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Crime, crime

Полицейская машина на улице в Малайзии

Malaysia is one of the safest countries in South-East Asia. Rating of the safest countries in the world (GPI – Global Peace Index), recognized in 2011 Malaysia the most peaceful country in South East Asia, the fourth security among the countries of the Asia-Pacific region after New Zealand, Japan and Australia, and the 19th safety country in the world ranking of 153 countries in the world (Russia 147). In terms of crime, tourists can feel almost completely safe. Tourists can walk calmly at any time and in any place. At least that is the official position of the local authorities. Also write all the tourist sites, not thoroughly delve into this issue and want to quickly entice and send tourists on tour.

In fact, although the crime rate there is much lower than in Russia, and takes a much lighter form, it's still there. And tourists do not so often become victims. So you should not trust the opinion that crime in Malaysia is not and blithely walk through the night back streets without taking any security measures.

Полиция Малайзии

Crimes involving violence are a huge rarity, and if they occur, the local police are a real emergency. On the police is to say that the police here have lost a step in the fight against crime, and are just part of the bureaucracy (like in Russia). On allegations of crimes the police respond sluggishly, the scene leaves are not always. Police on the street is almost impossible to see. If you will be attacked and will not suffer much, be prepared that you will have to get to the police station and walk over to the cabinets. Although, of course, this does not always happen, but you should always be prepared for the worst. Operating in the country the tourist police is essentially a division of the Royal Malaysian police, which is responsible for advising tourists on legislation of the country. I.e. the maximum that they can do for you in case of emergency, to be a translation (of course English to Arabic) and to assist in completing various forms.

Street crime is manifested mainly in the form of pickpockets from Bangladesh, India and other poor countries in crowded places. There are times when motorcyclists grab bags or purses, and usually in women and even in crowded places. At night, walking through a dark backyard can well become a victim of a robbery or robbery. For those who don't know the difference: robbery with the use only of violence, physical force, and robbery with a weapon, although the result is the same. There were rape. In General, the crime situation is worse in Kuala Lumpur and major cities. In small towns and provinces the situation is much better.

Malaysia banks is a countries of the increased risk when using plastic cards. Fraud on plastic cards and counterfeit plastic cards Malaysia is one of the first places in the world. Use your cards only if you pay with a reputable online casino (decent hotel, restaurant, boutique). Money in street ATM try not to remove it, and use ATMs located inside banks.

Типичный знак в "опасных местах"

On the island of Borneo, tourists are advised to be more careful when traveling in Sabah (Sabah), as well as to avoid the movement of "savages" or without accompanying small remote Islands like Sipadan and Tioman.

To increase security, June 1, 2011 at foreigners when entering the country fingerprinted. Mandatory procedure introduced in order to combat crime and terrorism, and are mainly aimed at combating crimes committed by foreigners. The process of removing the fingerprints of the two index fingers takes less than a minute.

Here's one story (translated) from the blog of one of the foreign tourist, who traveled to Malaysia in February 2011. I hope this story will help you understand what problems you may encounter there:

10 Feb 2011 I got on a bus No. 88 to Kuala Lumpur. I bought a ticket in advance the previous day, and it was clearly written that he is from Kuala Lumpur.
After five hours we reached a place called Seramban. The driver's assistant told me that the bus does not go to Kuala Lumpur, and offered to go here. He also said Kuala Lumpur walking distance.
To go as if there was nowhere to go, and I took the Luggage and went on. I was approached by a driver who suddenly appeared here and asked me if I wanted to get to Kuala Lumpur. Not even waiting for my reply, he took my Luggage and offered to follow him to the car. In the car was another guy, who was actually the driver. When I asked him how far from Kuala Lumpur, said that almost two hours. I was just in shock, and realized that the driver's assistant just lied to me.
When we got to my hotel in Kuala Lumpur, the taxi meter showed 70 ringgit (about $23). Suddenly the guy who was sitting next to the driver pressed a button, and the meter began to show a 369. In addition, they said that since it's late night, the rate is doubled, and the amount to be paid 738 ringgit ($246). Then I protested and said that he saw on the counter only 70 ringgit. I was told that this is normal and because we were driving more than an hour. Even the excuse that I have no money, did not help because they were threatened. I had nothing to do but to pay them.

In General, the guy just threw in a brutal way, and this was pre-planned. The taxi ride cost him more flight in both directions to the neighbouring country.

But whatever the cases happened in Malaysia, as a whole this country is much safer our country, and one of the reasons is that strict laws. No special features in the laws here, is forbidden and illegal all the same as in other countries, just punishment much more severe. Always remember that you should behave appropriately and not violate the laws, to adhere to traditional rules of conduct, and then everything will be fine. Try not to get involved with drugs, weapons and prostitution. For possession, smuggling and drug trafficking here the answer is simple: the death penalty. Don't believe? Watch the movie "Return to Paradise".

