Hotels and beaches of Penang, where to stay

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Hotels in Penang where to stay

Отель на Пенанге Hotel in Penang

If you go to Penang for a beach vacation, it is best to settle in the beach area of Batu Feringa (Batu Feringgi) on the North of the island. The beach of Tanjung Bungah is a bit worse, but closer to Georgetown. There are other beaches around the perimeter of the island, it remains only to choose a hotel by location and price. The beaches and their position you can see on our interactive map of Penangand choose the beach you can read the description below.

If you want to be in the thick of things, acquainted with the sights and kitchen have access to affordable public transport to explore the attractions of the island, but to partially abandon beach vacation, it is best to settle in Georgetown, which is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO and is full of historical and cultural attractions.

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A selection of the best hotels


Фото отеля HUPO Resort
HUPO Resort hotelОценка великолепно Rating from travelers 9.8 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 8018₽Check price
Фото отеля Welton Room with Bathroom
Hotel Welton Room with BathroomОценка великолепно Rating from travelers 9.8 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 2020₽Check price
Фото отеля Georgetown Apartment Homestay
The Georgetown hotel Apartment HomestayОценка великолепно tourists Rating 9.7 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 3157₽Check price
Фото отеля Beachfront Luxury Suites Batu Ferringhi
Hotel this PenangОценка великолепно tourists Rating 9.6 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 8586₽Check price
Фото отеля Cassie's Small House
The hotel Cassie''s Small HouseОценка великолепно Assessment of tourists 9.6 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 2841₽Check price
Фото отеля Seaview Apartment, 3BR @Landmark, Georgetown KGT
The hotel Seaview Apartment 3 BEDROOM @the Landmark, Georgetown KGTОценка великолепно Assessment of tourists 9.6 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 6187₽Check price
Фото отеля Lusso Suite Island Plaza
Hotel Lusso Suite Island PlazaОценка великолепно tourists Rating 9.5 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 3346₽Check price
Фото отеля Seaview Condo, 3BR @Georgetown, Penang, Atelier
Hotel Seaview Condo 3BR @Georgetown, Penang, AtelierОценка великолепно tourists Rating 9.5 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 5619₽Check price
Фото отеля Greenlane98 @ 5 Room / 5 Bath / 25 Pax
The hotel Greenlane98 @ 5 Room / 5 Bath / 25 PaxОценка великолепно Rating from travelers 9.5 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 21906₽Check price
Фото отеля Romantic Ocean Blue Studio@lv18
The Romantic Ocean Blue Studio@lv18Оценка великолепно tourists Rating 9.5 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 4356₽Check price
Фото отеля Sea view Apartment, 3BR @Landmark, Georgetown GDN
The hotel Sea view Apartment, 3BR @Landmark, Georgetown GDNОценка великолепно Evaluation of tourists 9.5 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 5745₽Check price
Фото отеля NEW Penang 2R2B seaview vacation home
Hotel NEW seaview Penang 2R2B vacation homeОценка великолепно travelers Rating 9.5 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 5050₽Check price

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The beaches and tourist areas of Penang. Where to stay?

  • Tourist district, the old town of Georgetown

    Старый город Джорджтауна на Пенанге The old town of Georgetown street

    This is the most popular and most conveniently located area for tourist accommodation in Georgetown (the area on the map). If you come to Penang to explore its attractions, you need to stop here. Most of the hotels and guesthouses of different levels of price and quality can be found here. Most option for budget accommodation is also available here. City attractions, transportation hubs and routes of movement of city transport, including the free tourist satvas, and are located here.

    The district was formed by streets, Chulia Street (Lebuh Chulia), Love Lane (Lorong Love), Leith Street (Lebuh Leith), Penang Road (Jalan Penang), Transfer Road (Jalan Transfer), and others. Street, Chulia Street (Lebuh Chulia) is one of the most tourist. There are many hostels and guesthouses, restaurants and cafes, markets, travel agencies, car transportation, currency exchange. It starts from the station and Weld Quay, but need to go a little farther down the street, 500 meters deep into the city to find the most comfortable budget hotels.

  • The area around Komtar in Georgetown

    Район Комтар на Пенанге District Of Komtar

    Very popular for budget accommodation is becoming the area around Komtar (Komtar), located in the city centre (Komtar on the map). Right here you will be close to tourist attractions, the main transport hub and shopping Mall, Komtar. Also nearby are other major shopping centers. From the ferry station and Weld Quay from the airport, come here almost all city buses.

