Hotels and beaches of Bentota

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Hotels Of Bentota

Bentota is famous as the place is oversaturated with budget accommodation. Most of the hotels are designed for package tourists willing to pay $ 50 and above per night, and the guesthouses or hotels worth up to $ 30 to find problematic.

When choosing a hotel you should consider the proximity to the railway, which stretches along the coast through all areas of the resort. Trains here go even at night, and actively begin to move around 6 am. So if you stay in a hotel with poor sound insulation near the railway, will Wake up early.

Find and book accommodation in Bentota can on these sites or via the search form. All sites have Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support, numerous real guests reviews. And in Agoda and Booking are bonus system:

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Beaches and areas of Bentota

Пляж Бентоты, Шри-Ланка The Bentota Beach
  • The Center Of Bentota. It is, in fact, the Bentota beach. This is the most full of hotels, cafés and restaurants, travel agencies space. The beach here is the most densely populated of all the beaches in the area of Bentota, although compared to other beaches in the South and West of the island is relatively free. The area is convenient because everything is at hand and within walking distance.
    The area on the interactive map Bentota
  • Aluthgama (Aluthgama). It is a small town adjacent to the beach in the North, just across the river. The beach here is unextended (about a mile) not to say that the class (here it flows into the ocean the river Bentota Ganga, with all its implications of life of coastal cities), but in the Northern part of the Bay is 500 meters in length, protected from waves by reefs. Hotels in this area are right on the beach, but there are a number of hotels, which are located on the banks of the river. Staying in this hotel you will get, perhaps, a beautiful view of the river, but the beach will have to walk decently. The infrastructure is mostly concentrated along the road to Galle road.
    The area on the interactive map Bentota
  • Лодка на пляже Индурува, Шри-Ланка Boat on the beach of Induruwa View photos in 3D
    Beruwala (Beruwala). The town of Beruwela is still a bit further North (towards Colombo). The beaches here are almost none (unless you count the beaches in the South and Aluthgama), hotels are few. The area is interesting only as the place with more or less developed infrastructure: there are several stores with alcohol. More Beruwala nothing to attract tourists.
    The area on the interactive map Bentota
  • Induruwa (Sri Villas). This is a relatively new and growing tourist area adjacent to the city on the South. The beaches of Induruwa, stretching for almost five kilometres and are sparsely scattered hotels. For a beach holiday this place is great, at least better than in the centre of Bentota and to the North, but the infrastructure is still weak. Whole life is centered around the beaches and hotels, and beyond them nothing. In other places, even to eat, except in the hotel, anywhere. In General, this is the perfect place for a quiet and secluded beach holiday.
    The area on the interactive map Bentota
  • Пляж Бентоты, Шри-Ланка On Kosgoda beach
    District Bentota (Kosgoda). The Induruwa beach after the North continues the Kosgoda area. It is almost the same as Induruwa, but more remote and less developed infrastructure.
    The area on the interactive map Bentota
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The resort is quite interesting judging by the description. But I have a question about swimming in the ocean, they say that there you can stumble upon all sorts of predatory fish, whether so it actually? ...
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You're talking about sharks or something? So it's always possible to stumble, not only in Bentota or Sri Lanka, but the chances are negligible. ...

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