The bus station and Penang jetty

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Bus station

  • Автобусная станция Weld Quay Bus Terminal на Пенанге Bus station Weld Quay Bus Terminal

    The city bus station Weld Quay Bus Terminal. This is the city bus station Georgetown, or end of city buses, but not long distance. Almost directly adjacent to the ferry pier to the mainland in the city of Butterworth (the station on the map). For tourists this station is also important due to the fact that this is the final stop for the bus 401E coming from the airport, the ultimate free tourist buses MPPP CAT. Almost all city buses Penang, with rare exceptions, they begin and end their journey here. To get here from Georgetown, it is enough to take any bus in the city, including free travel. The main thing - not to confuse the direction of travel is from/to the pier. Free bus MPPP walks around the ring, so that in whichever hand you don't got, sooner or later will end up here.

  • Автобусная станция Комтар (Komtar Bus Terminal) на Пенанге Bus station of Penang (Komtar Bus Terminal)

    The city bus station for Penang (Komtar Bus Terminal). At the base of the Komtar tower (Komtar is the tallest building in Penang, which houses offices and a shopping centre), on the ground floor is located the main station of the city buses. The area around the tower is a new tourist area. The tower is visible from almost anywhere in the town (Komtar on the map).

    If you arrived at the bus station Weld Quay Bus Terminal or arrive by ferry at the pier (Jetty), then you can get here on foot, just moving to the side of the building which is visible from any point of the city. You can also take any bus company Rapid Penang, since all their routes from Weld Quay lie through Komtar.

    Boarding the buses and traffic on the station is organized very logically and clearly. There are five lines, each of which is designed to wait for certain groups (rooms) buses. Each line is equipped with benches for waiting and shields with map movement, the numbers of routes and popular places (including tourism), which are buses with this line. The station also has a comfortable electronic scoreboard showing the number of buses, their current location and predicted arrival time, the line of arrival.

    Attention, free tourist bus MPPP the station itself is not done. He stops at the bus stop outside 30 metres from the station.

  • Междугородная автобусная станция на Пенанге Long-distance bus station in Penang

    Long-distance bus station Sungai Nibong Express Bus Terminal (also Terminal Bas SG Nibong Express). This is a long-distance bus station and bus in Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, and other cities of Malaysia and in Singapore and Thailand. Located about halfway between the centre of George town and the airport on the East coast of the island, at the intersection of Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah and Jalan Sungai Dua (Bus station Sungai Nibong on the map).

    Taxi to the city centre can be reached in 20 ringgit (refer to the currency of Malaysia, the exchange rate). Can also be reached by public transport: directly at the exit of the bus station on Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah is a stop of buses, and some buses stop directly at the station. There you can take city bus No. 102 (to the beach of Batu Feringghi via Komtar), No. 401 and No. 303 (Weld Quay to Komtar via) the fare to the city centre is 2 ringgit.

  • Междугородная автобусная станция на Пенанге Long-distance bus station in Penang

    Long-distance bus station Butterworth. It is also known as Penang Sentral Express Bus Terminal or just Penang Sentral. You can go to major cities in Malaysia and also in neighboring countries Singapore and Thailand. The station is not on the island and on the mainland in Butterworth (Bus station Butterworth on the map). To get there from George town is very easy by ferry, which departs from the pier in Weld Quay every 15 minutes (see below). Also situated nearby railway station Butterworth.

Railway station Penang

  • Ж/д станция Пенанга Railway station Penang

    Railway station Penang in Butterworth. In fact, Penang is no railway, but the trains arrive at the railway station on the mainland in Butterworth. It is situated near the bus station and Penang Sentral jetty, ferry to Penang, so get with her on the island very easy, and practically in the tourist centre of George town (railway station on the map). The ferry leaves every 15 minutes.

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  • Пристань Пенанга Penang Jetty

    Ferry Weld Quay (also Jetty). Penang jetty is very conveniently located right in the heart of Georgetown, next to the city bus station Weld Quay Bus Terminal, from where you can travel to different parts of the city (the pier on the map). Almost all city buses Penang, with rare exceptions, they begin and end their journey here. To get here from Georgetown, it is enough to take any bus in the city, including a free tourist bus MPPP. It is important not to confuse the direction of travel is from/to the pier.

    There is the only ferry to the mainland to the town of Butterworth. The first ferry from Butterworth to Penang departs at 06:15 and the last at 00:40. Penang to Butterworth first at 06:28, last at 01:00. In transit - 20 minutes. The ferries run very frequently, about every 15 minutes. Travel cost from Butterworth to 1.2 ringgit, and Penang to Butterworth ferry for free. That ferry is possible a Bicycle, motorcycle, car.

