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Храм Кек Лок Си на Пенанге Temple KEK Lok si in Penang

Penang or Pinang (eng. Penang is the Malay style. Penang or Pulau Pinang) is an island and state in Malaysia on the West coast of the Western (continental) part of the country in the Andaman sea. Located a few kilometers from the shore and connected to the mainland by a bridge (on the interactive Penang map of Malaysia). The territory of the state also includes a small strip of land near the island on the mainland.

More correctly pronounce the name of the island like Penang, but not Penang. So say locals, and even sometimes write Pinang on official documents, signboards and signs. However, the Russian language more entrenched pronunciation and spelling of Penang.

Vacation in Penang

Пляж Бату Ферринг на Пенанге The Beach Of Batu Ferring

Penang is one of the most popular tourist places in Malaysia. The state capital and the Islands, George town (George Town), a UNESCO world heritage site due to the huge number of historical monuments and sights, which attract thousands of tourists annually. The historical part of Georgetown, could be called a Museum under the open sky. Besides the historical monuments, the island has natural attractions, national Park, plenty of entertainment for adults and children. Read more about sights and activities in Penang here...

A beach holiday in Penang underdeveloped. A full-fledged beach resort is only one – is the area of Batu Ferringhi, but even in high season it is not crowded with vacationers. The shore is removed, well-developed beach infrastructure, there is entertainment. But it spoils the water, which is almost always turbid, and sometimes brings ashore the trash. All this is the result of the proximity to large industrial centres and ports on the island and the mainland. There are several small remote beach on the Western shore of the island, but they are remote and there is absolutely no tourist infrastructure. Read more about the beaches and areas of Penang, where it is better to stay here...

Langkawi or Penang

Район Чайнатаун, Пенанг The Chinatown, Penang

Sometimes compared to Penang island Langkawi, choosing one of them. Both Islands are close to each other and almost at the same distance from Kuala Lumpur (Langkawi is a little farther). The two Islands are almost identical in size, there is similar weather and seasons, the same people. But unlike the Islands of Penang, Langkawi is often compared to a big village. The water and the beaches on Langkawi are much cleaner, but entertainment and less civilization. Holidays in Langkawi are mostly beach, and the attractions of natural character. Penang vacation is, first and foremost, familiarity with the sights, shopping, tours, entertainment. Life in Penang more lively than Langkawi: there are many Nightclubs and entertainment venues, restaurants and shopping centers, souvenir shops and night markets. Beach vacation in Penang are concentrated only in certain parts of the island. Most of the beaches in Penang are dirty, with closely adjacent roads and skyscrapers. This "port-shopping-excursion" the island, and go here for a beach vacation is not worth it. There are good hotels and plenty of budget accommodation, restaurants, beautiful churches, parks and gardens. From the perspective of Penang tours Langkawi is far superior, and is certainly worth a visit.

Langkawi – free trade zone Duty Free, in connection with which alcoholic drinks are much cheaper there than in Penang. To fully understand the difference between the Islands, you should read information and reviews on both Islands, and draw their own conclusions and choices. And even better to visit both Islands.

Weather, tourist seasons, when to go

Penang island is located in the Equatorial climate. Throughout the year there is hot: the temperature at night does not start below 22°C, and in the afternoon below 30°C. the Air is humid, from 70% to 90%. You can relax on the island at any time of the year, but keep in mind the wet season and high season.

Wet season (rainy season) usually runs from September to November. Sometimes the wet season starts early in August. At this time, frequent torrential rains and hurricanes. In General, it is not the best time to visit the island, although the weather in this period is very unpredictable in the best way, and it may well be warm and calm for a long time. During this period, prices for tourist services are reduced so that this is the best time for budget travellers.

The second wet season falls in may, but it is shorter and less intense October.

High season (tourist flow) begins in late December and lasts until Chinese new year (Chinese new year is determined according to the lunar calendar, usually late January – mid February). For budget travellers this is not the best time as prices on the island are greatly increased.

Seasons in Penang by months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Penang and the forecast for the near future:

The time in Penang

The time in Penang ahead of Moscow is +5 hours. From winter to summer is not translated.