  • The gurney Drive in Georgetown (Gurney Drive)

    Район Герни Драйв на Пенанге The Gurney Drive

    Quite a decent place for a comfortable stay in expensive hotels, located in city limits but a little distance from the city center (the area of gurney Drive (Gurney Drive) on the map). Special benefits when staying in the area there, except that he's a bit cleaner. In the vicinity are mostly high-rise hotels, shopping malls and other high-rise buildings, and therefore, the area gives the impression of a rather modern city. Located quite far from transport hubs Komtar and Weld Quay and the city's sights, so you'll have to reach them either by taxi or by bus.

    Gurney drive's famous local restaurants, cafes and food courts under the open sky, and is the most popular place for tourist dinner at Penang. There is also a conditional promenade and sandy beach, but even the local here does not bathe.

  • The Batu Ferringhi Beach

    Пляж Бату Ферринги на Пенанге The Beach Of Batu Ferring

    Batu Ferringhi (Batu of Ferringhi, Batu Ferringhi or Batu Ferringgi) is a small town in the North of Penang and the main resort place of the island with a long sandy beach more than 2 kilometres (Batu Ferringhi on the map). It focused a large number of beach hotels on the first line, a sufficient amount of nightlife, cafes and restaurants, shops and markets. On the beaches organized a large number of water attractions (bananas. jet ski rentals, kayaking). In General, this is a full beach resort.

    However, one should not expect too much from the local beach. It is quite clean and accurate, it has good infrastructure, but the cleanliness of the water can not boast, on the contrary, it is very muddy. The slope of the bottom all over varies, but mostly it is very sharp, a few meters from the coast you can swim. Accordingly, the waves only a few meters from the shore, and the influence of tides is negligible.

    The lack of posting here – a distance of about 10 kilometers along the road to Georgetown, where the main attractions of the island. But, in case of need you can reach the city by city bus No. 101, which goes to the station Weld Quay and the station of Komtar. The fare is 2.7 ringgit (the Malaysian currency, the exchange rate). At the heart of Batu Ferringhi no attractions there.

  • The Tanjung Bungah

    Пляж Танжунг Бунгах на Пенанге The Tanjung Bungah

    The beaches of Tanjung Bungah (Tangang Bungah, Tanjung Bungah or Tanjong Bungah) are not considered as good as Batu Ferringhi, but you'll Tanjung Bungah twice as close to George town, just 5 kilometres from the centre (Tanjung Bungah on the map). Of course, proximity to the growing and developing city. On the beach are not uncommon debris thrown ashore by the waves, jellyfish, fish. For unknown reasons, the waste water are attracted to the coast of Tanjung Bungah many jellyfish, so many tourists did not recognize the area as a beach, and stay there as a middle option, where you can get to Georgetown and to a closer and clean Batu Ferringhi.

    We would recommend to stay here only if you don't put a beach holiday in the first place, and strive to go sunbathing by the pool.

    You can get here on the Rapid Penang bus No. 101, 103 and 104 from Weld Quay and Komtar.

  • The Beach Of Tanjung Tokong (Tanjung Tokong)

    Пляж Танжунг Токонг на Пенанге

    In our opinion, this place is not worth calling a beach location, but rather just the tourist area. It is located close to George town on the North coast of the island (Tanjung Tokong on the map).

    Choose this place if you want to be in Georgetown and at the same time to get a quiet holiday slightly away from the continuous bustle of the city.

    You can get here on the Rapid Penang bus No. 101, 103 and 104.

  • The Beach Of Teluk Bahang (Teluk Bahang)

    Пляж Телук Баханг на Пенанге The Tanjung Bungah

    Teluk Bahang is another Northern area with a sandy beach, reminiscent of the village or the village (Teluk bahang on the map). It is difficult to highlight the advantages of this district, as there is almost nothing. However, tourists stop here, and here is an expensive four star hotel. The beach here is virtually without infrastructure and facilities, except that the water is slightly more transparent than in Batu Ferringhi.

  • Beach Monkey Beach

    Пляж Monkey Beach на Пенанге

    Monkey beach is within the boundaries of the Penang national Park (Monkey Beach on the map). This is an isolated place, accessible only by boat or on foot. No infrastructure here, little people. This is a great place for a secluded beach holiday, but to live here is impossible, just nowhere. You can reach it by boat from the pier in Telug Bahang (about 50 ringgit), or to walk along the path through the jungle for 3 kilometers.

  • Kerachut Beach

    Пляж Kerachut на Пенанге

    Pantai Kerachut is another isolated beach, even more secluded than Monkey Beach, which in the rainy season, in fact, is crowded with vacationers (Kerachut Beach on the map). He can be reached only on foot or by boat. Hiking the trail passes through the jungle, and already in itself the walk is worth it to get here. However, take your time, water and effort because you have to go about two hours one way. You can get there by boat from the shore in Telug Bahang, or to walk along the trail through the jungle more than 3 kilometers. Nearby is the unusual meromictic lake, a miracle of nature, unique in Asia. This kind of lakes are both fresh and salt water. The layer of salt water is below and fresh on top, and they do not mix.