However, all that is written above, this is not a reason to abandon the trip in this truly wonderful country. Every year millions of tourists visit Malaysia without any excesses. All you have to do - to be vigilant (and former Soviet citizens can do it much better than others), remember to observe safety precautions. You can also visit our section of articles about security.

If you want to read more reviews of people about the criminal situation in Kuala Lumpur, or to leave your story, you can go to the forum in the appropriate section.

Emergency telephone number: police/fire/ambulance: 999.

Road safety

In Malaysia drive on the left. Don't forget to cross the road to look in the opposite direction, not left, as we do, and to the right. Be careful when crossing roads even at a green light.

If you plan to rent a car or motorbike, we first look at the movement. By estimations of drivers from Russia, to ride on the roads in Malaysia are more comfortable than at home, but rather they speak about the resort places, usually where traffic is not dense.

If you decide to rent a car in KL or Georgetown on Penang, think about it three times. Not to say that the traffic in KL or George town crazy, but the fact that it is chaotic and unfamiliar to us – that's for sure.

In General, all traffic in Malaysia is peculiar calm and slow speed, no one rides. According to our observations, and possibly subjective, no endeavor immediately to reduce the distance ahead to a dangerous distance to ahead going car, as do Russian drivers. Even where not necessary, drivers will miss you, if only to avoid an accident, and will expect the same from you. Tourists behind the wheel or on a motorcycle are understanding. If you adjust to such movement, will overcome their desire to "drive" with the wind, learn all quietly flowing, there are no problems you will not.

By the way, the signs of priority on the roads of Malaysia is very small, and probably in most cases, the drivers follow the rule "left hand", i.e. miss everyone who left. Still, not all local drivers consider it necessary to include a "turn signal", but it probably costs more simple and logical left-hand traffic.

To make it easier to adjust to left-hand traffic, there is a very simple but effective trick: attach to motorcycle handlebars or car dashboard left a vivid reference point, such as bright tape, and always keep this "tape" to the curb.

As for a driver's license, to rent a car they will certainly need. You just nobody will give you a car to rent while you are not present international law. In Malaysia, be it international law in the form of books, not plastic "international standard". Motorcycles easier: you can take a small motorcycle or scooter without a license, although in theory they should be of course. In most resort areas the police are almost there, and if there is, tourists without a critical need not stop. Most importantly, wear a helmet, and obviously not break the rules. The site author had the experience of renting a motorcycle with Russian rights of the old sample in 2011. The lessee has carefully studied the Russian inscription on the rights, saw the number 3500 (means category B and 3500 pounds) and was satisfied, saying only that show these police powers is not necessary.

As elsewhere in Asia, the problems to other drivers and pedestrians create motorcyclists. They too often tend to follow the rules, often cut, and the lights do not pay attention.


In Malaysia, a very high level of health. In most resort areas and towns there are public and private hospitals. Optionally, in the pharmacies you can buy any modern medicines. Unlike other countries in South-East Asia the tap water in big cities you can drink, but we recommend to buy bottled water or boil water from the tap. It is advised not to drink beverages with ice of dubious origin. For making ice, even in demanding environments can not use clean water.

Contrary to popular belief that tropical countries as a hotbed of malaria and various fevers, in Malaysia malaria virtually no. Dengue fever occurs, but very rarely. There are constantly struggling with these caught, and quite successfully. Malaria and fever are carried by mosquitoes and mosquitoesand therefore should protect themselves from mosquitoes and other biting. Better suited for this local repellent (bought at home are likely to be ineffective). Another very effective remedy is self-adhesive, "anti Mosquito stickers" made on the basis of natural means. They cling to clothing and during the day will deter you from mosquitoes and other bloodsuckers. From allergic reactions bites, in addition to traditional medicines, well help common in Southeast Asia Balm Tiger Balm, Bam Serai, Penang Bam, etc.

Mandatory vaccinations for entry into the country at the time of this writing. If you are from South America or the areas adjacent to the Sahara desert, you may require a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever. Recommended vaccinations: vaccination against tetanus, against typhoid, cholera, hepatitis A, and malaria.

As in all hot countries, remain relevant ailments such as heat stroke and sunburn. Here the recommendation is quite simple: drink more fluids, do not overwork and do not overheat, to protect themselves from the sun, More on the protection and treatment of heat stroke and sunburn read here.

As for the food, we in Malaysia pay great attention to food hygiene, so to buy food from street vendors can be almost without concern for its freshness and quality. But Malaysian cuisine is very spicy, so from indigestion you are insured in even the most sterile restaurants. Be sure to bring medications from gastrointestinal disorders. It is necessary to wash hands with soap before eating.


