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On the plane

Singapore is one of the largest airports in the world – Singapore Changi airport (Changi Airport). It is not only one of the largest, but also one of the most convenient and comfortable airports in the world on ratings 2011.

From Moscow to Singapore, you can get a direct flight of Singapore airlines around 10 and a half hours. But the cost of air travel prohibitive.

Most often cheaper to get a connecting flight to Sri Lanka, Qatar, UAE and other countries. Also quite profitable you can fly via Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok, using the services of budget carrier Air Asia. The price of air tickets to Singapore from Russia with transfers are very reasonable and we recommend to use them. Options the cheapest flights to Singapore on an arbitrary date can look and book here: cheapest flights to Singapore. Find flights on the desired dates by using the search form:

The cheapest flight from Russia to Singapore:

16.05.2019 29.05.2019 Лого авиакомпании 1 transplant FIND FROM 32497 ₽
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27.01.2020 03.02.2020 Лого авиакомпании 2 transplant TO FIND 31555 ₽
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How to get from Singapore airport to the city?

Given the size of the mini-States of Singapore, to get from the airport to any part of the country can be very fast. The airport is located 20 kilometres from downtown Singapore (airport map).

Taxi. The easiest and most expensive way is taxi. All taxis in Singapore use meters. The ride to downtown will cost about $ 30. Over night trip will have to pay half as much.

Instead of the local taxi you can use the service transfers. This is an analogue of a taxi, but with a high level of service, meeting at the airport with a sign, and Russian-speaking support. To check the transfer prices and can be ordered through a search form:

How does a transfer bookingDetails >
Поиск трансфераFind the right route
Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station

Shittle service. More economical and quite convenient way is to use the so – called Shittle service. It is something like our "Gazelles", which for $ 9 will take you to your hotel in the city. But, unfortunately, the service doesn't always work as during the day, and all year round.

City bus. Buses travel to downtown Singapore from 6 a.m. until 12 at night. The trip cost s $ 2 (prepare change, change). Look for buses on the lower level of the airport terminals.

Subway (MRT). The metro station is at the airport between terminals T2 and T3. In order to reach the Central part of the city, should make a transfer at the Tanah Merah station. The fare depends on the distance, and Central station, city Hall is 2 Singapore dollar, and by the time is 45 minutes. Metro does not work at night.

A free Shuttle bus (Free shuttle bus). The free bus to get from the airport to the city and back for free. There are several routes for the free bus, but, unfortunately, only one route to CHANGI BUSINESS PARK goes on weekdays. The remaining buses are only available on weekends and public holidays. Details about the schedule and routes can be found here


By train

In Singapore ends the railway of Malaysia, which, in turn, is connected with the railway in Thailand. So, theoretically, in Singapore, can be reached by train even from the cities of Thailand, but direct make this impossible.

A direct train runs between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. From other cities of Malaysia North of Kuala Lumpur and Thailand will have on the train ride with transfers (with the exception of a trip on the Orient Express).

The trains are quite decent, air-conditioned, and the prices are low. But, given the presence of budget airlines in Asia with their ultra-low prices, use W/d to move from Bangkok to Singapore is only in the case that you really like to travel by train. Benefits of money from this move, you will likely not get.

But by direct train from Kuala Lumpur (and there goes three daily) to reach Singapore is a pleasure and to spend on moving in just 34 of the ringgit, which is about 340 rubles. And if you use night train, you can save a night on accommodation at the hotel. From Kuala Lumpur trains depart from the station KL Sentral.

In Singapore, the final stop of this train station to Woodlands Train Checkpoint. The station is located about 20 kilometres North of Singapore city (station to Woodlands Train Checkpoint on the map). Here is passport and customs control. To get to Woodlands you can take a taxi (about 30 Singapore dollars from downtown), metro (station is Woodlands MRT and then bus, about 3.3 SGD). On the road it is necessary to establish at least an hour.

