Public transport Penang, how to travel around the island

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Автобусы на Пенанге City buses Penang

The island of Penang is enmeshed in a network of bus routes Rapid Penang. This public transport network operates successfully on the island and allow you to explore almost all corners of the island. Buses run quite often and pick up passengers in the well-equipped pointer stops.

The main bus station (final) – Komtar bus terminal, located at the base of the Komtar tower (the station for Penang on the map). This is the most convenient place where you can go almost anywhere. Another important station Weld Quay (the station on the map). Almost all buses depart from Weld Quay, Komtar follow through.

To travel by bus you can buying single tickets for a trip, or buying a ticket for all routes with a validity of one week.

Внутри Rapid Penang Bus Inside Rapid Penang Bus

A ticket for one week will be a good choice for those who want to actively explore the island, a lot to navigate, and not too lazy to learn the route network of buses. The price of the ticket 30 ringgit (see currency exchange rate Malaysia), he will act completely on all the routes of Rapid Penang. All you need is to show passes when entering the bus. To purchase bus passes at the kiosks at the ticket Rapid, bus terminal, Weld Quay, Komtar, Penang Sentral, Bukit Jambul or at the airport.

When buying single tickets cost is calculated based on the length of the route: 1.4 ringgit for the first seven kilometers of travel and comes to a maximum of 4. Single tickets are purchased from the driver upon entering the bus. At the entrance you should tell the driver to any item you followed, and the driver will tell you how much travel. The payment was made in the hands of the driver, and the money thrown in a special box after you have shown the required amount to the driver. The driver just pulls you a ticket. Surrender is not issued because it is not provided by the rules of the bus company. If you're holding a 10 ringgit and you need to pay 2 ringgit, then you will either have to part with a tenner, or get off the bus and to exchange money. The bus, of course, wait for you will not. So always carry change.

The drivers are mostly very friendly and good attitude to tourists, so that the entrance can stalk him with questions and even show on the map the place you need if you are not sure what is right going. The queue to enter the bus will wait patiently until you understand (repeatedly checked the authors website), so don't worry. If necessary, ask the driver to announce the stop where you want to go, but do not go in this case, far from him, that he was not looking for you around the bus.

Остановка рядом с Храмом змей

Buses, especially on the streets of Georgetown are very dense and to identify them very easily. On most stops there is information on the proximity of the routes that is very convenient if you are in an unfamiliar part of the city. At the stations, Weld Quay and Komtar there is an electronic scoreboard showing the time until the next bus. Can also install on a smartphone app Rapid Penang, which shows the routes and arrival of buses. Find the app through search.

Free paper map of the bus routes you can get at the kiosks Rapid Penang Information Kiosk available at the airport in Penang at the Weld Quay station and near the station of Komtar.

Also the layout of the routes and their detailed description can learn on the official website The website also has a route planner where you can set the start and end point of the route, and the system will display all possible routes and their cost.

Here are the cards that you can print by opening them in a new window in full size:

Карта автобусных маршрутов Пенанга для печати

Карта автобусных маршрутов Пенанга для печати

We have also prepared a small leaflet which shows the main attractions and important landmarks with the numbers of buses that go there.