  • Ferry in Butterworth (Butterworth). Ferry in Butterworth is called the Sultan Abdul Halim Terminal or Pangkalan Sultan Abdul Halim. Located near intercity bus terminal Penang Sentral and the train station of the city (the pier on the map).

  • The ferry port Swettenham. It is the international pier, Penang. Ferries arrive here from the island of Langkawi, the Islands of Sumatra (Indonesia) and international cruise ships. Located in Georgetown in the heart of the old town (the pier on the map).

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admin 5 May, 2015

My IMHO, is by far. I really like Penang, though not impose, on taste and color, as they say. But to take an evening walk to George town in search of flat wire sculptures (don't know how they correctly are called), or to seek out the famous graffiti on the walls... Romance. In General, I really like it there, despite the fact that it is noisy, dusty city. But beyond the island, too, all abound. But from romance to business.
About the city of Langkawi in doubt, at least not seen such, though I do have tourist pamphlets from Langkawi to find and scroll through, there is about all the excursions booked. And you don't need trips, they can do it. If you already travel date is known in advance tickets by AirAsia to Langkawi-Penang-Langkawi. If shares can catch, they can give you a $ 25 do with man back and forth. You can still on the ferry, but by the time it turns out a little longer, almost half a day to spend. Well, or in one direction on the plane, back on the ferry, as you like. But in any case do not go ashore on the ferry+bus, kill the whole day.
If more questions will be ask. ...
Artem 6 December, 2016
A very beautiful place. Vacationing with suprugoj, all happy like. The boys shot a cool video about Penang I Advise everyone to go in Penang. ...
Olga Muntyan 16 March, 2018
In the text of the error . The movement of the left in Penang! Today I drove the car here ! ...
admin March 16, 2018

Thank you Olga, corrected the mistake ...
minister 26 July, 2018
On the island of Penang in Malaysia, I visited already 3 times. The first time I came for 3 days, second time for a week, for the third time already for 3 weeks. And I think that will go again. Talking to different people on the island and outside it, I notice more and more that this place is very much underestimated. Someone generally knows nothing about it and does not even think about to come. Someone (a lot) arrives in 2-3 days to make Thai or Indonesian visa. Really, Penang is an excellent and very convenient place for visa-wound of those long lives in Thailand (Phuket, Samui, Phangan) and those who "Longstreet" to Bali in Indonesia. But other than that, Penang is also very beautiful and interesting place in itself and that is what I want to share. Their posts in instagram I have inspired several people to go and explore the island a little deeper, and now decided to write a full article in the blog. I hope and believe will inspire even more!
A little General information. Penang is a state in North of Malaysia, just 160 kilometres from the border with Thailand. The state consists of the island and the mainland strip of Seberang-Perai. It is now going about the island, what I liked 3 of their arrival.
The size of Penang is about 2.5 times more than Thai of Koh Phangan, just a quarter more of Koh Samui and is about 20 times smaller than the island of Bali. If you look at the map, we can see that Penang is about halfway between the three most numerous Asian Nations — India, China and Indonesia. This arrangement was facilitated by a large influx of people from these countries and resulted Penang has become a beautiful, harmonious and prosperous center of the mixing of cultures and peoples. Here ...
admin 26 July, 2018
minister, the same question as in other topic. Your message can be construed as spam by the forum rules. ...
Anfisa 21 September, 2018
Please tell me it is better to Penang by plane to Langkawi and back and forth? And 2-3 days is enough to see the most interesting places? Thank you. ...
admin 21 September, 2018

It depends on what you what you mean by "Better" ? If faster, then Yes, the plane is faster, but not so much, because the flight need to arrive for check-in , plus the aircraft arrives at the other end of the island, where the Georgetown still have to drive 30-60 minutes. But the ferry arrives right in Georgeton immediately to the hotel on foot can be reached, if well guided. 2-3 days, in principle, the most interesting to watch. Of course not all will see, but if several days to run the attractions. Also because you are tired physically and mentally, everything will be monotonous, so 3 day norm.
But on the other hand, IMHO, the old parts of Georgetown are so cool, it is possible to walk endlessly, always something interesting. I personally just fell in love with Georgetown, so I went back a second time, and still going. ...
Anfisa 22 September, 2018
Thanks for the reply.. I understand.. better.. tell me the ferry tickets booked in advance or on the spot has to buy for Langkawi ferry to Penang? The hotel is better for sure in advance I guess ...
admin September 23, 2018

Better, at least for the day. It is possible to buy over the Internet in place. But the place is inconvenient, you have to spend on taxi to the pier and back, and time to spend. Via the Internet here can try: or ...

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