Madunagala hot springs

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Горячие источники Мадунагала, Шри-Ланка Madunagala hot springs

Hot springs, Madunagala Hot Springs are located in the South of Sri Lanka is quite far from all the popular resorts. The nearest resort Tangalle is located nearly 50 kilometers, to say nothing of Unawatuna and others. However, this place is worthy of such a long trip, especially because on the way you can look so much more interesting. From any resort in the South you can go to the hot springs for one day, but it will have to take a taxi, tuk-tuk or rent a transport.

The place is little known among tourists, so the tourists are very rare guests. But locals hot springs are very popular and almost sacred. The hot springs area is quite extensive and well-kept, and even includes a Bungalow where you can stay overnight or stay a little longer, if longer have the desire to take a hot bath. However, unfortunately, to take a hot therapeutic bath as it is done at the hot springs in other countries will not work here. To fully immerse in hot water treatment will not succeed. Hot springs are wells under the open air, which scoop water from the buckets and poured. No hot baths.

Near the wells changing rooms (but they have no soul), benches, canopies. Boxes to store things there, and have to leave on the benches and look after them until poured from a bucket. The appearance in the local swimwear is not welcome here, although officially the property and is not prohibited. The locals poured directly into clothing, or wrapped in sheets.

A little about the water: here she has a temperature of 44 degrees, rich in minerals, and no smell of hydrogen sulfide.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: RS 100, Parking - 30 crores (see money Sri Lanka, the exchange rate)

🕐 Working time: 7:00 – 19:00

⇪ How to get: see the Hot springs on the map. You can only get here in a rented transport, a taxi or tuk-tuk.

Photo Madunagala hot springs

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admin 19 November, 2014

"On the edge", next. On the bike the most. From the village a kilometer or two before the beginning of the forest, and there begins the path which has lead the group into the woods to the river (before the bridge) and beyond. I'm even on this track on a motorcycle drove once, though not good, just lost. ...
Travelenka.Com December 6, 2014
And what beach would you advise (on any coast), which closely corresponds to the requirements:
1.calm water
2.deep (preferably 2 step and stepped on his chest in the water)
3.not crowded, with a lack of boats, etc., interfering float
4.with shade in which to hide until the swim ...
admin 7 December, 2014

Calm water, in my opinion, only in Unawatuna and Mirissa are and Dikwella. Yes, perhaps, under your requirements the best Dickwella suitable. If not South considered, Trincomalee can still see it, but there's wave season can be very large. ...
Julia December 9, 2014
Are you sure that 500 rupees is guided? I here on one site even saw the picture of the plaque at the entrance to the forest, where it is written except for the price of 500 rupees and the price for the guide (although there are due to flash not visible). And no guide tourists are not allowed like ...
admin December 9, 2014

Hello! You, apparently, about the Sinharaja forest? If so, then Yes, that's right, without a guide of course 500. I have not written anywhere that this is the price guide. Guides charge separately, and it is different, sometimes even you can bargain and pay the money to the guide in hand and not in cash. And without guides on the standard routes do not allowed. It is just necessary to understand that in the forest you find yourself free, and you can do anything you want to walk or to go anywhere (within reason, of course). But when you get to any of the trekking route, you will have the money to take over and guide. ...
Julia December 9, 2014
And what is the actual difference visit with or without guide? I see something special? Trekking routes especially breathtaking and picturesque? And how long is the guide? If I go I will for what path to walk, and not just on the road, which probably leads to a village or somewhere else? ...
Julia December 9, 2014
And another question, I can without a guide to walk on the trekking route, or if already entered, you definitely need to take it? ...
Natalichka 22, 2015
I do not agree that in Unawatuna there is a liquor store. It is, if you go from the resort to the main road, walk 5 - 7 minutes towards the South (in the direction of Mirissa) if you look carefully, you'll see a small stall, full of concrete, the Windows and doors are thick lattice, there, in certain hours and sell alcohol. In the evening, always! Local rum - a miracle! Stumbled upon this stall quite by accident, we love to walk around the neighborhood, and that dogulyalis that is already beginning to get dark, turned back and saw the notice about this larocca. Men happy, having bought a bottle of Araki, immediately deal with it, drank. Went and we bought a few bottles of rum (with a margin). Pushes the coin into the narrow window and give you the desired alcohol.:))) Well, I found this stall in the first days of our holiday:)) when I came a year, once in the stall ;)). Rested in December 2012 and 2013. And yet, nearby, there are tea plantations that will take you any Tucker on his tuk - tuk. In addition to informative tour about the production of tea, you will buy there gorgeous Ceylon tea at a nice price, however, then you're welcome not to believe the hype that the tea that is sold in a supermarket in Russia "produced and Packed in Sri Lanka"!:))).Although, of course, the best in Unawatuna, this is the OCEAN with its incredible energy. All wonderful holidays!!! ...
admin 22 July, 2015

You are right, the liquor store is there, just not in the village, but close. He we even marked on the map here in the form of an icon. Only liquor shops in Sri Lanka are not working during the holidays, so if you want to celebrate Christmas or new year, buy in advance. About tea plantations near Unawatuna is a divorce. These tea plantations are located only in mountainous areas. ...
MikkyMouse 2 September, 2015
very interesting! now you can safely go for a vacation :) ...

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