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General information, holidays in Ambalangoda

Ambalangoda (Ambalangoda) is a town and a beach on the South West coast of Sri Lanka between the Golden Sands and the Beach (Hikkaduwa on the map of Sri Lanka). Sometimes I think this town or even a suburb of Hikkaduwa beach, which is not correct. In fact, it is an independent city and resort, separated from Hikkaduwa by as much as 15 kilometers.

To most tourists the city of Ambalangoda is famous as the center of traditional wooden masks. Indeed it happened, what is the best and most famous place where you can buy or see the traditional carved wooden masks, which here runs two museums and a few small family-run workshops. Along with masks, local craftsmen make and unique wooden dolls. But Ambalangoda is a good beach resort.

Famous Ambalangoda beach resort pales in comparison with nearby the Golden Sands and the Beach. However, the beaches of Ambalangoda for certain categories of tourists are even more attractive because unlike the more popular resorts on them do not see crowds of tourists. On the contrary, they are always deserted. In addition, they are more natural coastline is not built up with hotels and restaurants, there is the annoying tuk-tuk drivers and boaters, party of the youth. Here there is nothing, stay quiet and peaceful in the village.

Пляж Амбалангоды, Шри-Ланка The Ambalangoda Beach

Infrastructure in Ambalangoda

The tourist infrastructure in Ambalangoda though minimal, but everything you need for a simple beach holiday there. Along the main street of Galle Road - A2 passing through the city away from the beach, and not as in Hikkaduwa, close to the beach, shops and a couple of supermarkets, local cafes, banks, exchange offices, etc. In General, as in any Sri Lankan town. Closer to the beaches the atmosphere is almost village: quiet and peaceful. In General you will live here in the same way as locals: only occasionally encountering other foreign guests.

In the Central part of the city beach breaks fishing port. The port skirts the Beach road, which is adjacent to Market road. At their intersection is a very colorful fish market. In the same district on Main street is a row of local cafés with cuisine from fresh seafood, a few liquor stores Wine stores. Here we managed to find the only place in town hire transport – electric bikes from 700 rupees per day.

But you need to understand that the special tourist infrastructure here. You will not be able to find tour companies and excursions, little restaurants, oriented to tourists, and the beach doesn't even have sun loungers to rent, what can we say about entertainment. In the city limits on the beach there is generally only one cafe Chill Pill Beach Restaurant.

Амбалангода, Шри-Ланка Main street Ambalangoda

Hotels in Ambalangoda, where to stay

Accommodation options in Ambalangoda a little, but few tourists, so to find and book a hotel before the trip will not be difficulty. Even if you come here without a pre-booked hotel, can be found all over the place, including a lot of housing options. Enough to walk on the streets along the beach, as the locals will shower you with offers of rooms or entire houses to rent.

p<>Find and book a hotel, guest house or private accommodation in nialamide can on these sites. All sites have Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support, numerous real guests reviews. And in Agoda and Booking are bonus system:

Weather in Ambalangoda, tourist seasons

In Ambalangoda, you can relax all year round, but is allocated high and low season.

The high season lasts from November to April. It luschei time for a beach holiday with a minimum of rain and waves, temperatures are moderate, not too hot.

In the low season from may to October in the ocean begin "problem". Constantly blowing wind creates strong waves, there are even storm. You can sunbathe without problems, but due to strong waves swim problematic and even dangerous. Also at this time is merciless heat and the rains.

The tourist seasons in Ambalangoda months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Ambalangoda and forecast

How to get to Ambalangoda

Ambalangoda is located in the South-West coast, 85 km from Colombo and 130 kilometers from the Bandaranaike international airport (Ambalangoda on the map of Sri Lanka).

A taxi or tuk-tuk – the only way to directly get from the airport to Ambalangoda. Taxi counter in the terminal will cost around 80$ but you can bargain until $ 70.

It will be much cheaper trip when you order a car through Uber or PickMe. They can be ordered including a cheaper tuk-tuk. As of 2019 when ordering through the app tuk-tuk will cost 4500 rupees (from 1907.89 .), a car from 6000. To order, you can use the airport WiFi, or buy a local SIM card in the arrival hall. Just keep in mind that the budget of the car through the app is a miniature of Indian-made cars without trunk and with large bags in her not to climb.

A more comfortable way to get from the airport to Ambalangoda directly to request a tourist transfer service by using the search box from Kiwitaxi or on the website It is more expensive than a taxi, but you can place your order online still at home, and then the driver will meet you at the airport with a sign. Besides, there will be problems with Luggage, which not fit in a tiny budget machine:

How does a transfer bookingDetails >
Поиск трансфераFind the right route
Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station
Амбалангода, Шри-Ланка Railway station Ambalangoda

From other cities and regions in Ambalangoda can be reached by bus or train. Direct flights is very small, but easy to reach with a stopover in Colombo, Galle, Matara and other cities in the South-West coast. In General, within one light day it can be reached from any place of Sri Lanka, it is only necessary to plan the route and leave early.

