Hotels Of Singapore. Where to stay?

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Search and book hotels in Singapore

Hotels in Singapore are many, but placements for budget tourists is quite small. Compared to prices in other countries of Southeast Asia you can say that hotels in Singapore are very expensive. So, if hotels Bangkok budget accommodation can be a hotel cost up to 30 dollars in Singapore to find a more or less normal budget hotel for $ 30 would be virtually impossible, as Planck's budget rises to $ 100. For the Bangkok price of $ 30 in Singapore can be found except a bed in a decent Guesthouse.

Prices for hotels in Singapore decrease with distance from the city center, but the position of the accommodation on the map you can see in the search results via the form above.

For a comfortable stay, but good prices and service in the room, it is very important to choose the right place for a hotel. Depending on your interests you can choose one of the areas below.

Our advice: if you plan to stay in the city, try to settle close to transport nodes subway or bus stops. Still keep in mind that during the stage of Formula-1 in Singapore (usually in September), the city center is blocked, and better to settle in the suburbs.

Find and book accommodation in Singapore can on these sites or via the search form. All sites have Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support, numerous real guests reviews. And in Agoda and Booking are bonus system:

Singapore hotels on the map:

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Areas/resorts of Singapore. Where to choose a hotel in Singapore?

  • Chinatown (China Town).

    Also known as Niu Che Shui and Kreta Ayer. This is the most popular for tourist accommodation. If you can't decide where to stay, feel free to stop in Chinatown. Can be described as the area the tourist district of Singapore.

    This is a very colorful place and a real cultural centre of Singapore. Unlike the Chinatowns in other Asian cities, this area is surprising for its cleanliness, and the same noisy and crowded. There are a huge number of restaurants and cafes (not just Chinese food), markets and shops. For inexpensive shopping and Souvenirs it is best to go here. Here is also preserved a large number of temples and pagodas.

    Even if you stay in a different area of Singapore, you still should pay a visit here.

    The position of the Chinatown on the map of Singapore.

  • Orchard (Orchard Road)

    This is one of the most popular and the main area for shopping, shopping street. Although the area is not quite accurate. Street Orchard Road runs through the town, and throughout it there are shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, restaurants.

    Here the large shopping centers, the clean streets and expensive hotels. According to voting results 2011 orchard road won first place in the ranking of the company, Presence Mystery Shopping as the best street for shopping in the world! No less than shopping centers, restaurants and cafes, and all of the highest level. This is a great area that you can definitely recommend to everyone who can afford placement in it. For the budget tourist hotels along the street is not there.

    The position of the orchard on the map of Singapore.

  • Bugis (Bugis)

    Bugis - one of the places in the center where you can try to find budget accommodation. Of hotels of an average price category (from $ 100 per night) you can try to find cheaper accommodation options, but the search for them will have only arrived at the scene.

    Previously, there was a red light district, now one of the shopping areas of the city with lots of shops. Overall, a great place to host and is very close to the centre. The only problem here is to find an affordable hotel.

    The position of the Bugis on the map of Singapore.

  • Little India (Little India)

    As the name implies, this area is the center of the Indian community in Singapore. This place is itself an attraction worth visiting, and if you stay here, you will not be bored. Moreover, in Little India have the opportunity for budget travelers to find a place to live affordable and, thus, prove to be not too far from the center. Of course, a good hotel for $ 30 you will not find here, but at least some facilities for the price you can find.

    Little India all the year round is full of bright colors and fragrant scents. All year round countless stalls and shops here brisk trade. And the prices are much lower than in modern shopping malls shopping areas of Singapore. Well, as Souvenirs you can find here is what you will not find anywhere else. Just be careful with the goods, issued for Antiques: in most cases, this counterfeit, as indeed most of the branded goods. On the streets of Little India, you can taste the real traditional Indian food.

    The position of Little India on the map of Singapore.

  • Geylang (Geylang)

    The name of this district also pronounced in Geylang.

    If you are young, energetic and crave entertainment, you the most direct route to this area. Here you can find the cheapest hotels in Singapore. But this cheapness has a downside:

    Geylang is considered the most dysfunctional and criminal area. Of here often play the role of a brothel, so for these games do not have. Generally, Geylang has always been considered was the red light district. Just do not be afraid of the fact that this area is considered dysfunctional and criminal. It is only by Singapore standards (read about the security in Singapore), and the young tourists will feel here like a fish in water. In comparison with other areas of Singapore, dirtier here, many "night butterflies" and the dubious personalities "on duty" on the streets, but no problems with the locals you will not have unless you do they won't be looking for.

    The position of the Geylang district on the map of Singapore.

  • Sentosa Island

    Sentosa island in Singapore is one of the few locations where you can enjoy a wonderful beach holiday. The island is located in the South of Singapore, 25 from downtown, and connected to the main island cable car and a bridge, where you can easily get here, and already from here it is easy to make "forays" into town using public transport.

    Besides the beaches there are well organized tourist infrastructure. Sentosa offers a variety of entertainment, including: the aquarium, the insect Museum, the butterfly Park, wax Museum, fountain show, and more. It's boring and uninteresting not even the most demanding tourist.

    Highly recommend to stay for a few days on Sentosa island, especially if you have planned for all of Singapore (the country) more than 2-3 days.

    Read more about Sentosa island here...

    The position of Sentosa island on the map of Singapore.

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PaZan January 1, 2017
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illovova77 30 January, 2018
Good day! I've been in transit in Singapore and probably the same as You are faced with the problem of where to stay for a couple of days!
You know, there is a choice:
-KAWAN street Dunlop
-MITRAA INN RA-n St. near Little India Farrer Park MRT
-Backpacker Cozy Corner, 300 meters from Bugis St
-5 foot way.Progekt Cyinatoun inn 5 min. from the metro station Сhinatown
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gardens in Singapore is simply Paradise on earth! ...
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Of course ...
nasamomdele 26 September, 2019
In Singapore we had only one day and one night, but it's not enough!
We watched a lot of reviews, which with one voice they all say how expensive in Singapore and you can splurge even just for the food. With confidence declare that it's all stereotype!
In Singapore, a huge number of cafes, restaurants and small street fast food with very affordable prices. Just walking down the street, we stumbled upon a Chinese street cafes with incredibly delicious as was the food. 200R. per person and we were stuffed!
In General, the food in Singapore is absolutely diverse. Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, European cuisine and even molecular. This is due to the fact that Singapore is a city of immigrants. As such, Singaporeans simply do not exist. The main population is Chinese, and immigrants from other countries. That's why the food in Singapore is completely different and for every budget.
As for Singapore penalties, all is not so bad. Yes, a huge number of them. But if you're a law-abiding person and not a "pig", then you are not threatened.
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