Tioman island: General information, weather, seasons

General information

Tioman (Tioman, Pulau Tioman) is a small island off the East coast of the Malay Peninsula (Malaysia). The island has dimensions of 20 by 12 km and located at a distance of 40 kilometers from the mainland (Tioman on the map of Malaysia).

Tioman belongs to the largest state of Malaysia Pahang (Pahang). The population of the island had several hundred inhabitants. Most of the people you will meet here – tourists and travelers.

From the bird's eye view of the island resembles a huge sleeping dragon, so the locals call it "Sleeping Dragon". According to legend a very beautiful Chinese Princess-the dragon swam to her beloved in Singapore, but was so amazed by the beauty of this place and wanted to stay in these places forever, which can be appealed to the gods with a request to pay it in the island. The gods heard her and turned to Tioman island.

Visited Tioman island tourists, speak about the island terse: "Paradise!". The island is a nature reserve and untouched nature is carefully preserved (to get to the island, even need to pay a small fee 5 ringgit in the reserve Fund). He is among the ten most beautiful Islands in the world. On the island there are many "perfect" pristine beaches, clear mountain streams and waterfalls. There is no partying and night life, and time passes slowly.

Остров Тиман

Tourists primarily come here to go diving and enjoy the beauty of nature. All year round diving enthusiasts from all over the world come here to swim with whale sharks and observe the underwater creatures which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. You can even safely say that Tioman a Paradise for divers. The underwater visibility up to 35 meters, which allows for snorkeling, and the water temperature all year round does not fall below 29 degrees. The island is surrounded by a ring of coral reef and amazing variety and beauty of underwater life. Around Tioman are scattered several small Islands, some of which are not known by tourists, and you have the chance to become a "pioneer".

Infrastructure on the island is not developed, but there is everything necessary for rest. Of the 7 villages on the island don't even all have electricity, and only one paved road from the airport to hotel Berjaya. Some of the hotels on the island are generally only accessible by water.

There are several hotels in different price categories, including very inexpensive, but they booked nearly one year in advance. Overall, the stay on Tioman island can be called expensive and elite, but independent and budget-conscious travellers can afford to spend a few days here, clearing the room in one of the inexpensive guesthouses owned by local residents.

A great gift for the guests of the island did the Malaysian government, including the island in the number of duty-free Islands. In duty free shops (duty free shops) on the island to buy alcohol and cigarettes at very low prices, which is very nice, given the fact that in Malaysia because of high duties on alcohol and cigarettes are very expensive.

The island is very rarely visited by Russian tourists. However, to afford to visit it can not only travel, but also ordinary tourists: there are package tours to Tioman island, which price is quite reasonable.

Weather in Tioman island, tourist seasons

Tioman is known for its very mild and stable throughout the year climate. The temperature of the air and water during the year from month to month varies slightly. The average temperature during the day at 32 degrees.

Unfortunately, the weather resistance does not apply to rainfall during the year. Stands out the rainy season, when rainfall, while during the dry season, precipitation is almost never.

The dry seasonand the high tourist season lasts from may to September, and the influx of tourists occurs from June to August.

The rainy season lasts almost the entire rest of the year, from November to March. At this time you should not try to visit the island. Along with torrential rains, blowing winds and dangerous waves are formed and some of the hotels are closed during this period.

Seasons on Tioman island by months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Tioman island and the forecast for the near future:

Time on Tioman island

Time difference between Moscow and Tioman +5 hours, and it coincides with Kuala Lumpur. Current time in Kuala Lumpur:

Helpful information

Currency exchange. Currency exchange at Tioman at the airport, but at an unfavourable rate. Better to do it in advance in Kuala Lumpur or in the airport of Kuala Lumpur, if you do not enter the town. If you get to Tioman from Singapore, just as it makes sense to change money at the currency of Malaysia in the city or airport of Singapore.

ATM. On the island in the village of Tekek is ATM, but to our knowledge there are only cards of local banks.

Connection. Cellular communication on the island, there is not everywhere (you can get a signal in the southern part of the island). Not in every village of the island there is even a landline telephone. You can find online, but it is not in every hotel.

Alcohol. Often on the Internet you can find the information that Tioman island has banned the sale of alcohol outside of hotels. That's not true. Tioman island, like Langkawi, is a duty free zone and duty-free shops on the island you can buy alcohol and cigarettes at very low prices.

Protection from insects. If you are planning to settle in a cheap room without air conditioning, be sure to take care of the fumigator (for repelling mosquitoes). In some hotels they have in the rooms, but not everywhere. On the street, especially in the evening, the use of sprays against mosquitoes (better than local production) is also highly recommended.