Buses in Penang

Destination number of routes and frequency
Penang Airport 102 (60-80 minutes), 306 (45-60 minutes), 401Е (25-35 minutes)
Komtar 10, 101, 102, 103, 104, 11, 301, 302, 303, 304 , 307, 401, 401E, 201, 202, 203, 204, 206, 502, MPPP CAT
Batu Ferringhi (Batu Ferringhi) 101 (7-20 minutes), 102 (60-80 minutes)
The Tanjung Bungah (Tanjung Bungah) 101 (7-20 minutes), 102 (60-80 minutes), 103 (30-45 minutes), 104 (40-55 minutes)
The gurney Drive (Gurney Drive), and So TS. Gurney Plaza 10 (45-60 minutes), 103 (30-45 minutes), 104 (40-55 minutes)
Botanical garden (Botanical garden) 10 (45-60 minutes), to the end
The temple of the serpent or snake temple (Snake Temple) 102 (60-80 minutes), 305 (130-135 minutes), 306 (45-60 minutes), 401 (30-45 minutes), 401Е (25-35 minutes)
Railway to the Penang hill (Penang Hill Railway station) 204 (25-40 minutes)
Butterfly Park (Butterfly Farm Penang) 101 (7-20 minutes), 102 (60-80 minutes), 501 (120-130 minutes)
The temple of Supreme Bliss (Kek Lok Si or Temple of Supreme Bliss) 201 (15-30 minutes), 203 (17-35 min), 204 (25-40 minutes), 502 (25-40 minutes)
Penang war Museum (War Museum) 305 (130-135 minutes), 302 (22-35 minutes)
Tropical fruit farm (Tropical Fruit Farm) 501 (120-130 minutes) (first on 101 to Teluk Bahang, then transfer to 501)
Bird Park Penang (Penang Bird Park) 709 (60-75 minutes) from the Penang Central in Butterworth
Thai Buddhist temple (Wat Chaiyamangkalaram) 10 (45-60 minutes), 101 (7-20 minutes), 103 (30-45 minutes), 104 (40-55 minutes), 304
Burmese Buddhist temple (Burmese Buddhist Temple) 10 (45-60 minutes), 101 (7-20 minutes), 103 (30-45 minutes), 104 (40-55 minutes), 304
Cornwallis Fort (Fort Cornwallis) 10 (45-60 minutes), 103 (30-45 minutes), 204 (25-40 minutes), 502 (25-40 minutes), MPPP CAT(18)
House Khoo Kongsi (Khoo Kongsi) 301 (18-30 minutes), 302 (22-35 minutes), 303 (20-35 minutes), 401 (30-45 minutes), MPPP CAT(15)
The Church Of St. George (St. George's Church) 103 (30-45 minutes), 204 (25-40 minutes), 502 (25-40 minutes), MPPP CAT(6, 16)
The Penang Museum and art Gallery (Penang Museum) 103 (30-45 minutes), 204 (25-40 minutes), 502 (25-40 minutes), MPPP CAT(6, 16)
Mosque Kalinga captain (Kapitan Keling Mosque) 301 (18-30 minutes), 302 (22-35 minutes), 303 (20-35 minutes), 401 (30-45 minutes), MPPP CAT(15)
The Sri Mariamman Temple (Sri Mahamariamman Temple) 10, 11, 201, 202, 203, 204, 206, 301, 302, 303, 306, 401, 502, MPPP CAT(16)

Memo prepared as of October 2011. If you notice an inaccuracy, please inform us, we will be very grateful.

Free tourist bus satvas (MPPP Rapid Penang CAT also)

Бесплатный автобус на Пенанге Free tourist bus

Every day, seven days a week, from 6 am to 23:40, with 20-30-minute intervals along the winding circular route in Georgetown followed by free sarvasy, stopping at 19 stations along the route. The route is made in such a way that is close to included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

This is a great way to move around the city in search of attractions, and just to move around the city. This, incidentally, is actively used by local residents, and during peak hours the bus is literally jam Packed with citizens who go to work or to work.

Buses stop at the usual stops, buses Rapid Penang (MPPP for CAT no separate stops) are marked by signs with the words "Free shuttle" and the number of stops from 1 to 19. If at the bus stop no waiting passengers and no one inside the bus pushed the button "request stop" a bus will pass by. So pre-focus and press the stop button. Catching the bus stops outside useless, they are forbidden to stop outside stops.

Buses themselves are almost indistinguishable from regular fixed-route buses, but they can be easily distinguished by the inscription "Hop On Free", "City Hop On" and burning on the scoreboard to spell "MPPP CAT SHITTLE".

On the map below you can see the pattern of motion for the free bus, but keep in mind that North on the map is not the top, as is customary, and right.

Карта маршрута бесплатного шаттлбаса на о. Пенанг Route map free sattvas on Penang island


A great way to explore the attractions within Georgetown on foot. The size of the city, despite the fact that it is the capital of the state, built skyscrapers, not so great. Especially comfortable to stroll through the historic city (old town).


Такси на Пенанге

Most taxis on the island are equipped with meters, but drivers prefer to carry tourists at fixed rates. In fact, to ride in a taxi with the meter is almost impossible. Usually the driver offers the trip price, but can bargain, but this should be done before you travel. The cost of short trips within George town city centre, starts from 10 ringgit cheaper to catch the car is almost impossible. At night prices are rising in half.


