General information about Singapore

General information about the country

The Republic of Singapore (Republic of Singapore) is a city-state located on the island of Singapore in South East Asia, and 58 adjacent small Islands, at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Bordered by Malaysia and Indonesia (on the island of Riau). The name Singapore comes from the Malay Singh (lion).

The area of Singapore is 710,2 sq. km, about 10% of which is man-made. This is one of the smallest countries in the world (ranked 175 th place in the world by area). For comparison, Moscow area - 1000 sq. km Area of the state is increasing at the expense of "reclamation area".

Despite its small size, Singapore holds one of the leading economic role in the Asian region. Gross national product per capita is one of the highest in the world.

The country has developed electronics manufacturing, shipbuilding and the financial sector. The country conducted extensive research in the field of biotechnology. Singapore stock exchange — the fourth in the world after London, new York and Tokyo. Fishing, petroleum, chemical, food, textile, light industry. Singapore is the largest Asian exporter of rubber. Singapore's seaport is among the largest ports in the world, and in many respects holds the first place. Changi international airport (Changi) is the main aviation hub in Southeast Asia. Taxation in Singapore is one of the best in the world.

Climate, weather, tourist seasons

The tourist season lasts in Singapore all year round. Some tourists postponing their trip to the country because of the rainy season (November to January), but in vain. During this period, rains even more, but they are short and temperature during this period is a little lower and easier to move.

Singapore is a tropical monsoon climate just 2 degrees North of the equator.

Changes of seasons and severe temperature fluctuations throughout the year here. Diurnal temperature fluctuations are also minimal. Average monthly temperature:

• 30°C day 24°C at night in December and January.

• A 32°C day and 26°C at night during the rest of the year.

Usual in Asia, the seasons of rain and dry season has almost not felt. It is believed that the rainy season takes place between November and January, however, the difference in precipitation between seasons is small. The maximum size of precipitation (300 mm) occurs in December, at least (140 mm) in June. The sun is shining almost all the time, only briefly interrupted by a short, but quite plentiful rains. The effects of rain fade in an hour. Only occasionally, in the rainy season, rain can last for the whole day.

The humidity here is traditionally very high, up to 90%.

Weather in Singapore today, and the weather forecast:


Singapore's four official languages: English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. English, the most popular and official language of state institutions. About 80% of Singapore's population are fluent in English. Anywhere, where ever you are in Singapore, you understand English.

Religion, population

The population of Singapore according to the data for 2010 was 5.1 million people. Singapore ranks second in the world in population density after Monaco. Most of the population is Chinese — 76,8 %. The Malays of different origin are 13.9 per cent. Immigrants from India make up 7.9 %, the majority of them Tamils, in a smaller number of malayali, Punjabis and Bengalis. Small groups are Arabs, Jews, Thai, Armenian, Japanese and mestizos (Eurasians).

The population of Singapore profess different religions. The most common religion is Buddhism, which is professed by 33% of the population. 18% Christian. At least the spread of Islam and Taoism. 17% atheists.

Singapore time

The time in Singapore in the summer and in the winter, ahead of Moscow is +5 hours. Current time in Singapore:

Useful tips on Singapore

Prices on hotels. Prices for accommodation in hotels in Singapore are quite high, but at the weekend they are slightly reduced. So, if you have not previously booked a hotel, can save, having timed their stay in Singapore at the weekend.

Food. Eat in Singapore, tasty and very cheap in the food courts (foodcourt). Food courts – this is something like the dining rooms, you can find them in every major shopping center.

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