You can purchase tickets directly at the stations; the electronic ticket via the Internet on the website of the carrier (unfortunately, there are sometimes problems with the operation of the service e-tickets); book by phone or email listed on the website. Tickets can be purchased 30 days before departure. Attention! Kuala Lumpur in the search on the website of the carrier listed as Sentral Kuala Lumpur (though there is a line in Kuala Lumpur, it's not what you need), and in Singapore the station was listed as Woodlands CIQ.

Approximate cost of tickets Kuala Lumpur – Singapore:

  • Seating position of the second ASD class (air – conditioned car) - 34 ringgit (about 340 rubles);
  • A seat in first class for AFD (air-conditioned car) – 68 ringgit (about 680 rubles);
  • Reclining seat in the reserved seat ADNS (air conditioned car) – 40 ringgit;
  • Reclining seat in the compartment ADNFD (air conditioned car) – 118 ringgit;

Keep in mind that buying tickets on the train from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, you will have to pay more than double the Kuala Lumpur – Singapore. Even if you purchase tickets on the website of the shipping carrier and your itinerary starts in Singapore, still overpay, and the site has almost three times more expensive. These oddities come from the fact that the cost of tickets in Malaysian ringgit are converted at the exchange rate in Singapore dollars (the rate of which is higher), and transferred one to one. To circumvent this oddity can getting two separate ticket on the same train from Singapore to Johor Bahru on the Malaysian side (and pay for it on the Singapore prices, but a small distance), and a second ticket from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur at Malaysian prices already. If we fail to purchase a ticket Singapore - Johor Bahru on the website, then purchase it at the box office in Singapore. You can also buy a ticket from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur at Malaysian prices, and to Johor Bahru bus or taxi.

Read more about trains in Malaysia, and how to get to Singapore by train here.

By ferry/boat

To get to Singapore by sea from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Early from Malaysia to Singapore there was a regular ferry service to Tioman island, but now available only daily ferry crossings to the waterfront resort Desaru.

From Indonesia to Singapore, you can get regular ferries from the Islands of Batam (Batam), Karlovo (Karimun) and Bintan (Bintan). Detailed information about the schedule and costs can be obtained on the websites of the carriers and

For tourists, the most relevant is the route – Bintan island-Singapore. The fact is that to fly to Singapore from Indonesia is quite expensive. But you can significantly reduce the cost of route from Indonesia to Singapore, Bintan using as a staging post. Tickets for the Indonesia are much cheaper than to Singapore, and, having reached Bintana by plane from anywhere in the country, can be relatively inexpensive to get into Singapore by water. This route will take longer, but is cheaper.

By bus

To get on the bus to Singapore from all major cities of Malaysia. And it is one of the cheapest ways to get into Singapore (only cheaper). There are many bus operators, each of which sets its own schedule and rates.

The total bus stations in Singapore, each company arrives and departs from the station.

Average prices for the buses:

  • Singapore - Johor Bahru – $ 2;
  • Singapore – Kuala Lumpur – Singapore 28-30 dollars;
  • Kuala Lumpur – Singapore – 45 ringgit;
  • Singapore – airport Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) – 36 Singapore dollars;
  • Singapore – Penang – 45 SGD;
  • Penang – Singapore – 55 ringgit.

Ticket prices vary greatly depending on the company and Malaysian are usually cheaper. To save a little, you can reach Johor Bahru in Malaysia, and to cross the border on buses Singapore - Johor Bahru for $ 2.

To find out ticket prices, timetables and book the tickets online on the website On the spot tickets can be purchased at travel agencies on the street.

By taxi

If you have enough money, you can get to Singapore by taxi even from Kuala Lumpur. But usually tourists move here by taxi from the southern state of Malaysia Johor, arriving, for example, in Johor Bahru by train.

But not every taxi car has permission to cross the border as a taxi. According to information available to us any Malaysian taxi can safely travel to and from Singapore, in Singapore it is entitled to do only special licensed taxi drivers.

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