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Sri Lanka is a relatively new mass tourism destination. Just a few years ago, ended several decades of civil war, and only after that tourism became available as a mass direction and began to develop rapidly. In this regard, some tourists think that the prices here for everything are very low, since the local tourism is struggling to have appeared in the country of tourists. But actually all not so. Unfortunately, the local "movers and shakers" of the tourist business and the government, in our opinion, trying to "remove as much as possible of cream" with the influx into the country of tourists, so the prices of some travel service by Asian standards unreasonably high.

Prices for tours to Sri Lanka

The minimum price for a seven-day tour with departure from Moscow with accommodation in a more or less normal hotel is 80 000 rubles for two, and the cheapest round of 72 000 that can compete with the cost of a self-organized trip. Therefore, if your goal is just to spend a few days on the coast, you can manage the purchase of the tour. To check the prices for tours to Sri Lanka, you can use the following proven services online search and booking of tours, or by using the search box:

If you want to get more complex and lengthy visits to Sri Lanka, from the introduction to the different places of the country, the prices of tours increase sharply, and self guided tours remain ahead of the competition..

Prices for hotels in Sri Lanka

The situation with the prices on hotels is as follows: in Sri Lanka you can find relatively inexpensive accommodation, but it will just shed in comparison with housing in the same price category, for example, in Thailand. But it is a little beyond budget accommodation for Asian standards, and we can get a good hotel with all the amenities. Something in between for a reasonable price here is hard to find.

The results:

  • Accommodation in the hostel for one or 1500 rupees (585.28 RUB, refer to the currency of Sri Lanka).
  • Not very clean room in the Guesthouse with no air conditioning, EN – Suite room-RS 2000 (780.37 RUB)
  • Not very clean room in a Guesthouse with air conditioning and EN Suite bathroom – 3,000 rupees (1170.56 RUB)
  • Normal clean room in the hotel or the Guesthouse – 5000 rupees (1950.94 RUB)
  • A room in a five star hotel is 12000 rupees (4682.25 RUB)

The price of transport, air travel in Sri Lanka

Fortunately for tourists, the prices of transport in Sri Lanka is ridiculous, at least for now we are not talking about the tourist transport. Moving on the ground in local public transport, both city and interurban, are mere pennies. Basically, public transport in the form of urban and intercity buses and trains. For example, moving to a comfortable air-conditioned local bus from Negombo to Colombo is RS 150. On conditionioning buses travel even less: of Hikkaduwa in Galle can be reached within 60 rupees. Travel by bus almost through the whole of Colombo is 24 rupees. Travel by train from Colombo to Hikkaduwa (distance 100 miles) worth 160 RS.

The famous and ubiquitous tuk-tuks too, to some extent, are public transport and is very actively used by local residents. At the same time with tourists, tuk-tuks take an exorbitant price, and the amount is less than 200 rupees won't even move. Meet tuk-tuks meter (Taxi meter), but to ride them to the tourist counter in practice not really.

As for air travel in the country, there are no regular flights between the airports of the country. There are only private Charter flights on small planes or helicopters that can be enjoyed by anyone, but they are not cheap.

Rent a motorbike in Sri Lanka can be found for 1200 rupees (468.22 RUB) per day, but the price you can not find everywhere, often much higher. In maturities area for motorbike rental asking $ 10 for the day. While gasoline in Sri Lanka is very expensive.

The results:

  • Motorbike rent 1200 RS
  • Gasoline 90 – 132 rupees a liter (51.5 RUB)
  • Travel by air-conditioned bus from Colombo to Negombo – RS 150
  • Conditionerbedroom travel by bus from Hikkaduwa to Galle – 60 rupees
  • Travel by bus through the Colombo – 24 rupees
  • Travel by tuk-tuk from RS 100
  • The taxi fare is about 600 rupees per 10 kilometers

Food prices/food/drinks in Sri Lanka

Ценник в Шри-Ланке
The prices of goods in Sri Lanka are often cited
right on the package, the price tags can be found everywhere

Prices on food and drinks in Sri Lanka is lower than in Russia. And some products, such as eggs, milk are much more expensive.

The price of food in packages is almost the same everywhere, only in some places in private shops they can sell at inflated prices, but it is rather rare. In General, for all products in Sri Lanka rates are assigned by the manufacturer and indicated on the package, and only at such prices they are sold everywhere, even in private shops (with rare exceptions).

Eat in cafes and restaurants here can be expensive, but only if you learn to find places for local and adapt to tolerate insanitary conditions prevailing there and monotonous tasteless food. Minimum check for dinner without drinks in such places will be 400 rupees (156.07 RUB). To eat delicious, will have to visit cafes and restaurants, oriented to tourists already, where the minimum cost per person will be 800 rupees without drinks (312.15 RUB). It is worth noting that prices differ greatly from place to place, and sometimes in very bad places over the absolutely disgusting dinner can request in the restaurant.

The results:

  • Bananas 1kg - 50 rupees (19.51 RUB)
  • Water 1.5 l – 80 rupees (31.21 RUB)
  • The local Coca-Cola 0,5 l – 80 rupees
  • Original Coca-Cola 0,5 l – 100 rupees (39.02 RUB)
  • Pineapple on the market – 100
  • Bank beer 0,5 l minimum 200 rupees
  • Milk 1 litre 220 rupees (85.84 RUB)
  • Dinner in a cheap local cafe 400 rupees (156.07 RUB)
  • Rice with chicken in a nice cafe – 480 rupees
  • Dinner in normal cafe or restaurant – 800
  • Cigarette – 1200 rupees (468.22 RUB)
  • Eggs 10pcs. (in the supermarket) – INR 450 (175.58 RUB)
  • Eggs 10pcs. (in the supermarket) – INR 450 (175.58 RUB)

Prices for excursions and sights in Sri Lanka

High prices of tours and attractions in Sri Lanka does not serve any explanation. Pretty modest attractions charge a fee, which in other countries you can visit. Here is an example of the cost of entry to most major attractions. Of course, the price of the tour accordingly.

The results:

Prices for Souvenirs and stuff

Cheap Souvenirs in Sri Lanka will have to look, or have a very hard bargain. Usually, even the most simple magnet on the market offer for 300 rupees. Alternatively, it is possible to buy Souvenirs in shops with fixed prices. However, something interesting for reasonable money can buy and with hands close to popular attractions, but again you need to bargain.

The results:

  • Magnet shop – 140 rupees (54.63 RUB)
  • Magnet on the market – 300 rupees (117.06 RUB)
  • Small wooden mask – 600 RS
  • Plate souvenir – 350 rupees

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My wife was in Ceylon about the year 2012... in Kalutara.
Four stars - with Breakfast-dinner, beautiful kitchen and even a piano-pianist. From wandering through the territory of the lizards and chipmunks in the bushes. NO MONKEYS!!!
The tour was taken at the reception - minibus with air-condition, four (together with us) tourists 10 seats in the cabin. Visit tea plantations, stone Siguiri, different monasteries, overnight in Kandy, the Royal Palace, Botanical garden, elephant trekking and extreme return in the night in a hotel during a tropical storm and flooding!!! The guide was our driver.
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