Hotels of Malacca, where to stay

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Hotels Melaka. Where to stay

Малакка Jonker street, Malacca View photos in 3D

Most of the hotels in Malacca is quite densely concentrated in the geographical center of the city, which is both the historical centre. A small number of hotels located on the outskirts of the city and even beyond. If you want to linger in these parts longer, you can choose a hotel outside the city, in a calm and quiet place. Though you have every time for entertainment and excursions to get to the city center.

If you want to stay in Melaka for a short time, it is better to use hotels in the city centre, close to most attractions. Because the hotel you only need to spend the night, and the rest of the time you will explore the city. In principle, choose any hotel at any place in the city centre, you'll have access to attractions, and entertainment on foot. In the center of town there are two separate area where you can pick up hotels and be in the thick of things:

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Jonker street (Jonker Street) and the historic city centre. This area is located in the heart of Malacca historical city centre, and this is the best place to get acquainted with the sights of Melaka (namely over here and ride it). The Jonker street is known as the Paradise collectors of Antiques thanks to the numerous antique shops. It is particularly interesting to settle or to visit the area Friday or Saturday, when it begins to work the night market. But do not have to stay on Jonker street, to the same hotels on the street quite a bit and they are usually busy. Just enough to stay in the historic center or near it or even on the other side of the river, because the sights are close by and accessible on foot. The area of Jonker street and the historic district on the map.

Малакка Hotel in the heart of Melaka Raya

District Of Melaka (Melaka Raya). The interwoven network of streets called Melaka Raya with various numerical indices forms the area, which is located on the waterfront. There are several expensive high-rise hotels, there are budget accommodation. There are also many shops and shopping centres, including the two largest in the city: Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. In General, we can say that this area of the business district. District of Melaka on the map.

Accommodation in this area is good because here you can find bars, restaurants and Nightclubs in Malacca, besides only here you can find chic high-rise hotels, because in the historical centre, the construction of high buildings is prohibited. The centre and pockets of attractions here will have to take a taxi or decent walk (20-30 minute walk). Oh and not to mention the disadvantages of this area: the place is somewhat uncomfortable, especially for evening walks. Along most of the hotels are wide roads where sweeping cars, and if you like to finish the evening long walks and trips to restaurants, here you will have nothing to do.

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