  • The Beach Of Teluk Kampi

    It is the most isolated and inaccessible beach in Penang (Teluk Kampi on the map). To attend it, you first need to get to Kerachut Beach and then another hour through the jungle. The other way is by boat. There is almost always few tourists, and sometimes not at all no one. To walk to it should be only armed with water and a sufficient amount of strength, so how to have more than four kilometers along the path through the jungle.

  • District Penang (Bayan Lepas)

    See District of Bayan Lepas on the map.

    This area is located on the airport road in Georgetown, almost at the airport. It is hard to imagine why here to stay tourists, because there's no beach, no tourist attractions (except that only the Temple of the Serpent). Nevertheless, hotels here are quite a lot.

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minister 26 July, 2018
On the island of Penang in Malaysia, I visited already 3 times. The first time I came for 3 days, second time for a week, for the third time already for 3 weeks. And I think that will go again. Talking to different people on the island and outside it, I notice more and more that this place is very much underestimated. Someone generally knows nothing about it and does not even think about to come. Someone (a lot) arrives in 2-3 days to make Thai or Indonesian visa. Really, Penang is an excellent and very convenient place for visa-wound of those long lives in Thailand (Phuket, Samui, Phangan) and those who "Longstreet" to Bali in Indonesia. But other than that, Penang is also very beautiful and interesting place in itself and that is what I want to share. Their posts in instagram I have inspired several people to go and explore the island a little deeper, and now decided to write a full article in the blog. I hope and believe will inspire even more!
A little General information. Penang is a state in North of Malaysia, just 160 kilometres from the border with Thailand. The state consists of the island and the mainland strip of Seberang-Perai. It is now going about the island, what I liked 3 of their arrival.
The size of Penang is about 2.5 times more than Thai of Koh Phangan, just a quarter more of Koh Samui and is about 20 times smaller than the island of Bali. If you look at the map, we can see that Penang is about halfway between the three most numerous Asian Nations — India, China and Indonesia. This arrangement was facilitated by a large influx of people from these countries and resulted Penang has become a beautiful, harmonious and prosperous center of the mixing of cultures and peoples. Here ...
admin 26 July, 2018
minister, the same question as in other topic. Your message can be construed as spam by the forum rules. ...
Anfisa 21 September, 2018
Please tell me it is better to Penang by plane to Langkawi and back and forth? And 2-3 days is enough to see the most interesting places? Thank you. ...
admin 21 September, 2018

It depends on what you what you mean by "Better" ? If faster, then Yes, the plane is faster, but not so much, because the flight need to arrive for check-in , plus the aircraft arrives at the other end of the island, where the Georgetown still have to drive 30-60 minutes. But the ferry arrives right in Georgeton immediately to the hotel on foot can be reached, if well guided. 2-3 days, in principle, the most interesting to watch. Of course not all will see, but if several days to run the attractions. Also because you are tired physically and mentally, everything will be monotonous, so 3 day norm.
But on the other hand, IMHO, the old parts of Georgetown are so cool, it is possible to walk endlessly, always something interesting. I personally just fell in love with Georgetown, so I went back a second time, and still going. ...
Anfisa 22 September, 2018
Thanks for the reply.. I understand.. better.. tell me the ferry tickets booked in advance or on the spot has to buy for Langkawi ferry to Penang? The hotel is better for sure in advance I guess ...
admin September 23, 2018

Better, at least for the day. It is possible to buy over the Internet in place. But the place is inconvenient, you have to spend on taxi to the pier and back, and time to spend. Via the Internet here can try: or ...
Aleksandrr August 16, 2019
Good day. In November we will cruise in Langkawi - Penang - Klang. Should you buy a group tour? What is most interesting and need to uvideti? What popracovat from the local cuisine? And what nicolee popular Souvenirs to buy? Thank you ...
admin August 18, 2019

Hello! Well, you start to read our guide, it's no wonder they tried to write And here is clarifying the questions to ask, and that they are too extensive you. ...
lyudochka 21 October, 2019
Good afternoon. For the first time will be on at hotel Jen Penang in Georgetown . Tell me how faster and better to find graffiti? The landmark Komtar tower ...
admin 21 October, 2019

Hello! Graffiti is not in one place, but scattered around the old town. So just go out and walk on foot. Find streets Lebuh Chulia, Lebun Pantai, Lebuh Armenian. And you can find accommodation in hotels and travel agencies are free of the map marked with graffiti. ...