwara Eliya. Night temperature can drop to 15 degrees, so warm clothes will not prevent.

The wettest months are October and November. In these months can also be quite comfortable to relax in Ella, but there is a strong possibility that the beautiful scenery for which they come here, will be hidden by clouds and fog.

The tourist seasons in Ella months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Ella and forecast

Attractions in Ella

In most of the Ella there's nothing to see, all the interesting places are in the vicinity. The list of sights is not so great, but the fame of these places for some unknown reason, extends far beyond the borders of Sri Lanka. Historical and cultural attractions here, mostly natural beauty: the lookout, mountains, waterfalls, caves, tea plantations.

Travel agencies in the usual way with the price for tours and low prices in Ella there. Guided tours are available in hotels, restaurants and cafes, from distributors on the streets, and this is usually from an individual accompanied by a guide, or just ride a tuk-tuk to your chosen attractions. But to visit most of the attractions Ella independently during walking. So, mount Ella Rock, little Adam's Peak, Devyatietazhnyj bridge featuring free wifi, the cave and the ancient temple of Ravana is usually visited in the form of a light Hiking walks. Also offers individual Hiking trips with guides-guides that, in principle, is also interesting and worth the money. To the waterfalls Ravana and Danjing temple, Dowa, W/d loop featuring free wifi and other places can be reached by bus or train for mere pennies, or take a tuk-tuk and rented motorbike.

As for evening entertainment in Ella, they are represented by bars, restaurants, and even a couple of clubs with modern music. Surprisingly, but the main street of Ella, one of the most developed tourism throughout Sri Lanka, although not very comfortable for walking. And when tired of sitting over a beer in a bar, you can go to Dreamclub – something like a club where you can play table chess, checkers, Billiards, badminton, soccer, etc.

Details about all the attractions and entertainment of Ella with the uptime, value, and ways to reach them here...

Элла Рок (Ella Rock), Шри-Ланка The view on Ella Rock

How to get, transportation

Ella is located in the mountainous part of the country at 200 kilometers from Colombo and the main international airport of Sri Lanka - Bandaranaike (Ella on the map). Public intercity transport to Ella is not very good, but there is a railway station where you have direct access from Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Badulla and other cities in the Central mountainous part of the country. Bus transport is developed quite weak, but with a change in the course of the day the buses can take you virtually anywhere, even from the most remote point of the country, but you need to go early and correctly to plan the transplant. For starters, here is a brief about the ways to get from different parts of the country:

  • From Colombo is best reached by train directly or with a travel stop for a few days in Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and other cities along the route. Direct bus from Colombo to Ella, but it is possible to get a transfer via Kandy or Nuwara Eliya.
  • From Negombo can be reached via Colombo (with a transfer to the train), or via Kandy. From Negombo to Kandy there is a direct bus, but in Kandy you can take a train or bus.
  • From Kandy there is a direct bus # 10 but is very long on streamers. Leaves three times a day, morning and two night bus in the evening. Better to go by train (at least 4 trains a day, journey for 5-6 hours), especially on this stretch of road offers the best views.
  • From Nuwara Eliya Nuwara Eliya is located nearby, just 50 kilometers away. There is a direct bus at least 7 times a day, but if possible, it is best even this short route to do on the train. Daily walks of at least 5 trains from the station at Nanu Oya, in the path of 3-4 hours.
  • From Unawatuna, Mirissa, Matara and other cities of the South do not have to go through Colombo and having a great hook. There are three buses daily from Galle and seven a day from Matara, respectively, need to go through these cities.
  • From Trincomalee there is one night bus every day.

Transport for moving around the city is not needed, everything can be explored on foot, including nearby attractions. To explore the area, you can take a bus or train, hire a driver, tuk UK, or rent a motorbike.

Gодробно about all the ways how and what to get Ella alone and about transport here...

Поезд до Эллы, Шри-Ланка Train to Ella

Useful tips

  • Currency exchange. In Ella, you can easily exchange currency, but the course is not the cheapest, even lower than at the airport, and much lower than in Colombo. If possible, it is better to come here with already swapped the RS.
  • Flashlight. In Ella, as well as throughout Sri Lanka, there is practically no street lighting. In the evening be sure to carry a flashlight.
  • Warm clothes. Be needed even in the height of summer, evening, and after rain is cool.
  • Souvenirs. Here you can buy standard cheap Souvenirs, but there is one unique place – shop vintage postcards. They can simply look like a Museum, and purchase.
  • A free map. Ella. On the rack at a railway station you can take a free booklet with a free map and description of sights Ella in English.
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