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General information about Beruwala

Beruwela (also Beruwela, Beruwala, Beruwala) - resort town on the Western coast of Sri Lanka, bordering the Indian ocean, located about 55 kilometers South of Colombo and five kilometers to the North from one of the popular resort of Sri Lanka – Bentota (Beruwela on the map of Sri Lanka). Sometimes Beruwela is regarded as a suburb of Bentota, although in reality it is totally a resort. The population of the town – 34250 people (2012).

The city was founded in the VIII century by the Arab traders, and still it is home to a large Muslim community. "The coast, where it was lowered sails", as translated name of the resort, with Sinhala. Local residents are engaged in fishing and crafts.

Holidays in Beruwala

Beruwela — the nearest resort from Colombo in the South (except for conditionally beach suburb of Colombo, mount Lavinia), and the first in a series of resort towns of Sri Lanka, stretching along the South-Western coast.

In the Internet you can find description, Beruwala as a wonderful beach resort with a developed infrastructure and perfect sandy beaches with coconut trees. But the reality of this place far from such descriptions.

In 2004, the city suffered greatly from the tsunami: the beaches were washed away, hotels and houses are destroyed. But unlike other resorts the management has given up on this place hand, refusing recovery. As a result, today it is a forgotten, dilapidated, dirty town, which is not well suited for a comfortable stay. The impression that the resort is dying rather than growing.

So normal beaches are almost gone. The authorities have strengthened a large part of the coast with rocks, and suitable for swimming remained the only coral beach in the South of the city, as well as cleared areas near the rare hotels. Since there are no beaches did not recover, and the tourism infrastructure: travel agencies, restaurants, cafe, no entertainment, and the tourist life takes place only in hotels. Adds comfort and the fact that traditionally the area was and still is a Muslim fishing town, whose inhabitants are not too stand on ceremony with the cleanliness of streets and beaches and the friendliness towards tourists.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that a few times to think. Before you go on vacation in Beruwela. And if you still decide to go here, read the information further about the beaches and areas.

Beaches and areas, Beruwala

Beruwela stretches along the coast about 4 kilometers, and almost everywhere there are hotels and guest houses, and marked on the maps of the beaches. But in fact, most of the city and the beaches for a tourist stay. The beaches are either absent or very dirty. The district is also dirty, and nothing for tourists there.

Пляж Берувелы, Шри-Ланка Dirty beach, Beruwala

The only place to choose a hotel in Beruwala is the extreme South of the city on the border with Aluthgama and Moragalla beach beach. Only in this place there is a decent reef beach, some decent hotels with their territory, a couple of cafes (coral beach on the map). Walk along the beach from here, go easy on the Moragalla beach beach (it belongs to the beach) where there are beach restaurants, shops with products for tourists, and in season there are even water activities.

By the way, this South coral beach – one of the most unusual that we (the authors) have seen in Sri Lanka. Here are just a few dozen metres from the shore is a coral reef that protects the water from the waves. But the ebb and flow create between the shore and the reef the currents along the shore in the river. Swimming here is generally safe, but you always have to fight it over.

Пляж Берувелы, Шри-Ланка Coral beach, Beruwala

Find and book accommodation in Beruwala can on these sites or via the search form. All sites have Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support, numerous real guests reviews. On Agoda and Booking are bonus system:

Hotels Beruwala on the map

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Weather in Beruwala, tourist seasons

In Beruwala, as well as on neighboring beaches of Bentota and Aluthgama, the climate is conducive to year-round recreation. Outstanding low and high season.

High season and best time to visit is from October to April. During this period, the least amount of precipitation, and the beaches are less waves.

The low season lasts from may to November. At this time, are frequent, but usually short rains, the weather changes very rapidly. What is really bad, the monsoon winds form standing waves, and swim or engage in water sports is dangerous.

Tourist seasons in Beruwala months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Beruwala and forecast

How to get to Benevello

The way to Beruwela from Russia and other countries is through the main airport of the country, Bandaranaike, near Colombo. Upon arrival at the airport to Beruwela easiest to reach by taxi, but you can do it much cheaper by using local transport. Read more about all the ways:

  • Taxi

    The taxi ride from the airport will cost around 6000 rupees (2363.03 RUB, refer to the currency of Sri Lanka and the exchange rate), on the road an hour and a half. Rent a car at the airport on the rack, but the price is a little cheaper, you can bargain with taxi drivers or tuk-tuk drivers outside the airport. Cheaper trip when you order a car through Uber or PickMe, you can order including a cheaper tuk-tuk. You can use the airport WiFi, or buy a local SIM card in the arrival hall. Just keep in mind that the budget of the car through the app is a miniature of Indian-made cars without trunk and with large bags in her not to climb.

    Another great and convenient option is ordering online tourist Shuttle service from Kiwitaxi or on the website This can be done even at home, and then the driver will meet you at the airport and take to hotel:

    How does a transfer bookingDetails >
    Поиск трансфераFind the right route
    Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
    Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station
  • By bus or train

    To reach Beruwela from the airport by bus or train, you will have to change trains in Colombo. It is best to go with transfers on buses, but if you want exotic, you can use the train.

    • By bus

      Местный автобус в Шри-Ланке Bus in Sri Lanka

      Bus can spend no more than 200 rupees. First, from the airport you need on route No. 187 to drive to Colombo. For more information on how to do it here. On this bus you will arrive in Colombo at the main bus station, where transfer to bus to Beruwala. Until Beruwala buses do not go, as the town is just a stop along the way, so you need to find a bus in a southerly direction to Galle (Galle), Matara (Matara), or Tangle (Tangale). To find the right bus at the station you will help local residents and drivers: it is enough to call the right place for you, you will be directed to the correct bus. Go in the daytime they were every 5-15 mine cost about 60 rupees. All the way from the airport leave 3 hours. On arrival in Beruwela the hotel can be reached on foot or by tuk-tuk.

