International airport Colombo, Bandaranaike

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Bandaranaike International Airport

Аэропорт Коломбо, Шри-Ланка This statue greets guests at the airport

Bandaranaike international airport (Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake also Airport code IATA - CMB), also known as Colombo airport, Katunayake, and sometimes even airport, Negombo is the main international airport of Sri Lanka. In addition to his in Sri Lanka there are two international airport: Ratmalana Airport in Colombo and Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport in the South of the island. But while these airports are seriously as international airports for the arrival do not think (the first one only accepts a small Charter planes, and the second has just started and takes only a few flights), so the Bandaranaike international airport is the main gateway to the country. In the majority of cases from the first contact the tourists and travelers from Sri Lanka.

Airport website

Here runs many flights from all over the world, including direct flights from Russia (Moscow, a/K Vietnam Airlines). However, as often happens, the direct flight is more expensive than a transplant. So, the most competitive rates traditionally offered by the airlines Emirates, Etihad, Qatar and AirArabia with a connection. These airlines sometimes have a very profitable sale with departures from the regions (with an additional stopover in Moscow, as a rule), as, for example, from Samara, Kazan, etc. Such sales have to wait, but sometimes you can get a ticket even cheaper than from Moscow. Of course, flying here from Asia and low-cost AirAsia.

Find and book tickets to the main Colombo airport in Sri Lanka, you can through the search form. Search is very flexible, and allows you to search for flights on different dates, with or without transfers, in both directions or one, etc.:

The cheapest flights from Russia to Colombo:

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Airport infrastructure, orienteering

Аэропорт Коломбо, Шри-Ланка Duty-free on arrival

Colombo airport is small and very simple. Confused here is difficult. Here is all that is usually found in any major international airport: disabled facilities, duty-free shops, exchange offices, ATMs, Luggage storage, car hire, tour.offices, hotels, etc.

Immediately upon arrival you should follow to stand for a visa (permission of ETA, see visa for Sri Lanka), or directly to passport control, if you have ETA in advance.

After passport control you will find yourself in a zone where you can spend your money in duty-free stores. So it makes no sense to drag with itself through the whole world bought at home alcohol or cigarettes of Dytiki, all can be purchased here. Pay in stores can currency or credit card.

After the row of shops you enter the baggage claim area and then to customs inspection, which is organized in the form of green and red corridors. If you have nothing to declare (see customs regulations of Sri Lanka), follow the green corridor.

Аэропорт Коломбо, Шри-Ланка At the airport all the conditions
even have where to sleep :-)

After passing through customs you are in the area, where there are offices, ATMs, exchange offices and everything. The exchange rate is acceptable, you can safely change money at the beginning of the journey. Then you attack taxi drivers with suggestions to take you anywhere, and there are official taxi stands. Hence the only way out to the street. Camera storage (Cloak room) located at the exit on the left.

At the departure waiting area, there are many duty-free shops, including those selling Souvenirs. There is also the famous store Odel. Prices for Souvenirs and tea are higher than in shops in Colombo, but not significantly. Moreover, it is possible to bargain, especially if you need to spend all the remaining rupees. To pay you can also currency, rupees or by credit card.

How to get from Colombo airport to the resorts of Sri Lanka

Unfortunately, public transport servicing the airport underdeveloped. There's no airport Express bus to Colombo, no railway. To get to the right places in Sri Lanka from the airport is not always easy and cheap.

Colombo airport is not in Colombo, and 35 kilometers away in the town of Katunayake, (one of the names of the airport and Katunayake International Airport). The next closest major airport to the town Negombo, is a little closer. And that Negombo instead of Colombo, often becoming the first stop for travelers after a flight (see the airport on the interactive map).

  • On the plane

    From Colombo airport you can get to other parts of the country on small propeller planes. According to our information, the airport has only two local airlines.

    If their suggestions don't suit you, but still want to fly through Sri Lanka by plane you can use flight from ratmalana airport (Ratmalana), reachable by taxi for $ 30. From there fly company:

    I should say that flights in the country is not much sense in terms of cost and time. Given the size of Sri Lanka, in most cases faster and cheaper than you can get to your destination in the country by taxi. Flying airplanes and helicopters more interesting as sightseeing tours for sightseeing from above.

