How to get to Bentota

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Bentota, Aluthgama, Beruwela and Induruwa beach are close by, so the ways to reach them, and prices are about the same. They are all located along the main road to Galle Road (A2), which goes from Colombo to the South in Galle. Through the city passes a branch of the southern railway from Colombo.

In Bentota from Colombo and the airport

The closest to Bentota international airport Colombo, Bandaranaike is located 70 kilometers to the North. This is the main gate to the country, so almost certainly you will arrive into it.

Find and book tickets to the main Colombo airport in Sri Lanka, you can through the search form. Search is very flexible, and allows you to search for flights on different dates, with or without transfers, in both directions or one, etc.:

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  • By taxi

    To get from the airport or from Colombo to Bentota is easier and faster than a taxi. The cost of 55 dollars, 2 hours. The machine can be booked directly at the airport at the front Desk when leaving (expensive but reliable) to catch on the street (cheaper, but need to be able to bargain), to order the transfer in advance at the hotel (many hotels in Bentota when booking they offer this service, but you need to agree depending on the price). You can also book a taxi in advance using the search form below, and then the driver will meet you at the airport upon arrival. The cost of a trip for two on a taxi to Bentota, Aluthgama, Induruwa or Beruwela is $ 55. For the trip in the minivan for a large company will have to pay $ 70. If you will look for the car ourselves on the street, keep in mind these prices. In any case don't pay more. Local taxi drivers are very "quirky", starting under various pretexts and deception to impose much higher prices, so be sure to bargain to these prices.

    How does a transfer bookingDetails >
    Поиск трансфераFind the right route
    Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
    Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station
  • By bus

    If a taxi is not an option, then get to Bentota possible and on the buses. However, have to go with a transfer to Colombo, on the road will take at least 4 hours, you will spend about 200 rupees.

    In General the route looks like: from the airport need to get to the bus station in Colombo by bus No. 187 from 50 rupees (read more about it here) and change there to a bus to Bentota for 150 rupees. The bus to Bentota and the above mentioned resorts is travel, so you need to look for transport to Galle, Matara, Tangali. To find the right bus at the station, just call the destination to passersby or drivers, you will be directed to the correct bus. Mentioned the buses run very frequently, almost every 15 minutes during daytime approximately 6:00 to 22:00.

    The bus will stop at marked places on the Galle road, but stops only on demand. Therefore, you need to try to explain to the driver or conductor where you need to you have landed in the right place. They don't know the names of the hotels, so try as a guide to show them something else. In the cards they practically know nothing, so show her it is useless.

  • By train

    Бентота, Шри-Ланка Railway station in Bentota

    Option even cheaper is to get from airport by bus №187 to railway station to Colombo Fort (this is the end of the bus) and then catch the train to Bentota. The train does not go often to the same in the daytime very crowded.

    Trains stop in Bentota almost in the heart of the tourist district/railway station Bentota. But not all trains make a stop here, but only 7 daily. More often trains stop at the railway station Aluthgama (at least 20 trains). In induruwa stops only five trains. The schedule for all stations can be viewed on the website Railway station, see our map of Bentota.

As for ways to get out of the city of Colombo, all of them similar to that already written, except that it is not necessary to get from the airport to the train/railway station or bus station. If you want to ride the bus, you can take it in Colombo right on Galle road, do not have to go to the bus station. Galle road in Colombo starts from the center (district Colmbo Fort) and goes through the city along the coast, including a beach area of mount Lavinia (see the areas and hotels in Colombo).

If you want to take the train or drive to the bus station to take the seats, you can easily reach any district of Colombo to the local bus for pennies. You need to find the bus to Pettah district, because in it are railway station Colombo Fort (that's right, the railway station is not the same area) and the bus station. These buses can be found almost everywhere, because it is the main end almost all urban transport in Colombo.

From other cities of Sri Lanka

Besides the fact that from anywhere in the country you can reach Bentota by taxi from almost anywhere, you can reach here by bus, and some seats on the train.

From Hikkaduwa, Gale, Matara and other resorts on the West and South of the island is just reachable by local bus or train. As we mentioned above, specifically look for bus stations this is not necessarily, almost all these buses go via the Galle Road (A2 highway). This road passes through the West coast and all the resorts from Colombo to the South. The main thing is to find a bus stop on it (marked with signs), although occasionally some buses stop to pick up passengers at random locations. Buses often. Trains are much smaller.

Other cities and resorts in the country (not in the West and South of the island) it is best to get here via Colombo. From almost anywhere by bus to get to the bus station in Colombo, and some of the cities on the train. And from there easy access to Bentota in the ways outlined above. In General, the trip from anywhere in the country in Bentota, the time will not take more than a day, but it is best to start way early in the morning to suddenly not get stuck somewhere on the way at night, as not all buses go the country round the clock.

Transport Bentota, than to move on

Хиккадува, Шри-Ланка Motorbike rent in Hikkaduwa

The centre of Bentota is quite compact and you can move on foot. To move between beaches or other beaches nearby it is better to use transport.

The most convenient way to travel is to rent a motorbike (motorcycle, scooter). The big problem to hire a bike, in Bentota or on adjacent beaches will not occur, however, look for still have. The rental office here is not as common as, for example, in Hikkaduwa. It is particularly difficult to find a rental car in a nearby quiet beaches as Induruwa or Kosgoda. It's highly likely that you will not be able to find a motorbike to rent for a reasonable price. But you can always drive to the centre of Bentota and search there. Reasonable price starts from 750 rupees (refer to the currency of Sri Lanka and the exchange rate) for a simple old bike, but you need to bargain to that price. In hotels, the price can be called up at times.

To control the MOTOBIKE theoretically need a license category And issued in Sri Lanka, but in practice it can be done and our rights. When renting ask the right rarely, they may be required when meeting on the road with the police. Read more about rent motorbikes in Sri Lanka here.

Find car rental in Sri Lanka

Another common move is the tuk-tuk. Tuk-tuks are everywhere, they are even on duty on remote beaches at the hotels, and everywhere else. Of course, the tuk drivers constantly trying to rip tourists off, so you should always haggle. The normal price is 100 rupees on a trip to the beach, 200 crore – a trip from one beach to another. But to bring down the price is not always possible. Surprisingly, it is especially difficult to bring down when the tuk tuks a lot. They are usually in cahoots and refuse to lower the price, while hovering around a porch full of tourists. But if the tuk tuk driver is one, he is much more willing to give in on a reasonable bargain.

For the most dedicated travelers are a good option for travel from beach to beach or even in a neighboring town are the buses. Almost all buses go along the coast on the main road Gale road without turning anywhere. So it is enough to go on the road and take the bus in the direction you want, North or South. The fare depends on distance, but within the next to Bentota's beaches, it will not be more than 20 rupees. Not all buses stop anywhere, most pick up passengers only at marked bus stops.

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