Motorbike hire in Sri Lanka

Мотоцикл на пляже в Шри-Ланке

Rent motorbikes (scooters) in Sri Lanka is fairly common, but finding such a service is possible only in the most popular tourist areas on the coast. In the center of the country to rent a bike very difficult.

Find rolling office in a tourist place is not difficult: you can ask at the hotel or just walk down the street and look for signs or exhibited motorcycles with a sign "Motorbike for rent" or "Bike for rent".

The rental price starts from $ 6 (700 rupees, see money Sri Lanka, the exchange rate) and comes to $ 10 per day. With the high price should bargain. Also be sure to ask for a discount if you take the bike for a few days: the longer the period the bigger the discount. Rental includes unlimited mileage and helmets. Not always rent for a day in Sri Lanka means a day many companies mean the rent on the day that is 1 day, ie, you take the bike in the morning and return it in the evening at a set time. If you rent for multiple days you use the bike all day.

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As collateral require a passport plus sometimes cash 100-300 dollars. If you rent a motorbike at the hotel or the Guesthouse, where you live, then you can do without any collateral. Sometimes it is a written contract, and in some cases you just give your passport and take the bike back, it all depends on the rental company. Sometimes you can even find motorcycles with the contract providing for insurance. In this case, it is a serious contract, which States your share of responsibility. Usually it provides that all minor damage costing up to $ 200 you pay yourself, and the rest of the insurance company.

With regard to driving licences, while officially Sri Lanka and does not recognize international and national driving licences of the new sample, the police are condescending. If you have in the new model and open category "A", you are in the helmet and never broke the rules, problems with the police most likely will not have that checked the authors site several times in practice. Just be confident, and provide all the necessary documents and smile. Even if the police do not settle for this, the problem is solved on the spot small "fine". In addition to the motorcycle must be insured (Insurance) and proof of payment of taxes (Taxes) which you have to give the owner of the motorcycle. If these documents do not prove, the problem will be not only the owner, but you.

If you want to drive a motorcycle legally, you've got some challenges. As already mentioned above, Sri Lanka does not recognize any law but their own national (which, by the way, look exactly the same as our new plastic, i.e. in compliance with the Vienna Convention on road traffic (see the truth about driving licenses abroad). But for foreigners there are two options:

  • On the basis of your international rights (in the form of a booklet) to obtain the so-called endorsement to the automobile Association of Sri Lanka (Endorsement by the Automobile Association (AA)). This document can be issued independently to Colombo.
  • Another option is to obtain a temporary permit Temporary Sri Lankan Driving License for a period of 30 days on the basis of national/(this is our plastic or old law) and certified translation. This procedure will have to be done independently in Colombo.
Прокат мотоциклов на Шри-Ланке

Before renting, check the bike, and take pictures of all damage in case of a possible "divorce" with the return of equipment. During use do not leave the helmets unattended, as even old "dead" helmets here manage to steal (if you steal, then a new helmet you can buy in the shop for 500-700 rupees). Better use paid Parking and locks because of theft of motorcycles happen here.

Seasoned motorcycle 92-m gasoline. Local refills are exactly the same as we do, only they don't samoobsluzhivanie, and payment is made directly at the gas station. Just drive up to the gas station to get gas, you say how much you need liters of gasoline (the most popular rental scooters machines includes 3-4 liters) or full (full), and the supplier will do everything himself. If you do not know to which column drive to the gas station, drove up to the one where there are other motorcycles in the line or approach the tanker, which you will call.

How much to pay for gasoline fuelled, is displayed on the column. The cost of gasoline throughout Sri Lanka fixed for 92 gasoline in December 2013 amounted to 162 rupees for 1 liter (about 40 rubles).

Attention! Sometimes tankers cheating with the tourists. They do not reset the counter on the column to 0 after a previous filling and topped up with petrol, and you pay once for the two gas stations. It turns out that your four-liter tank is 6 liters and more. To avoid this, before refueling look at the numbers at the gas station and make sure there all zeros.

