How to get to Moalboal, Philippines

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Автобус в Моалбоал The bus to Moalboal

Moalboal is on the West Bank o Cebu in the South (Moalboal on the map). From Cebu city and Mactan international airport in Cebu to the 100 kilometers . You can only get here by land by bus, taxi or rented transport, airport and port's not here. On the plane here just prefer to get through the Mactan-Cebu international airport. Read more about this airport and transport it here.

All buses arrive in Moalboal or pass through it on the main street in the center of town that is away from the tourist areas and beaches. The buses make several stops, to get better in the center next to the main market of Moalboal Public Market (a stop on the map). From here to the beaches of Panagsama beach (Panagsama Beach) and white beach (White Beach) 4 and 8 kilometers respectively. Drive them on the tricycle for 50/150 pesos on a motorcycle taxi or habal-habal for 30/60. But refuse proposals immediately upon exiting the bus, the price will be inflated several times. Better step back a bit from the bus stop and catch a tricycle or motorcycle taxi there 50 and 150 pesos for the ride on the tricycle don't pay a real price for tourists in 2020.

Often to Moalboal tourists get on one of two routes: from Cebu city (here the nearest international airport) or Dumaguete on the island of Negros. To get from any other places will have a transfer:

  • To get to Moalboal from other cities in the North o Cebu and Bohol Islands, you need to make a change to the bus at Cebu South bus terminal.
  • To get from cities in the South of the island, including Watching (Oslob), and the island of Siquijor (Siquijor), you need to transplant in the town of Bato (Bato).

But more about these routes:

From Cebu city and Mactan island

This is the most popular route, as it is in the city of Cebu and Mactan island are the main international Mactan-Cebu international airport and the largest seaport of the country. A taxi ride from them will cost 1800 pesos (2264.54 RUB, see the Philippine currency and the exchange rate), but the price depends on your bargain skills. City taxi does not agree to go to Moalboal on the counter, don't work at such distances and applications Grab and Uber, so you need to agree on a fixed price and haggle.

It is much cheaper to ride the bus, or enjoy the tourist Shuttle service from/to the desired hotel on the vans here.

From Cebu city from bus stations during the day, often buses and minibuses cost from 150 pesos (188.71 RUB), on the road 2.5-3 hours:

  • South bus terminal Cebu South Bus terminal

    There are large air-conditioned buses (Ceres Bus firm) and not air-conditioned minibuses (ordinar bus is cheaper). Trucking companies many, can choose any, but the most popular is Ceres Bus Liner. Ceres Bus is passing through Moalboal, you need a flight to Bato (Bato) through Barilo (Barili) Cebu — Bato via Barili. Do not confuse, there is another flight in Bato not through Moalboal.

    Buses Ceres Bus depart on schedule 6:00, 7:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 23:00, but it moezht to change. The rest do not go according to schedule, and filling very often, usually in the middle of the day every 20-30 minutes from 5 am until about 20 PM and less frequently at night. So you can just come to the bus station at any time of the day and walk to the next bus. You need to find will help many helpers and touts.

    This bus station is located at the South of the city (the bus station on the map). Here you can drive from the airport by direct bus Sugbo Tours buses for 50 pesos, go approximately every hour from 05:00 to 21:00, almost two hours because of traffic jams. Not to wait Sugbo Tours buses can take city bus MyBus to the shopping center SM City Cebu (50 pesos depart from the airport every 20 minutes from 07:00 to 22:00), and from SM City Cebu (SM City Cebu on the map) to transfer to a 01K jeepney for 8 pesos.

  • Bus station South GT Express Terminal

    There are vans v-hire, mainly used by local residents. In fact, there are duplicated direction South bus station, only they run more frequently (but no schedule, occupancy), are cheaper, and less comfortable, because only minibuses. Located in the southern part of the city close to the South bus station (bus station on the map). But it is better to check in advance from local residents about the work and whereabouts of this bus, because it could stop working at any time, or be rescheduled.

From Dumaguete

Another popular route connects Moalboal resort Dumaguete (Dumaguete) in island of Negros. It's not straight, I have to change from bus to ferry and back on the bus. To do the route in 3 hours.

From Dumaguete you need to get a tricycle (100 pesos) or jeepney (7 pesos) to the Marina Sibulan Port Terminal. Here during the day, every hour ferries leave the pier on the island of Cebu in Liloan, in the way 20 minutes and costs 85 pesos. Then you need to get on the tricycle is about 50 pesos to the bus station in the town of Bato (Bato, San Sebastian), from where every 30 minutes a bus to Moalboal (direct or held in Cebu city), 1.5 hours, 102 pesos.

There are also ferries from Sibulan Port Terminal directly to the pier at Bato, but they go less frequently. From the pier at Bato Bato to the bus station can be reached on foot.

Cm. read more, how to get to Dumaguete and about the Marina here...

If you do not want to get to Moalboal, you can consider options with the acquisition of finished rounds. They are departing from different regions of Russia, and this includes individual or group transfer to the hotel with all transfers. It is most advantageous to buy tours directly from tour operators online, and not from the travel Agency intermediaries. To compare the prices and choose the tours from the many tour operators, you can one of the tested sites:

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