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General information about Bentota

Пляж Бентоты, Шри-Ланка The Bentota Beach

Bentota (Bentota) – a city and resort on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, 65 kilometres South of Colombo (Bentota on the map of Sri Lanka). This is one of the most popular beach resorts on the island. The name comes from the name of the Bentota river flowing into the ocean in the city and is the largest river on the island. In turn, the river was named by the name of the demon Bem, ruling the banks of the river. The population of the city is quite small, only 37 000 people.

Bentota is closely linked to nearby resorts (or areas, as you wish), Beruwela, Aluthgama, Induruwa, Kosgoda. It developed, traditionally a beach resort, with characteristic similar to the location of the infrastructure: there is an abundance of cafes and restaurants, travel agencies, car transport. Recreation Bentota, as well, and all of Sri Lanka, not full. Here you can find some water activities at the beaches, you can practice diving or snorkeling (there is a major center for water sports), to go on the tour. The rest of the organization of leisure, especially on land, is only in your hands.

Улица Бентоты, Шри-Ланка The Center Of Bentota

The main guests of the resort are package tourists (tourist vouchers), while active and independent young people prefer to spend time in a more democratic Hikkaduwa, where there is at least some kind of evening party. The beach is a very popular destination for honeymooners. Overall, the resort is less crowded than other popular resorts in the South and West of Sri Lanka. Budget hotels and guesthouses here are not many.

The beaches in Bentota good, especially outside the Bentota in neighbouring areas (Induruwa, Kosgoda). While in the city they are sometimes crowded, in nearby induruwa and Kosgoda they are very deserted. In terms of waves little calmer here than in Hikkaduwa due to the fact that some beaches are closed bays, and you can almost always find a place without big waves. If you continue to compare the local beaches with the Golden Sands, they are objectively better: they are longer and more varied, and a wider strip of sand. With regard to the purity of the water, you should not trust a rave on the Internet about the fact that here the best beaches in Sri Lanka and the purest water. Yet here is the mouth of the river and falls into the sea or coastal runoff, especially after rain. Besides the constant waves create the shore suspended sand and clear water is found only where the bottom of the stones.

Very carefully should be taken to select the location of the hotel. So, in the heart of the city infrastructure is well-developed, but if you choose hotels on remote beaches, in addition to the hotel and the beach nearby is nothing can not be.

Weather in Bentota, tourist seasons

Пляж Бентоты, Шри-Ланка The Bentota beach in a cloudy time

In Bentota and neighboring beaches, the climate is conducive to year-round recreation. However, outstanding low and high season, which are formed due to precipitation and monsoon winds.

High season and best time to visit is from October to April. During this period, the least amount of precipitation, and the beaches are less waves.

The low season lasts from may to November. At this time, are frequent, but usually short rains, the weather changes very rapidly. What is really bad, the monsoon winds form standing waves, and swim or engage in water sports is somewhat dangerous. However, there is in this period and a small plus: the prices for hotels and travel services during the low season a little lower.

The tourist seasons in Bentota months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Useful tips for Bentota

Улица Бентоты, Шри-Ланка The Center Of Bentota
  • Currency exchange. In the city center you can find exchange offices with acceptable rate. In hotels, especially in the far beaches, it offers an extremely unfavorable rate like exchange and payments.
  • Alcohol. Alcoholic drinks are best to buy in Bentota or Beruwala, there are several alcohol stalls. Alcohol in hotels on the beaches at twice the price.
  • Divorce in the stores. During tours, or simply traveling by tuk tuk you will have to bring in specialized tea shops, spice shops. The prices are usually 3 times higher than in regular stores, if to buy without bargaining.
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The resort is quite interesting judging by the description. But I have a question about swimming in the ocean, they say that there you can stumble upon all sorts of predatory fish, whether so it actually? ...
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You about sharks? So it's always possible to stumble, not only in Bentota or Sri Lanka, but the chances are negligible. ...

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