Colombo Sights: The Temple Of Gangaramaya

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The Gangaramaya temple (Gangaramaya Temple), Colombo is the most rich and famous in Sri Lanka. It was built just over 120 years ago and is dedicated to Buddhism. Among tourists, it is quite a popular place. It is a small religious complex with several buildings among which the Church, library, Museum, classrooms. In the Eastern part of the small lake Biera are two pavilions for meditation (Seema Malakaya) related also to the Temple. In one of the perimeter of a bronze Buddha statue, the other at the centre is the bodhi tree (bodhi) and the four faces of the Brahmans. In the evenings, the pavilions are lit up with lights. In the temple of Gangaramaya still have Sri Ganesha Hindu temple dedicated to the God Skanda.

The interior of the Temple of Gangaramaya very bright and intense, contains many Buddha images and members of the Buddhist Pantheon, and statues of Buddha. One of the interesting places is a multi-tiered wall, in the steps which has numerous statues of Buddha. Noteworthy are a large library with valuable and ancient manuscripts, a Museum with many exhibits showing the history of the country. Temple square is growing the old tree brought from Anuradhapura. There is also the elephant lives annually participating in the marches organized in celebration of the navam Perahera (Navam Perahera), which is celebrated in February on the day of the full moon.

The leadership of the Church takes an active part in the cultural and religious life of the city. It hosts various events, lectures, exhibitions, the temple servants were assisting in the solution of some social problems by organizing free training and technical specialties to everyone, render other assistance.

The site of the temple

How to get there: Colombo 2 (Slave Island district), St. Sri Jinaratna Road, 62 (temple Colombo on the map)

Hours: daily, 6.00-18.00

Entrance fee / ticket Price: entrance to the temple is free, but very actively accepts donations. The entrance to the Museum is RS 100 (see money Sri Lanka)

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Photo of Gangaramaya temple

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