What to bring from Malaysia? Shopping and Souvenirs

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A very popular souvenir from Malaysia souvenir figurine of the twin towers of Petronas. You can buy anywhere, but the easiest at home towers, in Kuala Lumpur. Towers are sold in different sizes and at different prices, an average of 9 ringgit (currency of Malaysia) for a simple small to several hundred for large clock tower and gold leaf. The cheapest figurines of the towers, worth tens of ringgit, made in China, and on close examination it is seen that they are very roughly made, with no small parts. The more expensive towers are made in Malaysia and very much superior to Chinese in quality under close inspection. Keep in mind this when selecting towers and do not be surprised such a large spread in price, it would seem, at first glance identical figures.

You can bring any other Souvenirs with the image Petronas: fridge magnet, keychain, glass holders, napkin holders and more.

Another symbol - the tower "Menara". Similarly, as with Petronas, sold all kinds of figurines and Souvenirs with its image.

Fans of Formula 1 can bring the paraphernalia of the Royal race. Every year close to KL is one of the stages of the championship, f-1, and Malays are very proud of it.

The Malays are masters in production of various goods and utensils of tin and copper. It is their traditional craft. So you can bring some trifle of tin or even something useful of kitchen utensils or for table decoration. Also the Malays are excellent woodwork, cut out various figures and figurines. Although, if you look closely, most of the cheap Souvenirs made in China and neighbouring Thailand.

Fabrics: silk and batik. You can bring useful and beautiful silk products such as bedding set, handkerchief, pajamas or Bathrobe that will long to please you with its softness and naturalness. A hand-painted technique of batik fabrics will please the eye with their bright colors.

Make sure to visit local food markets. There you can buy a variety of seasonings and ingredients for exotic Asian dishes. Can bring home all the ingredients to prepare the famous Thai Tom Yam soup, Malay national dishes and much more.

Malaysia is a very multicultural country, so you can buy there Souvenirs and products from any of the neighboring countries of Asia: India, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Cambodia, etc. If you go to the national quarter, you'll find yourself in another country, and the range of Souvenirs in the shops is quite another.

Сувенир из Малайзии

You can buy inexpensive electronic and computer equipment, but approach this issue very carefully. Remember the guarantee on the purchased equipment, which you likely won't have a home.

Fans of massage, aromatherapy and various cosmetics for the soul will have all kinds of oils, Soaps, scrubs the incredible flavors that you will not be able to buy the house.

In expensive shopping malls and boutiques you can buy clothes, bags and other "stuff" the most fashionable brand brands. Now for anybody not a secret that almost everything is done in Asia, so, buying branded stuff here, you will be able to save a little and, at least, don't buy the left fake. It is best to buy local products because they are much cheaper than the imported. Speaking of fakes. Counterfeit products are very common, so that in the markets you can buy "almost proprietary" stuff at ridiculous prices. The most popular forgeries: watches, sunglasses, bags, clothes.

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Olga.Kozlova 9 October, 2017
Thanks for the answer, but would like to hear more))))) it is Clear that this is another country, but I have read that the airline AirAsia, this is the type of "internal" between these countries low-cost carrier and there is even no LCCT duty free, because they do not regard as international terminal... And not even save that everything will be Packed in the package duty-free? ...
admin October, 10, 2017
Hello Olga! Nothing like domestic and international flights are completely different things, even when it was LCCT, which had to take the bus. Just as well there was all the necessary controls, including security. Now you have outdated information, and LCCT no longer exists, and replaced by a new international low cost carrier terminal KLIA2, read more here https://nashaplaneta.net/asia/malaysia/kuala-lumpur-aeroport-terminal-klia2. ...
Olga.Kozlova October, 10, 2017
Oh, thank you very much, I really didn't know that! Thank you And duty free there normal, with good range? And they say that wine is normal neither in Indonesia nor Malaysia is not( what the price, about as usual in the duty free? Thanks in advance for the information ...
admin 11 October, 2017
Duty-free is excellent at the new airport, I am sure, will find them. Wine in Malaysia outside dutikov in principle is better not to buy, as well as other alcoholic beverages, as prices because of duties just great, with the exception of duty-free Langkawi where alcohol is not taxed. About the price is not exactly prompt, but IMHO, they are about the same everywhere. ...
mimi_masha 23 October, 2017
Thank you very much for the useful article! Wanted to ask whether in Malaysia their "national" sweets or just snacks that you can bring home as Goodies? ...
admin 23 October, 2017
Mini Hello masha! Something many do not try to remember anything from sweets and desserts, and failed. Or rather, I don't want to say that there is nothing there. But to remember something to bring home, this is not. Besides, for my taste the desserts and sweets were not very tasty, too bland in my opinion. But I will go there in any major store, you will find something. ...
Frolovskiy 20 Dec, 2017
Tell me, please, is there any Commission/fee for the exchange of travel cheques in KL? If so, what kind? ...
admin December 20, 2017
The Commission does not depend on the country, and from the exchange. Here http://www.aetclocator.com/TCLocator/search.do?lang=ru can specify a city for sharing, the map will display the nearest locations, and for each you can see the conditions up to specify the size of the Commission. ...
Сергей88 25 November, 2018
Tell me, will there be any problems if we move to Malaysia for 10 days, then we will go to another country for 10 days, and then back again to Malaysia for 20 days. ...
admin July 26, 2018
Hello Sergey! Absolutely no problems, quiet ride. ...

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