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The old building of the first municipality of Colombo (Old town hall Old Town Hall) is slightly lost among the shopping streets of the Pettah district. To look at the magnificent architecture of the period of English rule. The building is dated 1865, and the first meeting of the Council of local government held in January 1866 it was Also and the judiciary. Their work the Old town Hall was carried out at this location until 1928, instead she built a New town Hall (Town Hall), which operates to this day in the North-Eastern part of the Park Viharamahadevi (Colombo 7, Cinnamon Gardens area).

Today the building is a modest Museum, but its exhibits are not in the best condition. On the ground floor preserved steam engines, machinery and old equipment, the second pair of rooms with exhibits of that time, tells about the work of this institution. In one of the rooms even recreated some real dummies representatives of the Municipality. Interest floor boards of mahogany, of unusual design sash Windows. Ministers of the Museum for a modest fee (around 100-200 rupees, refer to the currency of Sri Lanka) with obsessive persistence will take you through the building and tell his story. Not to say that this place has to be one of the first places in your itinerary to visit attractions in Colombo, but if you will walk in the Pettah district, coming here worth it.

Старая ратуша Коломбо Old town hall Colombo

🕐 Working time: daily, 8.00-17.00, day off – Sunday.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free tips – 100 rupees (38.74 RUB, refer to the currency of Sri Lanka and the exchange rate). Theoretically, to inspect the town hall for free, but make it local Ministers will not allow, and will pursue you until you pay them a tip.

🚶 How to get there: Colombo 11 (Pettah district) in the Eastern part of Street Main Street (old town hall Colombo on the map).

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Panorama of the old town hall in Colombo

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