Pangkor Island

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General information

Pangkor (Pangkor, Pulau Pangkor) – island off the West coast of Malaysia, located about 200 kilometers North of Kuala Lumpur and about half way between the capital and the island of Penang, washed by the waters of the Indian ocean (Strait of Malacca). Belongs to Pangkor Perak. The island lies only 2 kilometers from the mainland and is connected thereto by high-speed ferry (Pangkor on the interactive map of Malaysia). There is also a small airport, but currently it does not run scheduled flights.

In size it is a relatively small island with an area of only 8 square kilometers. Its length from North to South and 9 km and a maximum width of 3 kilometers. But, despite its Novoselye compared with other popular tourist Islands of Malaysia size, it this is no less popular among tourists.

The beauty of visiting this island for tourists – the pristine beauty of wild nature and unspoiled by the crowds of tourist life of local residents. Most of the island is a dense tropical jungle, and only scattered along the shores of a small fishing village with wooden huts.

Going to Pangkor, you will stay alone with ourselves, nature and the most clean and beautiful beaches along the West coast of Malaysia and also closely acquainted with the lifestyle of the local population to preserve its identity.

The weather in Pangkor island, the tourist seasons

Закат на о. Пангкор
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Pangkor island is located in the zone of Equatorial climate throughout the year is hot: the temperature at night does not start below 20°C degrees, and the day is not lower than 30°C. the Air here is very humid, 70% to 90%. Go here to relax at any time of the year.

Theoretically, on the island stands the so-called wet season, which lasts from November to February and when can go for many of the Doges. But in practice, the weather is quite unpredictable, and even in the midst of the rainy season for many days the sky may not fall a single drop. At the same time, the unpredictable weather does not mean the presence of periods of inclement weather or extreme weather events. In General, the weather here is relatively quiet. So give up planning a trip to Pangkor because of the season of rain is not worth it.

Seasons on Pangkor months*

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not a recommended time to visit

Current weather for Pangkor and forecast

How to get to Pangkor?

The island has a small airport Pangkor Airport, but, unfortunately, at the present time there are not regular flights. To get by air to the island is possible by private flight.

The most inexpensive and convenient way to get to the island is to take a bus to the town of Lumut (Lumut), Perak (Perak), and then across on the ferry:

There are many bus routes takes place in Lumut from Kuala Lumpur and other cities in Malaysia. You can also get on a passing bus.

The bus station in Lumut near the pier, where ferries to the island. Ferries from Lamut to Pangkor island run from 7 am to 20:30 every half hour. So, if you miss the last ferry of Lamata to 20:30, will have to sleep in Lamothe. The time of the ferry trip is 45 minutes. The fare is RM5.

If you are staying on Penang island and decided on the way to Kuala Lumpur to drop by at some time in Pangkor, keep in mind that Penang island to Pangkor, buses do not go. You have to ferry to get from Penang to Butterworth, from there by bus to Lumut and Lumut ferry to Pangkor. The bus station is there and there are next to jetties and ferries. Bus from Butterworth to Lumut leaves at 9.00, 11.00, 12.45, 14.00 and 15.30 and costs RM19.40 and RM16.30 depending on the company. The time the bus journey takes about 2 hours (really comes down to 4). Before sending it is better to check the bus schedule already in place.

If you want to get to Pangkor from Kuala Lumpur, you again have to go first to Lumut and then by ferry to cross over to Pangkor. Daily many buses departs from the bus stations in Kuala Lumpur, including the Pudu Raya station, buses in this direction every 15 minutes. Time of the bus in about 4 hours. But keep in mind that in any case should not take the bus in Ipoh, otherwise the road will take you 8 hours. Sit on a direct flight.

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Hotels Of Pangkor. Where to stay?

Overall, Pangkor is a sufficient number of affordable hotels for the budget travelers. There are also a few expensive hotels of the highest class. You can stay in a hotel on the island and on the mainland. If you want you can even stay in the hotel on a small secluded island of Pangkor Laut (Pangkor Laut), located few kilometers away from Pangkor.

Find and book a hotel on Pangkor island can through the search form. The search is performed in popular South East Asia search engine, Russian language and Russian-speaking support is present. Also many options of hotels on Pangkor can be found in one of the most popular systems in the world of search and booking

Hotels of Pangkor on the map

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There are several variants,but in any case the route you have to be on their own. Here in a nutshell information: From Pattaya you need to get into Satun (city in the South of Thailand), and from there by ferry or drive to Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis in Malaysia already. I would prefer the first option, Satun, as passed through twice, it was fine. To Satun from Pattaya can be reached with a stopover in Bangkok. Travel from Bangkok to the southern bus station and there change to the bus to Satun. Previously, these buses were a lot, now looked up the schedule, there are very few, maybe just schedule them there. But even then that is quite suitable, it is night, will arrive in Satun in the morning and in the afternoon we will depart on the ferry. Basically about Satun all we've got painted - the Second option is via Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis. If by bus, you must first get from Bangkok to hat Yai (, and from there to Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis as you prefer, and then onto the ferry. According to this embodiment can be on the train ride. The schedule for crossings, see here: here all types of transport - trains in Thailand - train in Malaysia ...
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Operates four lines, all still ...
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The statement is more than questionable. ...
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In General, KL is a place where you can ride for a couple days, and that not everyone is interested, most I love the beach on holiday and not big cities. Especially with the kids in KL doing nothing at all. So if the question is to go to Kuala Lumpur or at one of the resorts in Thailand, then definitely Thailand. ...
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Better, at least for the day. It is possible to buy over the Internet in place. But the place is inconvenient, you have to spend on taxi to the pier and back, and time to spend. Via the Internet here can try: or ...
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No. Since October the Islands are closed, no boats, no running hotels, possible storm. Was last year in late September, a couple of days the sea was very restless. ...
admin 3 November, 2018
Just have to endure. Nothing special things to do there, as in all normal airports are: to read, to wander through dyutifri, surf the Internet ...
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Will have to go through the mainland or through Satun, where the ferries go all year round. ...
admin July 26, 2018
Hello Sergey! Absolutely no problems, quiet ride. ...

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