Shopping in Colombo (Sri Lanka)

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Not to say that the shopping in Colombo is above all praise, but this is the only place in Sri Lanka where you can actually do useful and pleasant shopping. Other such places in the country just yet because you won't even be able to find a less big and clean shopping centers outside Colombo, and the many beach resorts without supermarkets. If desired, in Colombo you can buy stuff pretty decent quality at really competitive prices. But you need to be able to find such shops as in normal shops in the resorts they are sold sometimes at prices even higher than in Russia. But if you find the right place you can buy things brand quality at unrealistically low prices without brand labels. In a large quantity, you can find consumer goods at absolutely bargain prices, wholesale shops, supermarkets, they of course branded tea shops. Regarding the latter, it is best to look for them in the centre on York street.

Electronics stores in Colombo is very small. Find something electronic in Liberty Plaza or Majestic City, but the prices do not please you. Some electronics you can buy from street stalls in Pettah district, but must be very careful to check the quality, because sometimes there is sold on the cheap just Chinese marriage.

Распродажа в Петтах, Коломбо, Шри-Ланка Sale anything in the Pettah district

The best places for shopping and shopping centres in Colombo

ТЦ House of Fashion, Коломбо, Шри-Ланка TC House of Fashion
  • The Pettah District (Pettah). The whole area is Pettah, the largest and most colorful market in Colombo. This place is not really tourist oriented, but it will certainly be interesting to them. The products are varied and you can buy absolutely anything. There are on each square centimeter, so that sometimes even can not pass. The quality of the product leaves much to be desired, but the prices on the goods very low (even lower after bargaining). Some shops are wholesale only, so don't be surprised that you can refuse to serve.

  • Odel – a famous chain of stores was widespread in Sri Lanka. Here you can buy men's, women's, children's clothing local brands, shoes, accessories, sportswear, toys, home goods. There is a small selection of Souvenirs and tea. A huge selection of products not mentioned, but the quality is acceptable and prices are reasonable. At Colombo airport there is a branch of Odel.

    Address in Colombo: Kurunduwatta, No. 5, Alexandra Place, Colombo 7

  • House of Fashion – a large shopping centre in Colombo. Not so long ago has replaced the former location and is now located in the district of Borella (Colombo 8). Pretty good concentration in one place clothing, shoes, and home items, toys, bags, Souvenirs, cosmetics. Six floors with spacious rooms and a large range of different goods at low prices.

    Keep in mind that this store used to be located elsewhere, and many sources indicate his previous address. We indicate the current location of the store.

    Address: 101, D S Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo 8

  • Liberty Plaza is another large Metropolitan shopping centre. In many parts you can buy clothes and shoes, sports clothes, photographic equipment, jewellery and tea production, Souvenirs, accessories. Products of varying quality, but the prices sometimes are not inferior to the Russian boutiques. There is also a supermarket and food court.

    Address: 250/1/22, R A De Mel Mawatha, Kollupitiya, Colombo.

  • Majestic City – a large shopping center offering a wide range of goods from clothing to electronics and household items, children's goods, jewelry. Many departments with brand and local production of clothes of different quality. The building houses a supermarket, a Department with alcoholic beverages, there is a food court, a cinema, Playground with attractions for children, departments of local tea.

    Address: Galle Rd, Colombo 04

  • Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Center is a very popular shop among locals, where, as stated, for sale cheap clothing only local manufacturers, and any Chinese goods. Whether so it actually, we (the authors) had doubts after his visit. Anyway, it is always held sales of clothing and footwear at incredibly low prices. Something really trendy here are hard to find, usually sold by real local goods. But sometimes there are very interesting thematic exhibition and sale, e.g., jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, etc., though the entrance in this case the fee is 50 rupees.

    Address: 12 McCallum Rd, Colombo 01

  • Nolimit – shop with a large selection of clothing for men, women and children shoes. The quality is average, prices are low. Its branches are situated all over Sri Lanka.

  • Food City – widespread in Sri Lanka trade network, offering a huge range of food products. Branches Food City can be found in all cities of the country.

  • Keells Super shopping food network Sri Lanka, competing with Food City and offering a similar range of food and Essentials.

  • Arpico supermarket network foodstuffs and basic necessities in Sri Lanka.

Where to buy Souvenirs in Colombo?

Магазин Lakpahana

Souvenirs in Colombo to find not so easy. There is no such collapse of the Souvenirs at every step, as for example in Bangkok. Really, to buy run-down a magnet, you may have to bypass half the city. Therefore, in order not to lose time, for Souvenirs it is best to go immediately to one of the large souvenir shops.

  • Lakpahana Handicrafts , a small shop focused on the sale of Souvenirs. Large selection of Handicrafts made of wood, textiles, straw, porcelain, jewelry, etc., bizarre shapes and sizes. High quality and inexpensive.

    Address: No. 14, Phillip Gunawardena Mawatha, (Reid Avenue) Colombo 7

  • Сувениры в Laksala

    Laksala is a huge two-story shop Packed with a variety of Souvenirs and objects reflecting traditional Sri Lankan crafts. The choice is striking for its diversity and ingenuity. Everything looks very high quality and pleasantly surprised by low prices.

    Address: No. 215, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Thummulla, Colombo 7, and a new store in the centre at the address 60 York St, Colombo 1.

  • Lankahands. Some guides suggest this store as a great place to buy Souvenirs, but in fact it is long gone, in its place left only a wasteland.

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