Even if you are in great shape and healthy, the insurance won't hurt, especially if you're travelling independently and for the long term.

There are a huge number of companies and a wide variety of insurance types. You can protect yourself from home, via the Internet, pay for the insurance using a credit card.

Some policies do not cover the occurrence of consequences from activities extreme sports like diving, riding a motorcycle, etc. Some policies require you to place paid for treatment, and received compensation home. Others, however, provide a free referral for medical assistance on the spot. Various intricacies in the insurance lot, and if you decide to insure your stay, find out all the conditions and carefully review all the terms offered in the contract.

Rules of conduct and tips to avoid trouble

By and large there are no special rules of behavior from foreigners, especially from tourists in Malaysia do not require or expect. Can behave the same way here as at home, of course, if you know how to behave culturally. However, there are some rules, compliance with which is, if not mandatory, then at least desirable:

  • To go Topless or without clothes is not recommended, especially outside of the tourist areas or beaches.
  • When visiting temples and houses, you must remove your shoes, be dressed in modest clothing that covers arms and legs. In some churches give special shoes and capes. If you offer them, you will be obliged to wear or to give up visit.
  • If you, as a visitor to Malaysia, a drink, to refuse, it would be extremely impolite.
  • Women are not customary to greet with a handshake.
  • Do not use the index finger to point at people or objects. Instead, use the thumb.
  • The left hand cannot have any food or anything to transfer. Left hand in this country is used for hygienic purposes, so passing something with your left hand, you will deal a deadly insult.
  • The human head is considered in Malaysia sacred, and to touch it is impossible. In any case also can not be ironed on the head of the Malaysian child (your can stroke as much as you like).
Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
victor 3 August, 2011
Women! Take care of the bags! Ripping and snatching of bags - the most common type of crime in Malaysia. ...
Kukushkin September 3, 2011
Yeah, I saw that there are signs warning that the grab bags.
We would have to deliver. Only we need vyhladavanie cell phones to portray ...
admin 23 October, 2011
20 October off the coast of Penang (Georgetown) in the area of construction of the second bridge had to be fished out body of a foreign tourist. Police say judging by the traces of the murder.
We will follow the information. ...
14 January, 2012
Malaysia is a very dangerous country, I am convinced.. In Malaysia taxi drivers are the most dangerous, especially Indians! Because of the money, because of COPAC they are even ready to kill! ...
Alin_ka 28 February, 2014
Malaysia is a very dangerous country, and there is not only stealing, but also can beat or even more. And tourists of course will be talking about it security, however, if you do not break away from well-organized tourist groups, it is likely nothing to happen. ...
admin 28 February, 2014

Absolutely disagree with you that Malaysia is a VERY DANGEROUS COUNTRY. Something to justify their position? ...
Kateluck 23 October, 2014
Hello. And I'm in Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur, was very long, getting a visa for Thailand, but this time felt very comfortable, as the Malays seemed a little gloomy after Thailand (land of smiles). And the capital is too big congestion of people. The subway was afraid that someone would snatch the bag, but I do not understand time. Before, I never was in a country where more than half of the population are Muslims, and the Buddhists I still seem to be more calm and peaceful.
One of the memorable moments happened when my friend and I mixed up the platform and almost went in the other direction, but we managed to run up a woman, when we were preparing to hop in the car. It turns out that she stayed with us in the queue and saw we bought a ticket.
In General, I think in Malaysia the order the police found almost at every step, and tourists really have to worry about, and many residents of the capital are fluent in English because they can always ask for help if required. ;) ...
admin 23 October, 2014

I don't know about "was not feeling very comfortable." Though I didn't live there long, in total stayed there during trips about a month in different places. Maybe they are gloomy, I did not notice this. But never any problems and conflicts, fears, something stolen, too. Calmly the valuables left in the hotels, nothing was lost. Maybe I'm just lucky, but it's unlikely. As a plus by the way there noticed that very little molested, trying vtyuhat any nonsense. The sellers are, they are sufficient, but that someone came and tagged along, don't remember. ...
Aleksandr.Semyashkin 3 November, 2014
I do not agree that Malaysia is a dangerous, crime here is not above the common Asian. Been there three times, the second time (two years ago) not far away was a small skirmish, but the police arrived surprisingly quickly. Well, what then had to pay a little bit - so it's everywhere) More excesses were not, though two out of three times was without their wives and without complexes) ...
Firs 1 February 2017
I live in the South of Russia and if you wander not in your district, you can safely get to the head and to remain without money and a cell phone. In Switzerland, for example, I have seen also a bunch of signs that need to be always on the lookout and watch for pickpockets, but that does not mean that it is a dangerous country and there are a bunch of thieves. Everywhere, especially in big cities, I think should be careful and everything will be fine. And so, if all to be afraid of, then your home is just not worth it to come out) ...

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