In Ambalangoda is a fairly large bus station (bus station Ambalangoda on the map). Within walking distance from the bus station is the train/railway station (railway station Ambalangoda on the map), where stop all the trains from Colombo towards Galle, in total at least 10 per day, timetable here From both stations to the beach, hotels walking distance with light Luggage, or take tuk tuk for 100 rupees after bargaining. Car taxi not here.

Here is a brief about routes with transfers, how to get to Ambalangoda on local transport:

  • From Colombo airport. Directly only by taxi or tuk-tuk, or budget bus No. 183 in the heart of Colombo (see how to get to Colombo from the airport) and change there to another bus or train.
  • From Colombo. Direct buses and trains run throughout the day and night (rarely). On the bus at the bus station in Pettah district (Pettah), or anywhere on the main road Galle Road – A2. The buses run often, keep in mind the schedule is not required, you can just come to a stop and wait for the bus. Trains run on a schedule no less than 10 times a day.
  • From Negombo. From Negombo with a stopover in Colombo by train or bus. Transport often, you can just come to the station and go.
  • From Jaffna. To go through Colombo by bus or train. The train is preferable, but you need to go either early morning or Board the evening train that arrives in Colombo at 4am.
  • From Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Ella and other cities in the mountainous part of Sri Lanka is best reached by train with a stopover in Colombo, there, including night trains. If you go by bus, faster by bus from Colombo to get there, but to go earlier in the city of Kaduwela. In Kaduwela need to change on the bus on the highway to Galle (departs every 20-30 minutes, worth 460 crore), and then in Galle at the bus station to take the bus to Hikkaduwa. At least from Nuwara Eliya once daily in the morning direct bus to Ambalangoda.
  • From Trincomalee. Direct train from Trincomalee to Colombo only runs of the night, or to go with a transfer by train through Baticaloa or Galoya Junction (see how to get to Trincomalee). On the bus ride during the day, through Colombo.
  • From Ampara (Ampara) or Arugam Bay (Arugam Bay). From Arugam Bay you should take a tuk-tuk to Pottuvil (Pottuvil), there take a bus to Ampara. From Ampara in the evening at 18:00 and 18:40 night buses depart to Ambalangoda.

Attractions Ambalangoda

Амбалангода, Шри-Ланка Masks in the Museum

Ambalangoda world-famous as a craft centre manufacturing wooden traditional Sri Lankan masks and dolls. Produce real traditional masks of Sri Lanka strictly wood Kadoorie (Kadura), which grows in swampy areas of the island. The manufacturing procedure, which you can see in the Museum – it's only the final stages. Up to this point the tree is long and carefully prepared: dried in the sun, give the desired shape, then the tree is saving up in smoke during the week. This is done to protect the wood from insects in the future. Only after this, the workpiece starts to work the master, giving the final shape and cutting out all parts, and then bright coloring. Similarly, make wooden dolls.

Proximity to Ambalangoda, first of all, there are two Museum of masks. Both are across the road from each other in the centre of town on the main Road to Galle Road, and most foreigners visit one of them or both to get acquainted with the magic of masks and buy an original souvenir.

One Museum called The Ariyapala & Sons Mask Museum (Museum map). The exhibition is interesting and informative than the other Museum. The entrance is free. The officer spends a tour and talks about the exhibits in English. Donations are welcome. On the street under a canopy is a workshop where you can see how to make masks. On the second floor of the building is a shop. Prices for the original mask handmade is acceptable. The Museum is open from 8: 30 to 17:30.

The other Museum is called Ariyapala Traditional Masks (Museum map). The exhibition there is a bit more modest, mainly where the exhibits are sold. It is open from 8:00 to 19:00.

Амбалангода, Шри-Ланка Mask making

But besides museums, there are still a few places where you can find or buy masks and puppets. One of these is a small family workshop L. A. R. Nanda Mask Showroom. The head of the family and master of woodcarving Mr Nanda personally greets guests in his small Studio, talks about masks, at the request can show the technology works. He says, his mask is better than in the museums, because the technique of manufacturing is passed in th family for many generations, and in museums in the flow of hired students. It is very nice to talk to, plus he's always willing to bargain and sell the mask or figurine out of wood cheaper than you will find in the Museum. His workshop is also in the center in a narrow alley R. E. de Silva road (workshop L. A. R. Nanda on the map).

Амбалангода, Шри-Ланка Mr. Nanda at work

Another attraction for which the Ambalangoda even visit the neighboring resorts – turtle farm Urawatte Sea Turtle Hatchery. As in other similar places, since they are from eggs grown turtles, then to release into the ocean. For the extra money (around RS 1000) allow and tourists. Except for the kids, here in the basins to contain the wounded turtles of different ages. They can touch and small even to take on hands and to be photographed with them. The farm is along the main Road to Galle Road (turtle farm on the map). To reach from the centre Ambalangoda to it on foot from neighboring towns on any bus on this road, they go very often. Open from 07:30 to 18:00, entrance fee is 1000 rupees.

Near the fishing port on the roud street Market is a colourful fish and vegetable market (fish market on the map). To visit it as a tourist attraction is best early in the morning. At this time many fishermen and buyers make deals, and catch, you can explore the rich underwater world of coastal waters.

Photo Ambalangoda

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