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Visa-free entry to Malaysia and General rules of entry

Fortunately the tourist visa of Malaysia is particularly democratic, which is an additional incentive for visiting the country by tourists all over the world.

There is a list of countries that are allowed visa-free entry to Malaysia for up to 14 days, 1 month or 3 months. Russians and CIS citizens are also among the lucky ones. The citizens of Russia and most CIS countries allowed visa-free entry to Malaysia for up to 1 month.

The citizens of Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan are even luckier they have the opportunity to stay in Malaysia without a visa for 3 months.

When entering the country must have a passport valid for six months from the date of entry. Before passport control you need to fill in simple English immigration card (to be kept until leaving the country), which lists: name, date and place of birth, nationality, profession, address of permanent residence, passport number, visa number, issuing authority and date of issue (in the case of visa), the point of departure.

Also be sure to check that you have unpaid fines and other debts, otherwise you can not release at the border from Russia.

There is also a rule that you must present a return ticket on departure/departure from Malaysia. This rule is rarely tested, and in most cases the border guards are limited to the duty question, on how many days you come to Malaysia (How long you'll stay in Malasia?) or nothing asking. However, if you are worried, and no return ticket, can I get a copy of reverse e-ticket from Malaysia or a neighboring state, or "something". To check the validity of print, especially from the neighboring state, to the customs officer almost impossible, at least not yet. Another thing, if you refuse to Board the plane, airline personnel, but that's another story.

If you wish to stay in Malaysia for more than 1 month and do not want to apply for a visa, it is possible to make a "visa run", i.e. to leave the country and then return back to passport control permit for a period of 1 month. If you will be doing a "visa run" repeatedly without breaks, then the guards may have questions and they can refuse re-entry. Such cases have occurred after three "VETERANOV" in a row.

The easiest way to travel with a purpose "visa run" to a neighboring Thailand (unless of course you're on the mainland), such as in the city Hatyai (Hatyai), to enter in which Russian citizens also do not require a visa and which is easily accessible from Malaysia by train, bus or ferry (see INF. visa to Thailand).

There is another way to extend the visa-free stay: you can contact the immigration office in Malaysia and ask for an extension of a visa-free period. In the case of a positive decision you will receive so-called Special pass. To get it more than once difficult, you must have a good reason to ask for it.


For stays longer than 1 month must apply for a visa beforehand at the Embassy. Visa is issued only once for a period of 2 months. At the end of the validity period, the visa can be extended for an additional 2 or 4 months depending on visa type.

To obtain a visa to Russia should contact the Embassy of Malaysia in Moscow. Required documents: passport, 2 profiles in English with enclosed photos, an invitation (tourist, private or official) and the ticket with date of departure from the country. Travelling with children is possible, if specified in the invitation. Children under 16 years fit into the visa of parents (mother).

For obtaining visa the consular fee in the amount of $10.

The normal term of paperwork at the Embassy before 2 weeks minimum - 3 days.

Abuse of visa-free stay period or on a visa

In case you have exceeded the period of visa-free stay of 30 days or the duration of stay on a visa, you are quite a serious problem. To extricate himself from this situation, you should contact the nearest immigration office (Immigration department) in Malaysia with a return ticket on the flight. There you will have to pay a penalty of 30 ringgit (currency of Malaysia) for each day of delay until the date specified on your ticket. If you have exceeded a period of more than 30 days, you will find a huge fine of 3,000 ringgit.

If you try to cross the border with an expired deadline, you will face the chance of being deported and problems with enter Malaysia in the future. Of course, without penalty is also not enough.

Addresses of embassies, consulates

The Embassy of Malaysia in Moscow

Address: Mosfilmovskaya str., 50, 117192, Moscow
Phone: +7(495) 1471512; +7(495) 1471514; +7(495) 1471523
Fax: +7(495) 9379602
Work mode: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00

The Russian Embassy in Malaysia

Address: No. 263, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Fax: (+603) 4257 6091
Mode of operation: Monday 08.00-14.00 and 15.00-19.00; Tuesday-Friday 08.00-14.30

Honorary Consulate of Russia in the Malaysian state of Penang

Honorary Consul - Mr teo Seng Lee
Address: Suite 3, 15th Floor, Wing A Northam Tower, No. 57, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang Malaysia
Phone: (+604) 226 0127
Fax: (+604) 226 9127
E-mail: ;

Customs regulations of Malaysia

Customs regulations of Malaysia are simple and quite affordable. Strictly prohibited to import-export of obviously illegal items, otherwise no almost no restrictions.

1 Jun 2011 when you enter Malaysia, foreigners are required to leave fingerprints. This procedure became mandatory in the fight against crime and terrorism. The process of removing the fingerprints of the 2 index fingers is less than a minute. This procedure goes directly to the passport control Desk. After receiving the passport, the employee of passport control will ask you to put the index fingers of both hands on the scanner and after a few seconds the procedure is completed.

The import of drugs, weapons, pornography, goods from Israel, coins and banknotes of Israel, clothing with printed texts from the Koran, radios, gold over 100 grams, Antiques, wild birds and animals, plants and seeds of hevea.

For the import and export of drug offenders unconditionally sentenced to death.

Duty payable when importing a new (unused and not for personal consumption): carpets, clothes, jewellery, chocolates, handbags. When the importation of such goods must pay a certain amount for "temporary import" (something like pledge) which will be returned to you upon departure, the goods must be presented for inspection along with a receipt. Of course we are not talking about clothing, jewellery and other things that are intended for personal consumption, and those that can be sold in Malaysia.

Cameras, watches, pens, lighters customs duties exempt. Duty-free import 1 litre of spirits; 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 225 grams of tobacco; perfumes and cosmetics for the sum no more than 200 ringgit.

The import of foreign and local currency Malaysia not limited.

Export of local currency up to 5 thousand ringgit, foreign - to 5 thousand ringgit equivalent.

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