Reviews about Tioman island

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Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
Guzalya January 26, 2012
To Ender I'm Afraid to answer this question would be difficult because it's depends on the choice of transport and accommodation. We tried to choose the conditions in which it is possible to live with children. The only thing I can say that for us this journey has cost more than in Thailand (Samui) percent of 25%. Both trips we were preparing ourselves, without any agencies. Here is a web site for example Bergii http://www.berjayahotel.com choose in the drop-down window Berjaya Tioman and see the prices. In addition, there are on www.agoda.com several Tymanski hotels. Take a look and choose. by the way on the website Melina was. exhibited. You can calculate yourself. I think if we were only with my husband, we would be more mobile and frequently changed place of residence :-) If you read the article, it says that the island is small and most of the hotels are fenced off from each other or the sea or the jungle. And it's true. To get to the neighboring hotels are not so easy, need to order a water taxi. And 1 hotel and all its surroundings can be explored in 3-4 days maximum. Then boring. by the way, we also visited Melaka. I recommend 2 days to go and at least half a day to dedicate them to the zoo :-) ...
admin 26 January, 2012
I fully agree with Guzalya. To tell something concrete it is difficult, and all depends on your needs. There are people who are in tents and living on Tioman island, or in dormitories with shared bedroom for $ 5 (there are such). Plus how active you plan to include in the plan of excursions, diving, snorkeling and all that. In General the island is quite expensive, as Malaysia as a whole (compared to Ty). ...
Guzalya 27 January, 2012
I think we all lived in the two most expensive hotels of the island :) More cheap you need to book well in advance, so as to Tioman like to drive themselves to Malaysians and especially a lot of people from Singapore. In our neighboring village of Paya, which we passed through the jungle was a very nice hotel full of people of Asian appearance, presumably Singaporeans and Chinese. Chinese restaurant food seemed delicious, probably after that, which we are regaled in möhlin. And prepare it, apparently by the Chinese. In möhlin the cook was an Indian appearance and was preparing it to be honest not very tasty. Although Indian dishes she was good, everything else tastes again gave Indian spices (mild) and it was too bland for us. Although maybe she was trying to adapt its food under the Europeans, who mostly lived in this hotel. In Bergie was cooked very well and large portions, so that at the end my husband started to order and a children's menu or one dish for two :-) anyway, if you talk about food in the whole of Malaysia, they have their meals one-two and obchelsya, all fried with rice. Someone seems to have wrote. Often we come across Chinese, Thai and Indian food, and of course American fast food chains. And Thai an order of magnitude worse than in Thailand itself. Oh, and about Tioman - there is no fruit, all imported, so quite expensive. We had to drink mainly fruit juice (delicious) and we bought them or to Paya or Tekek. In hotels all several times more expensive. In General, Tioman island has a lot of divers is one of their favorite Islands. Here underwater views of neighboring small Islands, really very beautiful ...
Guzalya 27 January, 2012
And yet, about money. The money they need to have cash only, and only in ringgit. From hotels only Berae you can pay by card. ...
Tatjana 30 January, 2012
To Guzalia And tell us about the sights. What is there to see? I usually always aimed at the inspection of something interesting away from the beaches, and in places like Tioman island, on the Islands, never been there. Thank you. ...
Guzalya 3 February, 2012
to Tatjana If by sights you mean the historic building, as far as I know they are not there at all. Tioman is a small island, and as I wrote -a marine reserve and go there mainly because of the sea, scuba diving and wildlife. Read again the article on Tioman island on this website, everything is written correctly :-) http://nashaplaneta.net/asia/malaysia/tioman.php ...
july 2 October, 2012
Here just got back from Tioman. What can I say, feelings were mixed. On the one hand the beautiful nature, clean sea. On the other hand, not clean and some is not a good attitude of Malaysians to the island. We lived on Danube (it's between the AVS and Monkey Bay), all vrodeby good: the beach and the food, almost no people... but that's just depart from the hotel at 20 meters there is the mountain of garbage (plastic bottles, old washing machine...) and immediately something not nice. There are no pictures warana walking on the beach, so the shot did not hit the bottle or other debris ((( A village of AVS is generally a gloom ...
Eugene 2 October, 2012
And what about the sea? Especially about the underwater part? ...
admin 2 October, 2012
July is a guest (not registered user), it may not return to answer. Review about Tioman here can read, there exhaustively, I think. ...
Eugene 2 October, 2012
Unfortunately, about the underwater part just not very exhaustively, and me diving and interested. Well, not all are there dive instructor morons, I hope at least that not all... :D :?: ...

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