Waterfall Dunhinda in Badulla

Водопад Данхинда (Дунхинда), Шри-Ланка Waterfall Dunhinda (Dunhinda)

Waterfall Dunhinda (also Dunhinda, Danhinda Falls) , though not is one of the most picturesque, but definitely one of the most powerful and affluent in Sri Lanka. The height of 63 meters, and it consists of only a single threshold, where the water falls powerful stream of water. There is a legend, if you believe which, at the bottom of the pool at the base of the waterfall hidden treasures guarded by the spirits of the Princess and her lover. Due to the difference in social status they are unable to stay together in life and chose to commit suicide by throwing himself into the waterfall. And now they have nothing left except the treasure, which they did not let.

Is Dunhinda 5 kilometres from Badulla town. You can reach it from the city by local bus, which departs every 30 minutes from the bus station next to the town clock (Clock Tower). Once you arrive on the bus to the entrance to the waterfall, then you will have to continue on foot along mountain paths and jungle about two kilometers. Places rises and descents are steep and even dangerous, but in General, preodolet route everyone can do. The trail ends at a viewing platform from which you can go down to the pool waterfall. But this is not recommended, because the bottom is very wet and slippery. By the way, take care of equipment here, because around the waterfall is constantly hanging from a suspension of small droplets, and the humidity is very high. Also be careful when dealing with wild monkeys, who here can meet one another along the path to the waterfall: hide everything that is bad for you fixed (watches, chains, phones), and do not leave belongings unattended.

The entrance to the waterfall is paid 200 rupees (see money Sri Lanka, the exchange rate). But you can get him for free, if you come here early in the morning to 8 hours, even when not sell tickets.

Near the entrance to the waterfall bench runs the market, there is Parking, where the local "dealers" fleeced rare tourists at fantastic prices. Be prepared to pay for prakovce motorbike here 50 rupees (see currency Shi Lanka and the current the exchange rate), per car up to 200.