Sentosa Island (Singapore)

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Sentosa island: General information and attractions

Пляж на о. Сентоза

Sentosa island (also Sentosa, Sentosa Island) – one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore that attracts about 5 million tourists.

Earlier (during the second world war), the island was one of the most important strategic centers and had the unpleasant name of Pulau Belakang Mati, which in Malay meant "island after death". In 1974, Singapore was built cable car, connecting Sentosa island to mount Faber on the main island of Singapore, which marked the beginning of the conversion of the island in the main tourist center mini-state of Singapore. Gradually the island was opened to tourists attractions: Fort Siloso, wax Museum, musical fountain and aquarium "Underwater world". And in 1992 was built the bulk bridge, linking the island with the mainland, recently built monorail conveyor and is open the road for pedestrians. Everything on the island was built and organized for the sake of visitors and tourists. In a sense it is simply a Paradise for tourists, where you can find everything. Well, almost all...

Among the most basic activities on the island:

Underwater world and Dolphin Lagoon

Oceanarium "Underwater world" located in the Western part of Sentosa island. This living Museum today contains more than 2.5 thousand marine and freshwater inhabitants from different parts of the world. During a trip to the Sentosa island you can swim with sharks, even if you are not a skilled scuba diver. And experienced scuba divers allow you to dive and swim along with charming playful dugongs. Underwater world Sentosa includes Dolphin Lagoon, where Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, also known as pink dolphins. During the day there are many programs in which visitors are allowed to enter in a shallow pool and interact with dolphins at close range.

Tower "Tiger Sky"

This observation tower on Sentosa island gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of the island. If the sky is clear, you can even see parts of Malaysia and Indonesia. Tourists come in a huge cabin in the form of a disc with air-conditioned, around the perimeter which includes a glazed window. Lifting the tower, the cabin slowly rotates. At one time it can accommodate 72 passengers.

Fountain Songs of the sea

Шоу фонтанов

After 25 years, the show of Musical fountains was replaced by the laser music show Songs of the sea, which for the first time visitors saw in March 2007, Is the only permanent show in the world held in the ocean. It is a magnificent pyrotechnic show. It can be observed with an open gallery, with Seating for 2,500 seats are placed. The show lasts 25 minutes and is performed twice a night: and 20-40 19-40.

Giant aquarium S. E. A. Aquarium

Гигантский аквариум Сингапура

It's very new, just opened in December 2012 attraction. Its creators claim that it is the largest aquarium in the world. Well, it actually is.

In this aquarium you will see a huge (over 800 species) of marine life. Only sharks in the aquarium, there are more than 200. But all in all, the water here floats over 100 thousand inhabitants.

The cost of visiting the aquarium: s $ 29 adults and 20 for children and seniors over 60 years.

For more information and to order tickets on the website

Fort Siloso

In the Western part of Sentosa island is Fort Siloso, defending during the Second World war, the Singapore of the West. It was built by the British in 1880-ies to protect the narrow Western passage to the harbour of Keppel. Tour of the Fort will be especially interesting to fans of military sites, as here you can see the ammunition bunkers, barracks, tunnels and gun emplacements of the Fort.

Palawan Beach

In the Central part of the southern coast of the island is Palawan beach. In addition to the soft sand and clear water, the beach will offer you a large choice of bars and beach restaurants where tourists are served delicious food and drinks.

The Siloso Beach

This beach is known first and foremost, the opportunity to play beach volleyball and other beach sports. Along Siloso beach you will find many shops that particularly interested shoppers.

Beach Tanjong

On the southern shore of the island is a beach and Tanjong, more intimate compared to other. This is the perfect place for travelers who want to enjoy the peace and serenity of a tropical vacation. It is very romantic atmosphere, especially in the evenings.

Hotels to Sentosa

The island just to visit and relax on it during for during your stay in Singapore is to have fun, sunbathe on the beach and in the evening return to your hotel in the city, and it is possible to settle on the island in one of the hotels.

Find and book a hotel in Singapore, you can through the search form below. The search is performed in popular South East Asia search engine, Russian language and Russian-speaking support is present:

How to get to the Sentosa island

The Singapore authorities have done everything to ensure that tourists quickly and conveniently able to get to the main tourist island mini-States. To the island from the city or airport of Singapore are easily accessible by metro (monorail), bus, cable car, taxi or even walk to the island on foot over the bridge. Use water transport to get to the island, it is impractical.

Walk (Sentosa Broadwalk). The cheapest way to get to the island on foot or by special covered pedestrian self-propelled track (the line) called Sentosa Broadwalk. On foot or on a conveyor belt will have to ride quite a bit, a little more than 500 meters. First, even though you will need to get to the pedestrian walkway. It originates on the pier near the shopping center VivoCity Shopping Mall, where, in turn, can be reached by taxi or metro to the metro station, HarbourFront MRT. For the use of the conveyor track, will have to pay $ 1.

Ropeway (Cable car). This is the most exotic and most fun way to get to the island, but quite expensive. The fare on the cable car will have to pay 29 SGD (Singapore currency exchange rate) (children $ 18), which is approximately equal to 700 rubles. In exchange for the money while driving you can see wonderful views of Singapore from the height of bird flight. Boarding the cable car is possible at the station at Mount Faber Station or HarbourFront Station (ON the MAP), which can be reached by metro to HarbourFront MRT. The ropeway works from 8.45 am to 22:00

On the monorail (Sentosa Express). The monorail originates at the station of Sentosa Express on the pier near the subway station HarbourFront MRT. The fare is 3,5 Singapore dollar. On the island, the monorail makes three stops. Working time: from 7:00 to midnight.

How to travel around the island

The island is small (with a length of just more than 3 kilometers), and you can safely walk on it on foot. But if you don't want to waste power, can use public transport on the island. What a wonderful, absolutely all public transport within the island is free. Even among the three stations of the monorail on the island can be moved for free. The island buses also travel (move from the monorail stations Imbiah Station) and minivans between the beaches.
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