Seasons and weather in Sri Lanka months, when to go

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Despite the small size of the island, weather and seasons here in Sri Lanka are very different at the same time. Although in General there is always hot, sometimes, when at one resort is always clear weather, just a couple of hundred miles away on the other coast can pass the season of rain, when all day rains and the monsoon winds blow. Therefore, the choice of resort on the island should be approached with caution, otherwise you can completely ruin your entire vacation.

We have gathered information about the seasons and weather in all parts of the island, and displays it on an interactive map for months (months the switch at the bottom of the card). If the map for some reason you are not working properly, read the text description below.

  • Погода на Шри-Ланке по месяцам в январе
  • Погода на Шри-Ланке по месяцам в феврале
  • Погода на Шри-Ланке по месяцам в марте
  • Погода на Шри-Ланке по месяцам в апреле
  • Погода на Шри-Ланке по месяцам в мае
  • Погода на Шри-Ланке по месяцам в июне
  • Погода на Шри-Ланке по месяцам в июле
  • Погода на Шри-Ланке по месяцам в августе
  • Погода на Шри-Ланке по месяцам в сентябре
  • Погода на Шри-Ланке по месяцам в октябре
  • Погода на Шри-Ланке по месяцам в ноябре
  • Погода на Шри-Ланке по месяцам в декабре

Table seasons in Sri Lanka by month:

The resort\month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Dikwella South                        

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Seasons in Sri Lanka by month:

  • January

    In January, the best time to travel to the Western (Negombo, Colombo, Bentota, etc.) and southern resorts (Unawatuna, Mirissa, Tangalle etc.).

    In the Central regions of the country (Kandy, Nuwara Eliya) the weather is changeable, but in General you can go to recover from long trips. In the highlands (Nuwara Eliya) at this time is pretty cool, especially at night.

    On the West coast (Trincomalee) and North (Anuradhapura and Jaffna) the weather is not very good, and if possible, you should postpone the trip to these areas.

  • February

    Weather conditions remain the same as in January.

  • Mar

    March is the time code, you can go to any place on the island, and everywhere is wonderful. And while on the East coast (Trincomalee) in the North is not the best season, the recreational facilities are quite acceptable.

  • April

    As in March, in April you can go to any resort, and everywhere you will get beautiful weather. It remains only to choose the best location of the good.

  • May

    Begins the season of monsoon, blowing from the Indian ocean. It can not worsen the weather on the island. Especially strongly it is deteriorating on the West coast (Colombo and Negombo) and in the South, where in may have high precipitation. But overall, still, it is possible to go anywhere, just can't be sure that it won't rain always the sun will Shine. The best places in this time – the South and the East coast.

    Monsoon winds create in the Western and southern shores strong waves, such that sometimes to swim in the ocean just becomes dangerous. Only in rare places, such as at Unawatuna, where the Bay is protected, without fear to enter the sea.

  • Jun

    The weather continues to be satisfactory throughout the island, but far from perfect. You can rest anywhere, but it is not excluded rain. The best time is June to go to the East (Trincomalee), where just the midst of the best season.

    As in may, the monsoons create strong waves on the West and South coast, and is dangerous to swim or at least not comfortable.

  • Jul

    In July in the South and West of the island, and in the centre of the island the weather is getting worse. Sunny days, of course, happen, but the probability of daily rainfall is large. The sky is often overcast. Monsoon winds are still not allowed to swim due to strong waves.

    In the North and East coast, the opposite is true, and it's the perfect time for a trip to Trincomali and sightseeing in the North, for example Anuradhapura and Mihintale.

  • August

    August is an unusual month. Low season and the monsoon season continues, but the weather suddenly gives you a chance to relax tourists in most resorts in the country this month. At all beach resorts, the weather is improving, the number of Sunny days is becoming more and rainfall decreases. Only in the centre of the island the weather is not the best, but not so not worth it to go on excursions to Cultural triangle of Sri Lanka and mountainous regions of Nuwara Eliya.

    Unfortunately, the wind and waves on the West and South and a little weaker, but still make it difficult and uncomfortable swimming in the ocean.

  • September

    Good August weather ends abruptly, and on the South and West again starts the low season. Swimming is also not recommended due to strong waves and wind. But on the East coast, the high season continues in full with calm seas and an abundance of Sunny days.

  • October

    The weather continues to deteriorate on the island, moving to the peak of the low season. It was on October and November, the heaviest rainfall at most resorts in the island, and overall this is the worst season. And, worse is not only on the southern and Western coast and in the East in Trincomalee. Thus, if in the East you can still find a number of Sunny days recovered there by luck, in the West and the South the chance to catch the sun and cloudless sky very little.

    The monsoons in October, begin to slowly fade away, like the waves, but swimming is still not comfortable.

  • November

    Bad hearth continues their winning streak, and along with October, November is one of the worst months in Sri Lanka. To go almost nowhere, except to tempt happiness on the South or southwest shore. On the East coast abruptly starts very rainy season.

    Fortunately, already in the second half of the month weather in the South and the West coast is starting to improve. And yet, in November winds down, the waves become smaller, and swimming season starts.

  • December

    December is the transitional month between high season, which sharply starts in January in most parts of Sri Lanka. Do constantly bad weather remains only on the East coast. To the South and West you can go, and it is likely that you will find there's good weather.

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