Велорикша на Пенанге

One of the exotic ways to move through George town are the rickshaws, although this is probably not the way to travel, but a tourist attraction. The locals in this way the movement is also not used, because it is very expensive. Usually do not pedicabs carry tourists from place to place, and will be hired in time for a stroll through the old town of Georgetown. Find the trishaw on the streets in the old town, as well as in the area of the Fort. Specify the price you need before you travel, and you have to bargain, lowering the price to a real 40 to 45 ringgit for a one-hour walk.

Rent a car, motorcycle, Bicycle

Прокат велосипедов на Пенанге

To rent a car or motorbike in Penang, you must have an international driving permit (IDP), and as collateral will have to leave your passport (sometimes you can do a copy), and credit card. The IDP is such a law, made in the form of booklets in several languages that are issued in addition to the regular national rights. They act only when presented together with your national (domestic) rights, so don't forget to take a trip to Malaysia. To get an IDP is not required to write any exams, you only need to pay a fee. To make it easier for website public services.of the Russian Federation. The cost of any discount through the website services will be 1120 rubles.

To rent a low-power motorcycle can do no right, everything depends on the tenant. If in one place you are refused, look for the next renter. Rent a motorbike from 20 ringgit a day.

You can also rent a bike for short trips to Georgetown, but far away on the island, you won't leave too large a distance. Bicycle rental you can find on the streets of the old town, the price starts from 10 ringgit a day.

Remember that traffic in Malaysia is left-handed. The movement of almost all the island, except the far corners, a very tense and tight. In Georgetown at rush hour traffic jams, and drivers moving more out of habit than according to the rules. Many roads on the island one way, and sometimes faster to walk than to ride.

The cost of renting a car in Penang starts from $ 25 per day. It is best to search and book a car rental through the Internet using the search form and compare prices from different distributors:

Find car rental in Penang

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On the island of Penang in Malaysia, I visited already 3 times. The first time I came for 3 days, second time for a week, for the third time already for 3 weeks. And I think that will go again. Talking to different people on the island and outside it, I notice more and more that this place is very much underestimated. Someone generally knows nothing about it and does not even think about to come. Someone (a lot) arrives in 2-3 days to make Thai or Indonesian visa. Really, Penang is an excellent and very convenient place for visa-wound of those long lives in Thailand (Phuket, Samui, Phangan) and those who "Longstreet" to Bali in Indonesia. But other than that, Penang is also very beautiful and interesting place in itself and that is what I want to share. Their posts in instagram I have inspired several people to go and explore the island a little deeper, and now decided to write a full article in the blog. I hope and believe will inspire even more!
A little General information. Penang is a state in North of Malaysia, just 160 kilometres from the border with Thailand. The state consists of the island and the mainland strip of Seberang-Perai. It is now going about the island, what I liked 3 of their arrival.
The size of Penang is about 2.5 times more than Thai of Koh Phangan, just a quarter more of Koh Samui and is about 20 times smaller than the island of Bali. If you look at the map, we can see that Penang is about halfway between the three most numerous Asian Nations — India, China and Indonesia. This arrangement was facilitated by a large influx of people from these countries and resulted Penang has become a beautiful, harmonious and prosperous center of the mixing of cultures and peoples. Here ...
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Please tell me it is better to Penang by plane to Langkawi and back and forth? And 2-3 days is enough to see the most interesting places? Thank you. ...
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It depends on what you what you mean by "Better" ? If faster, then Yes, the plane is faster, but not so much, because the flight need to arrive for check-in , plus the aircraft arrives at the other end of the island, where the Georgetown still have to drive 30-60 minutes. But the ferry arrives right in Georgeton immediately to the hotel on foot can be reached, if well guided. 2-3 days, in principle, the most interesting to watch. Of course not all will see, but if several days to run the attractions. Also because you are tired physically and mentally, everything will be monotonous, so 3 day norm.
But on the other hand, IMHO, the old parts of Georgetown are so cool, it is possible to walk endlessly, always something interesting. I personally just fell in love with Georgetown, so I went back a second time, and still going. ...
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Hello! Graffiti is not in one place, but scattered around the old town. So just go out and walk on foot. Find streets Lebuh Chulia, Lebun Pantai, Lebuh Armenian. And you can find accommodation in hotels and travel agencies are free of the map marked with graffiti. ...