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I mentioned in the review that from his travels in Sri Lanka, I was delighted, to say the least. Maybe I wasn't so lucky on his route, but I still have quite a lot of negative memories. I do not want to impose their point of view, but just want to warn those who intends to travel to Sri Lanka, that there is not as smooth as, for example, the standard for independent travellers Thailand. Tried to summarize why you should not go to Sri Lanka, and why you should go. Once again, this is my personal opinion and no it does not impose, but for myself, I came to these conclusions.

Why you should not go to Sri Lanka and why I will not go there (at least yet):

  • Little fruits. Maybe I got in the off-season (December), but the abundance of exotic fruits, in the same tai, I can not see here. And the prices are sometimes not pleased, especially in the tourist areas they are just speculative, and without any chance to bargain.
  • Prices for hotels and food high. I have met only unrealistic dirty hotels and guest houses at prices of good hotels in Thailand. But I lived here not less than in 10 places. Nice hotel at a reasonable price I only got in Unawatuna, but it was still an unfinished hotel, so the prices were lower than others.
  • The food is disgusting. All monotonous and tasteless. At a local eatery of sanitary conditions sometimes could barely contain nausea, especially when I got a fish bone in the chicken dish.
  • Prices on well-known sights unrealistically high. $ 30 per visit Sigiriya! Are you kidding me? Was really disappointed that I saw for the money.
  • For visiting temples (and I love to explore the temples) all take money. Where there is no entrance fee, begin to extort donations. Of course, I don't mind to donate some money for the restoration of churches. But the code just extort donations, and in the back shouting curses that gave too little... As it is not Buddhist's.
  • Sights ugly. Anyway, was disappointed with the beauty and Lankan temples and other attractions.
  • All sorts of restrictions on the type of "do not go There, don't look, don't Park here".
  • A lot of scams and ransomware. Used to think that in Vietnam many of them. After Sri-Lankan Vietnamese rogues – what.
  • Overall boring, no crowd. Night life, discos, virtually no noisy bars.
  • The problem with alcohol. To buy a cold bottle of beer in the evening to sit on the balcony in the room, or watch the sunset on the beach is a problem. Alcohol only sold in special shops, where I never was able to buy cold beer. Price, incidentally, is not cheap. A cold beer can only be bought in cafes, where it is more expensive.
  • The weather was not pleasant. The weather and the seasons here mess. Very confused, where some seasons, when and where better to go. What I saw a month – constant weather changes, the sky overcast cloud. During the day the weather can change from cloudy to Sunny.
  • The large waves. I'm no swimmer, give me some calm water in the pool. And there always is the ocean waves.

Why you should go to Sri Lanka

  • A lot of tea. Yes, if you love tea, then here is definitely worth a go to drink the finest Ceylon tea and buy it home. Local coffee is not take it is a real "turd".
  • New location. If everything has traveled all tired, then why not go to Sri Lanka.
  • Undeveloped tourist destination. If you want to boast of having been in such places, the foreign tourists did not happen, we can find such places.

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admin 10 February, 2019

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stasya 27 March, 2019
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Karina T. 8 April, 2019
Took a bike in Negombo Lewis Place, 152. Guy speaks in Russian. Gasoline in March 2019 were 132 rupees per 1 liter. ...
admin April 24, 2019
Friends, if you are going in the near future to Sri Lanka, here's the latest information about the situation in the country following the recent terrorist attacks: In General no problem and restriction is not observed with the exception of input in the evening and night curfews in major cities, but they likely soon will be cancelled. Police and military everywhere lot, security measures are strengthened, but tourists are not affected. Transport operates in the normal mode without any restrictions and on schedule. The sights also work normally with the exception of some measures in Colombo. Yesterday was a day of mourning, everywhere lit candles, hung white mourning flags with the cross, because the attacks were directed against the Christian minority population. ...
Любовь77 October 15, 2019
Good day!
Tell me where in Sri Lanka it is best to rest with a child 5 years? ...
admin October 15, 2019

Hello! Unawatuna, Hikkaduwa, Negombo. But note that there, as in all Sri Lanka, there is no entertainment for children, only the beaches, but these resorts are at least some civilization. I mean, supermarkets, exchange offices, a lot of cafes. Actually, I would personally chose Unawatuna, because there's a great paddling pool for kids, and in other places the waves. Well, the seasons keep in mind about them collected information here https://nashaplaneta.net/asia/srilanka/art-sezony-na-sri-lanke. ...
Aleksandr2 28 October, 2019
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There is generally no other than their Lankan rights do not roll. But everything without problems and ride at your own risk. All painted details have nowhere we have here https://nashaplaneta.net/asia/srilanka/art-arenda-motocikla-shri-lanka ...
Igor And 10 November, 2019
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