    • By train

      Поезд на Шри-Ланка

      To get on the train, just have also be reached by route No. 187 to railway station Colombo Fort. The railway station is next to the bus station, and route No. 187 goes directly to her. With the railway station during the day is sent at least 10 trains to Beruwela, you can check the schedule on the website Depending on the location of your hotel to go either to the railway station Beruwala (located North of the city, see railway station Beruwala on the map), or Aluthgama (closer to the southern beaches and the beach of Aluthgama). Tickets in advance do not need to buy, just go to the cashier and buy a ticket on the next train, even in the cheapest third class. Time trains on the road for almost 2 hours.

From other cities of Sri Lanka to the resort in most cases you will have to get a transfer to Colombo, exactly the same as the above described route from the airport. With the exception of only Colombo and beaches of the South and West coast: Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Matara, Tangalle etc. Of these place is easily accessible directly by bus or southern railway.

Transportation in Beruwala

Тук-тук в Шри-Ланка

Public transport is not here, and to move around the city or on the nearby beaches will have to use the services of a tuk-tuk or rent a transport. Tuk-tuk within the city you can drive for 100 rupees, 200 rupees to Bentota. To rent a motorbike in Bentota possible, but will have to look for rental through the hotel or tuk-tuks. The price for a simple motorbike starts from RS 700 per day. Read more about rent motorbikes in Sri Lanka here.

There is another option to travel to nearby beaches – bus. On the main road Galle rd there are local buses from Colombo to South and back again, they can move from beach to beach. But first you have to walk to the Galle Road, there are some hotels, sometimes far away. Travel to Bentota is not more than 20 rupees.

Attractions in Beruwala, what to see

Beruwela is not the place you should go for attractions. In the town there are a couple of ancient temples, Grand mosque, and nothing more. Also, Beruwala, you can visit the modest attractions of Bentota, everything is close by. Still pretty easy to sit on the main road Galle Road on the bus, and drive to Colombo, the beach, the Kalutara, Galle, so during the day to walk and see the sights. See more about them:

If you want to meet some really worthwhile sites of Sri Lanka, they are in this part of the country (South-West coast) no. The most important historical monuments and natural attractions are located in the heartland of the Cultural Triangle and mountain Sri Lanka (Nuwara Eliya, Ella, Haputale , etc.). But, unfortunately, budget group tours there in Beruwala you will not find. Will either have to go alone on buses or rented transport, either to purchase expensive private tour with guide by car.

But the place that you can visit in Beruwala and close independently by tuk-tuk or bus:

  • Temple Sapugoda Sri Maha Viharaya

    Храм Sapugoda Sri Maha Viharaya, Шри-Ланка

    This is an old Buddhist temple built during the reign of the last king Sri Vikrama Rajasinha Singhalese dynasty in the 18th century. The founder was revered monk Ananda Sapugoda. It is a temple complex with a big white stupa, a sacred Bodhi tree, and several traditional temple buildings.

    🕐 While workingin the daytime.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free.

    🚶 How to get there: the temple is located in the centre of Beruwala in residential areas street Temple Road (temple on the map).

  • Museums of masks in Ambalangoda

    Амбалангода, Шри-Ланка Masks in the Museum

    10 kilometers North of Hikkaduwa on the coast is most famous in Sri Lanka, the place where made traditional wooden masks – the town of Ambalangoda. It is just two of the Museum of masks. In one of the museums you can see the process of their production in the handicraft workshop, learn what types of masks are all about and why they are used. Of course, you will be able to buy a mask. The price is not to say that it is very low, but it's the fact that each mask is handcrafted from wood Kadoorie compliance with all the traditions of manufacturing.

    Read more about Ambalangoda and museums of masks here...

    🚶 How to get: on the farm can be reached by a rented vehicle, tour or bus (Ambalangoda on the map).

  • Attractions in Galle

    Форт Галле, Шри-Ланка Galle Fort in 3D View photos in 3D

    The city of Halle (Gal) with its Fort and other attractions it is possible to inspect not only with a guided tour or hire a guide with transport, but even on their own. Any tourist is able to allocate one day, which can be reached by bus in Halle, there to walk and see the sights, and in the evening to return back. Read more about Halle here...

    🚶 How to get there: Almost all the buses from Bentota on the South travel to Galle. They go often, are inexpensive. To find the bus need to get on the road to Galle Road and find the nearest bus stop (they are marked with signs). If a stop is found, we can either try to stop the bus at any place (and sometimes stop), or to get to the bus station in the centre of Bentota. To go 1-2 hours.

  • Attractions in Colombo

    Коломбо, Шри-Ланка Colombo Fort

    As in Galle, Colombo you can hit the road for a day on the bus. One day is enough to see in Colombo is the most basic, but better to go early in the morning. It is best to go straight to the heart of Colombo in the Colombo Fort or Pettah, which is a lot to see just walking. Read more about sights of Colombo here...

    🚶 How to get there: all buses from Bentota to go North to Colombo. I go often, worth about 75 rupees per usual, and 150 air-conditioned. To catch the bus need to get on the road to Galle Road and find the nearest bus stop (they are marked with signs). If a stop is found, we can either try to stop the bus at any place (and sometimes stop), or to get to the bus station in the centre of Bentota. To go 1-2 hours. To go on a rented motorbike is not recommended, as traffic in city is very difficult.

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