  • By taxi

    Бюджетное такси в аэропорту Коломбо, Шри-Ланка Budget taxi at Colombo airport

    If finances allow, then taxi is the best way to get to your destination in Sri Lanka. Cost from $ 18 (up to Negombo) and up to $ 240 (trip to Yala (Yala)). Taxis are available at the Desk in the gate area of terminal, we can agree to travel with the traders, but carefully agree a price.

    Instead of the local taxi you can use the service transfers. This is an analogue of a taxi, but with a high level of service, meeting at the airport with a sign, and Russian-speaking support. To check the transfer prices and can be ordered through a search form:

    How does a transfer bookingDetails >
    Поиск трансфераFind the right route
    Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
    Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station
  • Tuk-tuk

    Тук-тук в аэропорту Коломбо, Шри-Ланка Tuk-tuks saw production

    Once you exit the airport you can catch a local tuk-tuk, which will be ready to take you anywhere. However, we do not recommend using them to travel for long distances, high in Negombo or Colombo. Use of them is almost two times lower than for a taxi, but requires a long time to negotiate. Don't be surprised if they request even a higher price than a taxi. So you have to bargain and bargain...

  • By bus

    Станция Авериватта, Шри-Ланка So unassuming looks
    station Avariata

    With buses at the airport in Colombo are not all positive, but this is the cheapest way to go. Moreover, you can get anywhere in the country, but in most cases with transfers.

    Bus No. 187 and minivans on route 187 to Colombo depart from the Parking lot to the left when you exit the airport (need to go beyond the fence of the airport and walk about 50 meters to the left) (187 Parking of buses on the map). In the way a little more than an hour, the cost of 50-120 rupees. In Colombo the bus arrives at the bus station in Pettah district, and then went to the railway station in Colombo. And the bus station and railway are within walking distance from each other.

    187 in addition, other buses out there, and to go somewhere in other place except Colombo, you need to first drive or walk to the bus station Avariata (Averiwatta) (bus station on the map). To reach it by tuk-tuk for 50-100 rupees (negotiable), walk for 20-30 minutes (go 2 km) or by bus No. 187.

    Overyata is a small bus station, but it is possible to drive to the big cities, where you can change bus and get already to the right of the resort. Direct buses go from here to, at least, in Colombo, Negombo, Kurunegala, Kandy. In all these cities you can change the bus and to go further.

    Which bus to choose for the transplant:

    • In Colombo - if you go South or West resorts
    • In Negombo – if you need to go to Anuradhapura, to the North or resorts in Kandy with a stopover
    • In Kurunegala and Kandy – if you need to travel to the Eastern resorts or in the centre of Sri Lanka

    At Avariata no scoreboard, no schedules. Buses leave constantly. To find the desired bus, just call people on the station name where you want and you will be pushed to the desired bus.

    Cm. also: Buses in Sri Lanka

Useful tips

SIM card. Do not rush to buy immediately upon arrival at the airport at the desks of the packages of tourist SIM-cards. All this cheaper than you can buy at the resort (see more cellular communication and Internet in Sri Lanka)

The spring and summer-taxi drivers. When you will be released from customs control on the first floor of the arrivals hall, you are immediately attacked by taxi drivers-the spring and summer with a proposal to take anywhere. Do not rush immediately agree, first find out the price for a trip to the places you want on the rack, and then haggle with pristavali.

Duty-free. Before flying home at the airport duty-free you can spend the last rupee, and there also you can bargain.

Currency exchange and ATMs. There are plenty of ATMs and exchange offices. The course is excellent, so that you can safely change money for the initial phase of the trip.

The camera store. To the left of the exit of the airport there are lockers. They do not accept bags if they are not close to the castle (you can use a small padlock).

Shopping at the airport. After passport control you will find yourself in the zone duty free where in addition to the traditional alcoholic beverages and perfumes you can buy Souvenirs. Prices for Souvenirs here are not much higher than in Colombo. There is a branch of the shop Laksala. The price of tea in this area is very high, cheap tea at all. You can also bargain.

Before planting. The waiting area just before boarding is not equipped with toilets, so there is better to pass at the last moment.

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