Adam's peak in Sri Lanka

Пик Адама, Шри-Ланка

Adam's peak (Adam's Peak, Adam's Peak) or Sri pada (Sri Pada, the Sacred footprint) or Zamanlarda (Samanala Kanda butterfly Mountain) is a mountain peak with a height of 2243 m., lying on the West-Central part of Sri Lanka (see Adam's Peak on the map of Sri Lanka). She is one of the highest peaks of the island and one of the most important tourist attractions of Sri Lanka. Notable for the fact that in the period lasting from the full moon in December till the full moon in April brings together believers of all world religions. At this time performed a pilgrimage to the mountain to see the foot print left by the legend the God. Buddhists believe that the trail itself left Gautam Buddha, Hindu God Shiva, Muslims are expelled from Paradise, Adam, and Christians of St. Thomas. The Sri Lankan residents in Sri rise-fall is considered mandatory, with enough once in my life. Whatever it was, but every year there are thousands of people to touch their lips to the sacred imprint. The peak of pilgrimage is in January and February months. Tourists are also of great interest to see the sunrise on the Peak of Adam. Of special interest to lovers of scenery to induce the correct pyramidal shadow of the peak at dawn.

How to climb Adam's Peak

Climb to the top of the mountain is quite heavy, it will have to overcome a distance of about 8.5 km to a height of about 300 floors or nearly 10,000 meters, and by the time it could take 3-5 hours at the bottom side. However, as practice shows, anything is possible, and here rise even elderly pilgrims. Want to see the dawn rise on the top you have to start in 1-2 hours in the morning (if you are physically well prepared and will not be traffic jams on the way up, you can go out and nachas later) to 6:00 or 6:30 to be in place and not to miss the sunrise. But in the period of pilgrimage, especially at the weekend or in the days of the full moon, the rise is so busy, even at night, on the road to the top may take twice the time.

For the convenience of climbing stairs exists with the constraints on the edges, along the way you can find rest areas, cafes, traders, different food. At the top of Adam's Peak is pretty cool, so we recommend to bring warm clothes (sweaters, socks, hats).

No need to worry about the accessibility lift at night during the pilgrimage season (December to April), because at this time, the stairs are well lit, is also a point of catering, and the people, by the way, not much less than a day. The rest of the time on the mountain at night almost no one is raised and, accordingly, the benefits of civilization is forgotten, and during the rainy season the climb can be even dangerous. When climbing at night in the off-season pilgrimage must take a lantern, and even better, and the conductor to get to at least the beginning of recovery. Once you get to the beginning of the ascent, marked with gates, getting lost on almost impossible, because the staircase goes all the way up and forward.

Just on the top there are five ascents from various places. The most popular and a tourist route to the mountain starts from the village of Dalhousie (Dalhousie, also Delhouse also Nallatanniya), where there are hotels and all you need for one night stay. In any hotel Dalhousie you can find a guide or get instructions for lifting, and from here go to the route. To do in the village itself, Dalhousie absolutely nothing, this is only a transit base before climbing to the top.

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How to get to Adam's peak

To climb Adam's Peak the best from the village of Dalhousie (Dalhousie). The closest major tourist city to Dalhousie is Nuwara Eliya, but also relatively close to the city of Kandy and Ella. In the pilgrimage season (December to April) to Dalhousie there are direct buses from Kandy and Nuwara Eliya. In the off-season will have to get there with transfers via Hatton (Hatton).

The nearest railway station is at Hatton, which can be reached by direct train from Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Ella, Badulla. Every day here comes (goes) at least five trains. The schedule and cost here:, Further to Dalhatu can be reached by bus or tuk-tuk directly (75 rupees), or with a change in Mascali (Maskeliya).

For those who moved to a rented transport, a Parking.

Hours: around the clock

Entrance fee: free

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