The current time in Malaysia (Penang):

Helpful information

Уличная еда на Пенанге Street food in Penang
  • Shopping in Georgetown. The most famous shopping center of the city — Komtar. This 65-storey building, the tallest on the island. In the complex there are offices, shops and restaurants. In its vicinity are several shopping centers. At the top there is an observation deck with panoramic views of the island and the mainland.
  • To move around the island. Penang operates an excellent system of public transport Rapid Penang, which allows public buses to get to almost all the main attractions of the island. Also in the old town of George town free Shuttle buses MPPP Rapid Penang CAT.
  • Girls in Penang. Malaysia is not the best place for adult entertainment. However, in Penang to find girls in the streets Upper Penang Street.
  • The free card. At the reception of each hotel, at the airport, tourist agencies you can pick up a free map of the island marked on them sights, interesting places, discount coupons to restaurants or museums.
  • Attractions in low season. During the low season from September to December, some of the sights on the island may close for repairs or reconstruction to prepare for the new season.
  • Currency exchange. Money can be changed at tourist street, Chulia Street (Lebuh Chulia), or around Komtar.
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Lena.Ovcharenko 11 May 2013, 13:23
Will anyone not be in Kuala Lumpur from July 29 to August 4, really want to visit the island Penang or Langkawi to have one but not risk.I fдекватна, don't smoke, I would like to meet a fellow traveler a middle-aged woman. Write muravei28071948@rambler. Flying on Singapore, tickets are bought, hotel booked. ...
Maria 25 Nov 2013, 13:52
The island of Penang from KL you can get two popular vehicles: the bus and the plane. The plane. Fly to Penang's largest airline AirAsia, but please note when purchasing tickets that the price You announce does not include taxes and fuel surcharges, and BAGGAGE! For each suitcase up to 15 kg You'll pay 12 euros. You can fly here an hour from the airport to Georgetown is an hour away, could be 40 min. Can be reached by bus number 102 in just 20 rubles, you can vibratex, the cost will speak with the driver. BUS there are many buses from the station, Puduraya. From the airport take the KL Express (ground floor), go to the station KL Sentral(350 RUBLES), take the Metrorail aside Gombak station madjik jamek (2 stops cost 10 rubles) at the exit of the metro srazu left, along the Avenue, 5-7 minutes from the station, Pudu, back in the station, climb to the 4th floor and select loubou any cash (listen to intuition))) will buy a ticket to Penang (be sure to note that Bjorg town)will pay around 380 RUB and 5 hours and You are in Penang at the bus station, to get to Georgetown to drive 20 min autobusem 102 or 401 for 20 rubles. the Buses are comfortable, 5 chasov pass unnoticed, and the window otkryvayuschii beautiful views. Good luck to the travelers. And Hello from Penang))) ...
Judy 28 Apr 2015, 17:50
Prompt, please, try to save some money would be to spend a couple of weeks in Penang or on the main mainland Malaysia? We just plan to spend a month in Thailand and to make a visa in Thailand and how to spend the time I want for a couple of weeks to fly to Malaysia, I found out that the Thai Embassy is in kalua Lumpur and gotone...we are more inclined to the latter, as it is not so great and Shumen as kulalumpur..did I understand correctly? ))) ...
admin 29 Apr 2015, 16:01
Hello! By Far Is Penang (Georgetown). In Kuala Lumpur for two weeks, "flipped out", pardon the expression ;). And Penang and the sea, the beach, and proximity to the sea. The prices I significant difference noticed between Penang and Kuala Lumpur, I think, will be about the same. ...
Judy 30 Apr 2015, 20:44
thank you))) ...
Svet 05 May 2015, 17:44
Hello. Going to Langkawi for two weeks. As I understand it, on Langkawi are not really a lot of interesting places, I'm thinking rolled up for a couple of days in Penang and see the sights. Is it worth it? And how better to do this, is there a tour? ...
admin 05 May 2015, 18:25
My IMHO, is by far. I really like Penang, though not impose, on taste and color, as they say. But to take an evening walk to George town in search of flat wire sculptures (don't know how they correctly are called), or to seek out the famous graffiti on the walls... Romance. In General, I really like it there, despite the fact that it is noisy, dusty city. But beyond the island, too, all abound. But from romance to business. About the city of Langkawi in doubt, at least not seen such, though I do have tourist pamphlets from Langkawi to find and scroll through, there is about all the excursions booked. And you don't need trips, they can do it. If you already travel date is known in advance tickets by AirAsia to Langkawi-Penang-Langkawi. If shares can catch, they can give you $ 25 to do with man back and forth. You can still on the ferry, but by the time it turns out a little longer, almost half a day to spend. Well, or in one direction on the plane, back on the ferry, as you like. But in any case do not go ashore on the ferry+bus, kill the whole day. If questions, ask. ...
Artem 06 Dec 2016, 10:03
A very beautiful place. Vacationing with suprugoj, all happy like. The boys shot a cool video about Penang I Advise everyone to go in Penang. ...
Olga Muntyan 2018 Mar 16, 10:13
In the text of the error . The movement of the left in Penang! Today I drove the car here ! ...
admin 16 Mar 2018, 12:28
Thank you Olga, corrected the mistake ...

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