Alcohol and cigarettes in Sri Lanka

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Alcoholic beverages and cigarettes in Sri Lanka is not prohibited, but the state is seriously fighting with their use, limiting the sale and setting high taxes. In some cities, the sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited. This is at least the sacred city of Kandy and the village of Dalhousie.

In practice, buy in Sri Lanka alcohol can be of any type and strength, including foreign ones, but the prices are very high. Foreign spirits are 2-3 times higher than in Russia, for example. So it makes sense to buy them in stores dyutifri the airport, or be carried from the house. By the way, at the airport in Colombo this can be done on arrival after passport control, so as not to drag the bottle of alcohol from the home airport. The prices are reasonable.

However, note that without the payment of a fee is allowed to bring two bottles of wine and half a litre of alcohol per person (over 18 years), and cigarettes without paying the fees generally import is impossible.

Alcoholic drinks of local production cheaper, but the taste is much worse. In fact of the local interest will be only beer, Arak (Arrack, coconut moonshine), rum and Calypso. Here are the minimum prices for reference:

  • The local Lion beer 0,5 l. of the Bank of 180 rupees (64.01 RUB, refer to the currency of Sri Lanka, the exchange rate).
  • Arak 0,75 l - 1750 (622.34 RUB)
  • Rum 0,75 l - 2870 (1020.63 RUB)
  • Vodka 0,75 l - 2300 (817.93 RUB)
  • Gin BeeFeater (foreign) 1l - 9000 (3200.59 RUB)
  • Cigarettes from 1200 rupees per pack (426.75 RUB)

Foreign alcohol is 3 times more expensive. In cafes and restaurants, the price is 2-3 times higher.

Аррак на Шри-Ланке Local Arrak

Buy alcohol only in special stores under the names "Wine Stores" etc. These stores quite a bit, usually one or two in small towns, and sometimes to buy a bottle of beer, you have to go even to a nearby city. Not even in all tourist areas you can find such shops. Traditionally, they work from 9 am to 9 PM, and on the eve of a religious or official holidays closed. To buy a cold beer sometimes is also a problem, because although the refrigerators in the stores and there's beer in them no time to cool off.

Алкогольный магазин в Шри-Ланке Typical liquor store in Sri Lanka

To buy alcohol at most of these stores not just. In the evenings there gathers a considerable part of the locals, and many of them, incidentally, unceremoniously climb before the tourists queue. And yet, these stores are not allowed (sale is conducted through a small window), no price tags, and therefore, in order to choose something, you have to ask the seller what is what.

In recent years, however, there are more civilized shopping with open shelves, however, and there to take the item and inspect it you should only issue the seller. Appeared Alko shops and in big supermarkets, but even though they are inside, still working separately on his own schedule and his office.

And yet, in Sri Lanka, welcomed the delivery of empty glass containers. Sometimes in the store, buying glass bottles of lemonade, beer and even spirits, you can offer at the checkout to return an empty bottle at once, and when you pay deduct its cost.

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Friends, if you are going in the near future to Sri Lanka, here's the latest information about the situation in the country following the recent terrorist attacks: In General no problem and restriction is not observed with the exception of input in the evening and night curfews in major cities, but they likely soon will be cancelled. Police and military everywhere lot, security measures are strengthened, but tourists are not affected. Transport operates in the normal mode without any restrictions and on schedule. The sights also work normally with the exception of some measures in Colombo. Yesterday was a day of mourning, everywhere lit candles, hung white mourning flags with the cross, because the attacks were directed against the Christian minority population. ...
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