Surfing in Sri Lanka

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In Sri Lanka fall in love in absentia, looking at the photos on the Internet. The perfect combination of ocean, sand and lush greenery fascinates at first sight. It is always warm, the annual fluctuation of temperature is a few degrees. And an increasingly popular kind of sports is surfing and its fans flock to the island from all over the world. Here, in contrast to the popular Mediterranean or the red sea resorts, real ocean waves, because Sri Lanka bordering the Indian ocean.

Where and when is the best time to surf in Sri Lanka

Серфинг в Велигаме Surfing in Weligama

Surfing on the island is possible throughout the year. You should know that the change of weather conditions occurs two times from the beginning of the local "winter" and "summer". A more favorable time for surfing is winter, that is the period from mid-October to March. At this time, is warm dry weather, wind blowing from the North-East.

Especially attractive for surfing at this time of Hikkaduwa is a small town situated in the South-West coast. There are many tour Desk, surf schools, equipment rental. Wave height is 2-4 m, it is possible to move in both directions.

Summer period is the time from the second half of March to mid-October. When the Gale begins to blow from the South-West side of the island and the Western part becomes unsuitable for surfing, the athletes move to the East coast. The calm waves in this period in the Bay area of Arugam Bay.

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The tourist seasons in Sri Lanka by months*

The resort\month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Dikwella South                        

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

The best places in Sri Lanka for surfing

Хиккадува, Шри-Ланка On the wave of Hikkaduwa

Winds blowing from different angles in summer and winter season, ensure year-round surfing for beginners and high level athletes. Surfers often choose the beaches of Hikkaduwa, Arugam Bay, Mirissa, Weligama.

The most famous spot is the resort of Hikkaduwa. For surfers, the conditions are ideal during the winter season. The infrastructure of the resort is well developed, it is generally one of the youth resorts. Conditionally it can be divided into two parts – sand and reef. Training starts on the sand, in the skin. On the reef, where waves of high surf, those who have sufficient experience and newcomers, studying under the guidance of coaches. Board can be rented directly on the beach, hour rental costs 400 rupees (refer to the currency of Sri Lanka, the exchange rate), to take for a longer period much more profitable. If you hire an instructor, he gives a wide, stable Board that is unlikely to find in the rental. For accommodation you can rent one of the mini-hotels with a restaurant located right on the beach.

On the South coast of the island, 40 km from the Hikkaduwa beach Mirissa is one of the most beautiful in Sri Lanka. Its length is only about 1.5 km, but if viewed together with the neighboring beaches, it turns out pretty long line. Large waves are almost constantly so here is one of the best places for surfing. The bottom Study of the stone, which is not very good for beginners. At the end of the beach is a large rock called "Parrot", offering spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and watch the sunset.

Russian Mirissa is very small. The atmosphere is calm and romantic. Hotels are only two conditions to stay comfortable. Rent a cosy private home. Here the prices are much cheaper than in Hikkaduwa. So, a full Breakfast for two will cost around$ 5-6, and the beach snack bars are even cheaper.

5.5 km from Mirissa Bay is a small cozy town of Weligama. The Eastern part of this Bay has long been popular with surfers. An attractive place not only for professionals but also for beginners who can learn the skills of riding in the surf schools. Weligama is the best place for beginner surfers in Sri Lanka. There is a surf school with Russian instructors. Gentle waves and sandy bottom contribute to learning. You can learn to turn and slide easily along the wall of the wave. The spot is open from October to March.

Surf schools in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka a lot of surf schools, including Russian schools. Also has a lot of private trainers who offer their services for a surfing lesson on the spot or through social networks for less than cost. But be careful, and try not to give money to private owners forward.

The most famous Russian school of surfing located in Hikkaduwa. The training is from November to April. The instructor leads classes at the same time with 3-4 newcomers. In addition to practical lessons, lectures and seminars. One lesson costs$ 60, five classes -275$, 10 – 395$, private lessons – is$ 130. The price includes surf wear and Board.

Another surf school were caught on Dalawella beach (Dalawella) near Unawatuna and the resort of Koggala.

At Weligama also has a Russian-speaking school SurfDiscovery. Trial lesson for anyone who wants to understand whether he will be able to learn surfing, costs$ 50. The price of four lessons for$ 180. The price includes Board rental with a soft finish. Accommodation is possible in hotel Cahaba, located in the rainforest. Room for two including Breakfast, worth 45-55$ per day and beach Bungalow can be rented for 60-90$.

Every year in the first half of July on the beach of Arugam Bay are the surfing competition.

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In this period of the year to go to the South of Sri Lanka. This Is Galle,Hikkaduwa, Ambalangoda,Balapitiya,Bentota. At this time of the year is a favorable climate for holidays and no storms. ...
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Friends, if you are going in the near future to Sri Lanka, here's the latest information about the situation in the country following the recent terrorist attacks: In General no problem and restriction is not observed with the exception of input in the evening and night curfews in major cities, but they likely soon will be cancelled. Police and military everywhere lot, security measures are strengthened, but tourists are not affected. Transport operates in the normal mode without any restrictions and on schedule. The sights also work normally with the exception of some measures in Colombo. Yesterday was a day of mourning, everywhere lit candles, hung white mourning flags with the cross, because the attacks were directed against the Christian minority population. ...

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