What to bring from Sri Lanka?

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Tea, coffee

Цейлонский чай

Tea grown in Sri Lanka (Ceylon tea) do not need additional advertising. About it anywhere and everywhere it is written much. I would like to Express my opinion that, although buy higher quality tea is recommended in the factories in the tea estates, the prices are highly inflated. In supermarkets and specialty departments also have a good selection of teas at much more attractive prices, and have the gift packs (though, for the beautiful packaging will have to pay a little extra). For example, 200 grams of tea packaging "Mlesna" in the supermarket is 245 rupees (refer to the currency of Sri Lanka, the exchange rate), a little easier "Maskeliya", the same 200 – costs 190 rupees, cheapest and known to us "Dilmah" for 95 rupees (100 grams). Of course, taste sensations are influenced by many factors: the locus, to which the leaves are harvested, the processing of tea leaves, the size of the finished tea leaves etc. It is everyone chooses for themselves.

It is believed that the best tea in Sri Lanka – mountain, on the South of the island in Nuwara Eliya, Dambulla, UDA Pussellawa. In mid-highland (Kandy, UVA) and lowland (Ruhuna) – the tea is not worse, but slightly inferior to the high altitude quality. Produce black and green tea. However, more widespread and popular black.

There are in Sri Lanka and coffee, but its grown a bit and it has a very refined taste and excellent qualities. In the supermarkets you can find "Island Coffee" with vanilla and ginger (200 gr. pack costs around 290 crore).


Ювелирный магазин в Шри-Ланке

Mined in Sri Lanka, both precious and semi-precious stones. Among local allocate precious sapphire, especially blue, alexandrite, ruby, garnet, among semi – blue moonstone, quartz, Topaz, amethyst.

Stones and jewelry with them, offer to purchase on a small jewelry factories that can be visited independently or as part of a tour group. A visit to these places is free, instead you crave a response in the form of buying. Here tell and show the process of extraction of stones (from lifting from the mine to the sorting), as well as the technology of manufacturing of finished jewelry. In addition, to buy jewelry in Sri Lanka are everywhere: in shopping malls and small shops. The most famous centre for the production and manufacture of jewelry is the city of Ratnapura, but his fame adds to the final cost of the product for more cheat. There are several small factories close to Hikkaduwa in Meetiyagoda, specializing in the production of moonstone (Moonstone Mine).

It is believed that to buy in Sri Lanka better only stones, for the reason that silver and gold is very expensive, and the finished product does not differ elegance. However, a waste of time to search for a good master, material plus work in Russia, will be cheaper. And, if you don't like the stones themselves, it is possible to buy ready-made jewelry. While at purchase, as stones, and the finished product can always be trapped, faced with forgery. To check the quality of the stone, unfortunately, not a specialist, it will be impossible, and therefore we can only trust the merchant or abandon the purchase.


In Sri Lanka, in the district of Matale are many spice gardens, each having its own serial number. Can be used both independently and in the framework of some excursions. You will hold in the garden, get acquainted with the assortment of spices (pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, vanilla, coriander, turmeric, ginger, etc.) grown on the island, tell them useful and medicinal properties. If you want, here you can buy your favorite spices, cosmetic products (coconut or sandalwood oil, aloe Vera cream, mosquito repellent), ointments and balms based on herbs and plants. However, as elsewhere in Sri Lanka, there is a small caveat: many who visit these spice gardens consider them as regular wired for tourists, so take a look at similar products in regular stores or on the market: it is there, and is much cheaper.


The clothes are good quality, there are plenty to choose. Particular praise for the products from silk and cotton. For example, silk shawls can be bought for 600 rupees, t-shirts for RS 400, t – 850 RS, silk blouses for 1000 rupees.

Perhaps the most original of things, brought from Sri Lanka, will be a Sari (for women) and a sarong (for men). If desired, one can think of something to sew or to wear for special occasions.

Usually, shopping is dedicated to the final part of the trip and it ends in Colombo. The most famous large shopping malls, where consumers prefer to make purchases - Odel, House of Fashion, Liberty Plaza, Majestic City, Nolimit. It is not necessary to dismiss and small shops, sometimes you can find good stuff.


Магазин сувениров в Коломбо

As the chief of the souvenir of Sri Lanka can bring to the various figures of elephants, large and small, from different wood species (from RS 700), including black (the most expensive) and a simple painted (from RS 400), coconut in traditional attire on the occasion of the Perahera.

Very popular mask, they have different shape and meaning. But in most cases, sold masks have the function of protection and protection from evil spirits and other negative feelings. In Ambalangoda, famous for its craftsmen, masks are there are at least two of the Museum of Masks where you can not only learn the history of their origin, but also to buy any. By the way, in the store at the Museums not only masks, but also many other Souvenirs. Price mask medium size starts from 600 RS.

The drums play an important role in the lives of Sri Lankans, they are present in daily life and in religious and other festivals of the inhabitants. Therefore, in the souvenir shops you can find different types of drums from cylindrical to flat.

Ювелирный магазин в Шри-Ланке

Very beautiful batik products (from 1500 INR), painted pattern on the fabric (from 1050 rupees), silverware, cane, ceramics, woodcarving, as well as other small things: the magnets (60-400 rupees), key chains, bookmarks, etc.

Buy the best in specialized souvenir shops with fixed prices. For example, in Colombo , the best known are Lakpahana Laksala Handicrafts and; the prices are reasonable and the selection is huge and varied. Besides, buy Souvenirs everywhere: in markets, in small shops, specialized departments in shopping malls, however, cheat here will be significant.

There is also a feeling that buying gifts is most advantageous in areas where guided tours and close to major attractions. This is true, but only if you know how to bargain. Initially, the price is three to four times higher and it is necessary to bargain until it stops.

Useful tips

Torg. Sri Lanka can and should bargain: when shopping in the market when renting a vehicle, using the services of tuk-tuks in other cases, when the price is clearly not fixed. To bargain, even in the guesthouses and hotels. Sometimes the price can be brought down to 30%, however, traded here, with great confusion and reluctance, after all, a tourist in the eyes of the locals – it's a piece of bread with butter: don't fuck (fool) – not live...

Shopping. In Colombo there are several large shopping centers where you can find almost everything: clothes, shoes, electronics, perfumes, toys, Souvenirs, tea departments, etc., in some of them there are supermarkets, cafes and cinemas. Among the famous: Odel, Liberty Plaza, Majestic City, House of Fashion. Yet it is worth noting the Arpico chain of stores that meet in major cities of the country, with a large assortment of food and essential items for the home. Grocery stores presents a well-developed network throughout the country under the name Food City.

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