Now, as for driving on the roads. For most local drivers motorcyclist on the road is not a person, even if it was a camper. There is the national rule - "who has the most bibikalka is right". More (louder) all bibikalka of the buses, and then trucks. Be prepared for the fact that other drivers will get you out into the oncoming lane and to drive you out of the way by flashing lights and an audible signal. Same thing when overtaking: no one is paying attention to the motorcycles and return to your lane pushes them to the sidelines. In all these cases, don't try to show integrity, and better pull over and give way to anyone you interfere.

Keep in mind that standard travel insurance included in the tour package does not cover driving a moped or motorcycle. This requires you to arrange additional insurance with the option of driving a moped/motorcycle and/or sports that is equivalent to driving two wheelers. To compare the cost of travel insurance options from different insurance companies and place it online are these trusted sites:

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Paul M 15 Dec 2017, 00:15
1Здравствуйте, can't find any site where you can buy a ticket from Ella to Hikkaduwa on any train or bus. Also wanted to ask about the local mobile operators. Necessary mostly the Internet. Suggest some kind of network? Just there to buy a SIM card (Colombo) and what the price would be for a package where a few minutes, but a lot of the Internet? Thanks in advance ...
admin 15 Dec 2017, 09:49
1 Hello Paul! And you will not find such a site. First, there are no such websites, electronic ticketing on trains and buses in Sri Lanka does not exist; and secondly, from Ella to Hikkaduwa can be reached only with a change in Colombo. Generally you do not see this as a big problem, tickets for 2 and 3 class will be able to buy on the spot right before the departure. Timetable here If you definitely want to travel first class in observation car, then it is better to buy in advance the plot of Ella-Colombo, but not necessarily. Available in advance through special sites to the Agency with a large wrap, but it will not be an e-ticket and the paper that you get in the place. On the Internet today, not to advise, has long not been there, but in General without problems to buy and use. If English little own in any shop with SIM cards explain what you need, you will be offered options. ...
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1Добрый evening! Going to Sri Lanka in the second half of January. If I'm on the ETA, do not tell me when it's ready? (including the upcoming NG) Or is it better to do it at the airport on arrival? I read that this is possible. Is this true? Thank you for your answer. ...
admin 15 Dec 2017, 17:38
1 do Not see the advantages of what to do at the airport. First of all expensive and secondly have at the airport to spend more time, you need it. Make from home a few days everything will be ready. ...
Yanita 05 Feb 2018, 18:35
1 > we are flying with a child. In Thailand no problem we went with the baby on the motorbike. Can there be a problem with the police in Sri Lanka if the motorcycle will be 2 adults and a child? ...
admin 06 Feb 2018, 09:29
1 Hello! Yes, it seems that even we are not forbidden to carry on a motorcycle in the front seat, and after 12 on the rear. But in Sri Lanka, motorbikes for transport is generally not considered, all ride, and many times with children seen. Well, even if there are complaints, the police (police on the roads, by the way, very little), solve the problem on the spot. The cops are here Oh-Oh-Oh-ry is corrupt, everything can be solved for a few bucks. Do not swear with them, and smile and even laugh, and everything will be OK. P. S. in Kandy into oncoming traffic on the bike flooded, and then as luck COP. He blowed, poulybalis each other, turned around and went back. ...
Lukas 07 May 2018, 18:55
1Hello! I'm going to Sri Lanka in about a month and have thoughts on renting a scooter when I'm in Ella and perhaps also in/around Arugam Bay. I only have my Swedish drivers license (I know more is required) but I wonder about the consequenses if being pulled over? I was several times in Bali and just paid for a temporary license the first time which I could then show when it happened again. How expensive would a fine be in Sri Lanka, it is high risk to get pulled over as a tourist on bike and also, what is worse case scenario if I do get pulled over? Answers would be appriciated! Regards Lukas ...
admin 09 May 2018, 05:13
1 Hi Lukas! You are right, officialy you need to get a local drivers permit. But on practice you don't really need this, actually like on Bali too. I have expirience in driving all around Sri Lanka, have met twice policemens on the road and they cheked-out my russian driving license, and I don't have any problems and fines. ...
Оксана1083 31 may 2018, 13:16
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