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The exchange rate

The exchange rates of Malaysia in relation to world currencies quite stable. The approximate exchange rate to the ruble: 1 ringgit is worth 18 rubles. To quickly recalculate the cost of the ringgit in U.S. dollars, just multiply it by 1.6 and add a zero. For example, 10 ringgit is about 160 rubles.

The exchange rate (Malaysian ringgit) today ()

10 ringgit (MYR) = 156,25 rubles (RUB)
1 Euro (EUR) = 4,69 MYR
100 rubles (RUB) = 6,40 MYR
1 United States dollar (USD) = 4,19 MYR
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The Currency Of Malaysia

50 ринггит

The national currency of Malaysia is ringgit (ringgit), also called the old Malayan dollar. International currency symbol is RM or MYR. The ringgit is divided into 100 sen. The old currency, the Malaysian dollar, currently not really used, but sometimes used in the virtual price tags, and when the real calculation are converted into ringgit.

Currently in the country in circulation are banknotes in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 ringgit different editions.

All the money in Malaysia contain the portrait of the first Supreme Governor of Malaysia, Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

The dollars of Singapore and Brunei is also known here under the name of ringgit, so be careful in calculations, especially in the border States mentioned areas.

The calculation of the foreign currency is not particularly common in Malaysia and is offered everywhere in the national currency. Even if the prices are indicated in US dollars (mainly travel services), the calculation most likely will still be made in local currency. Quite common when you pay with Singapore dollar, however, when a direct calculation of this currency is very unfavorable rate.

Узнать, как купить тур в кредит

What to change:

Better to change currency only at authorized exchange offices, as they are of course cheaper than the banks. Exchange at the airport might be slightly less profitable, but not so much understated. For example, in the airport of Kuala Lumpur KLIA - of 2.93, and in Kuala Lumpur to 3.08 on the same day, i.e. the difference in the exchange of $ 100 will be 15 ringgit (around 150 rubles). If the local currency at the airport can not do, it is best to change a small amount at the airport, and the principal amount to be changed in exchange offices as needed. In most exchange offices, the rate for small bills is lower than on large (50, 100 dollars), and some of the exchangers 1, 5, 10 dollars do not accept. The difference between the rate on Bank notes of 50 and 100 dollars there, so you can easily carry with them and those and others.

In most parts of the country banks are open Monday - Friday from 09:30 - 16:00. On Saturday, banks are only 2 hours from 09.30 to 11.30. On Sundays banks are closed. In the States of Kedah, Kelantan, Trengganu banks operate on a different schedule: Wednesday - Saturday 09:30 - 16:00 Thursdays: 09:30 - 11:30 on Friday not working. All banks in Malaysia are closed on the 1st Saturday of the month. Exchange offices set the operation mode at its discretion and often begin to work quite late hours 10-11.

What currency is best to take to Malaysia

The most convenient currency to exchange is the us dollar. Euros can also be exchanged everywhere. If you are coming from Thailand and you have remained in the hands of the Thai currency (baht), it too can be safely exchanged everywhere.

Plastic cards/checks

10 ринггит

Plastic cards in Malaysia is very common. ATMs have been installed everywhere. Pay for purchases in the restaurant, hotel, shopping center also will not be easy. But remember about safety precautions: Asia banks are a high-risk country when using plastic cards, and Malaysia in particular. Very often the cards even such systems as VISA and Mastercard blocked when you are using them in Malaysia. Read the note on safety measures when working with plastic cards for travelling here.

Keep in mind that if the credit card payment from the card will take 2.5 - 3% more for processing.

If you go to remote, rural areas, about the withdrawals better to think in advance in a big city.

Tourist receipts in Malaysia are fairly common and you will not have any problems cashing in the big banks. The rate of exchange of cheques in banks and exchange offices is even slightly higher than cash (for example, the purchase rate of cash dollar - 2,93; rate of purchase of cheques - 3,0945). Like when you exchange cash, the exchange rate from place to place varies, and is better to look for a specialized exchange that accept checks (these are of course higher than in banks).


Tipping in Malaysia is not accepted. Usually in the bill and include taxes and service charge.

If you really like the service, we can thank tip. Porters in hotels give a coin in 1-2 ringgit. When paying for a taxi ride can round the amount in a big way. The restaurant can refuse delivery in 1-2 ringgit.

If from tipping refuse and insist to give you the change (and this happens not so rarely), you also do not insist and take delivery.

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Frolovskiy 20 Dec, 2017
Tell me, please, is there any Commission/fee for the exchange of travel cheques in KL? If so, what kind? ...
admin December 20, 2017

The Commission does not depend on the country, and from the exchange. Here can specify a city for sharing, the map will display the nearest locations, and for each you can see the conditions up to specify the size of the Commission. ...
Сергей88 25 November, 2018
Tell me, will there be any problems if we move to Malaysia for 10 days, then we will go to another country for 10 days, and then back again to Malaysia for 20 days. ...
admin July 26, 2018

Hello Sergey! Absolutely no problems, quiet ride. ...
Galina Z. December 14, 2018
May be someone knows if the exchangers at the airport in KL in the evening 20-22 h? ...
admin December 15, 2018
Hello Galina! There all round the clock. ...
Shura 11 January, 2019
Flying from Thailand to Penang.
It is better to drive - baht or dollars?
How are things with exchange? Is it convenient to pay by credit card? ...
admin 11 January, 2019

What you have on hand, and bring. The exchangers are in Penang, go to the area of Komtar or the Penang, there you will find the best rates in my experience. A map is certainly convenient, but not enough where pay. Hotels will pay, and for the transportation, Souvenirs in the small shops there. ...
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Hello! The husband has a Grey passport issued by Estonia ( person without citizenship) . Do you need a visa in advance? Or maybe arrange it on arrival ?) ...
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Honestly, difficult to answer, after all this is a very controversial status without citizenship. It can at passport control not to pay attention to it, and the place of issuance of the passport to put the visa for 90 days as a citizen of Estonia, and can not supply a visa and even do not give, because there is in fact a list of countries that require a visa and persons without citizenship there is clearly no. Try to call the Embassy in Moscow, and even better to write them a letter at least e-mail to answer on paper just in case. And if not difficult, then let me know what happened. ...

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