Opinion: another perspective on Sri Lanka

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The impression that the majority of Sri Lankans are very sneaky and cunning. Not meanly courteous and behave just some of those who are interested in your money or positive reviews online, i.e. it is normally the hoteliers. But even among them there are still those scammers, so it is better to pay in advance and not to give the passport.

Not faced with rudeness and Scam just great, sitting in hotels and on the tour they are taken to the buses or guides that won't let the other locals, milking a cow and will protect from unwanted kidalov but gradually throwing themselves (from such tourists usually and appear all sorts of praise, and many of them purchased reviews). But if you go really at the people who have no business there, you will feel not only discourteous but even some hatred. The Lankans never miss the tourist queue, but often they just climb right through the group, shoving tourists. On the way Sri Lankans never rolled off the road, and will go head-on and you have to Dodge.

Young people behaving at all pushy (especially not sober), sometimes defiantly spits at the feet of the tourists, making obscene gestures and sounds pricmokivanie girls, even if they are not alone.

Even the children, and those are tourists with huge disrespect. So, once we wandered in Negombo on the beach in the area where the fishermen live. A group of children, age 3-5, for fun began to raise from the sand or it is unclear whose dog's poop and throw at us. I had to escape from there quickly. Nothing like that with us was not anywhere and never.

The police, too, in most cases, angrily glancing at the tourists. Often check documents and try to extort money.

Happened serious incidents. So in December 2011 in Tangalle killed a British tourist and raped and beat his Russian wife. In this incident, no one was punished (and, among the main suspects were the head of local administration and politics).

A white female from the Sri Lankans in General are terrible. They consider them "meat" and use it, and then brag to each other how many white "Madam" did.

So don't wear rose-colored glasses.

You can add that on several occasions was a real danger and avoid its development was possible only jokes and smiles.

We should not stoop to the level of local and joking, better to keep them at a distance, and maybe even a little arrogant.

Note: this article is personal private opinion of one independent traveler and does not reflect the opinion of the authors of the website.

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admin 10 November, 2019

What is the link? ...
Светлана123456 15 January, 2020
The most important thing is not specified in the description - distance from the airport. ...
admin 15 January, 2020

Hello Svetlana! Thanks for the comment, but it is not quite clear what the distance, if you update, be sure to add. ...
mextto 28 January, 2020
Good afternoon. Going in February to Kalpitiya in the hotel's LAGOON CHALETS DEV SETH. Do you have any info on this hotel. Unfortunately couldn't find anything in Russian. Want to hear the opinion of our countrymen. Thank you ...
admin 28 January, 2020

Well on booking this hotel the reviews are very well quoted, so all is good. Only place there is a real wilderness in the square. ...
Владимир123344545 February 2, 2020

need an international driver's license. if the mind, somewhere else, must assure. I rented a car, stopped, showed the right and had no problems. a moped with no problems, if chase had just called around. if not And prepare a money. If stopped by a cute smile, don't be rude, pretend you don't understand. Rights without categories And it is better not to show at all. Agree on the fine on the spot, the size of which depends on your abania and the greed of the COP. And generally be careful on the roads, Beware of the BUSES!!!! ...
admin 3 February, 2020
Polynkin 8 February, 2020

We are currently staying here and your hotel next to us! The hotel is great! Better than our 10 times) with the house on the lagoon for kiters, you can walk on the ocean-about 300 meters)) ...
Alexey Kiev 8 February, 2020
My wife was in Ceylon about the year 2012... in Kalutara.
Four stars - with Breakfast-dinner, beautiful kitchen and even a piano-pianist. From wandering through the territory of the lizards and chipmunks in the bushes. NO MONKEYS!!!
The tour was taken at the reception - minibus with air-condition, four (together with us) tourists 10 seats in the cabin. Visit tea plantations, stone Siguiri, different monasteries, overnight in Kandy, the Royal Palace, Botanical garden, elephant trekking and extreme return in the night in a hotel during a tropical storm and flooding!!! The guide was our driver.
Amazing culture, tragic history of the Royal dynasty, charming nature, unique Souvenirs from craftsmen, gold people, almost understandable for Ukrainians Sanskrit.
Of the shortcomings - a problem with alcohol... not even beer to buy hard liquor only in the supermarket and very expensive, local landmark, home purchased in Duty - Red Rum - muck rare!!! ...
admin 9 February, 2020

Alex, I disagree about the beer and alcohol. No problem everything can be found, you just need the right look, there are restrictions of course. All about alcohol I wrote in a separate article, be sure to read all tourists before the trip on SHL - https://nashaplaneta.net/asia/srilanka/art-shri-lanka-alkogol-i-cigarety. ...