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General information

Малакка Christ Church in Melaka by night

Melaka (also Malacca, eng. Malacca, Malay. Melaka) is the capital city of the state of Malacca on the West coast of mainland (Malacca peninsular) Malaysia. A large part of the city's population is of Chinese origin. Also here live the descendants of the European colonizers of mixed marriages. The city's population in 2010 consisted of more than 483 thousand people. Malacca is located on the West coast about 130 kilometers South of Kuala Lumpur (Malacca on the interactive map of Malaysia)

When Malacca was the first capital city of Malaysia (or rather, still only nascent then state on the territory of modern Malaysia - the Malacca Sultanate), and was such until in 1511 landed here by the Portuguese. Then, Malacca was taken by a Portuguese fleet under the command of Albuquerque. In 1641 the captured Malacca, the Dutch, and in 1795 they were replaced by the British. The Netherlands acknowledged the loss of Malacca by the Treaty of London of 1824 and gave it to the British.

All of these events associated with the change of owners of the city and cultures, could not impose their historical mark on Malacca. Although for the participants in those events it was a change of shocks and tragedies, today we have a rich history and culture of the city, which is one of the most popular places among tourists in mainland Malaysia, and is considered the cultural center of the country. In 2008, the city was inscribed on the world heritage list of UNESCO. It is reasonable to compare Malacca with the Russian St. Petersburg. But, unfortunately, the Russian tourists often prefer a beach holiday and nightlife, this city is visited by very rarely.

Малакка The Church Of St. Paul

That is a large number of attractions and rich history attract tourists to Malacca. The city is very interesting for its historical landmarks and everything is laced with historical events from different periods. There is no beach holiday, but there is a lot to see and do. Most attractions are located nearby, allowing you to briefly explore the city in one day, but this is clearly not enough. Interesting places not only in town but also beyond, in the territory of Malacca. It's a zoo, hot springs, tropical fruit farm, traditional villages, rainforests and so much more, and to go everywhere, you need at least a week.

The infrastructure for tourists looking for a cultural sightseeing holiday here at a high level, and the hotels of Melaka presents different levels. Right here you can find very budget accommodation for a few dollars and stay in a luxury apartment at a reasonable price. The main features of Malacca are tourists from Malaysia and China, very few Europeans. This imposes some difficulties in communication, food, accommodation, but in General, serious difficulties with relaxation does not occur here.

Easiest way to visit Malacca, if you visit the city for a one - or two-day trip alone or as part of an organized group. Such excursions can be found in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and other resorts of Malaysia. For those who are accustomed to organize your trip by yourself, is not difficult to come here for a day or two, and slowly explore all the historic nooks and crannies of the city. To stay here longer or spending your entire vacation not worth it, but if you have the opportunity to visit in Melaka, to refuse such opportunity should not be.

Weather in Melaka, tourist seasons

Weather and seasons to stay in Melaka not matter much, because here go on trips, and not for a tan. Of course, I would not want to get into a hurricane, but they are extremely rare here and almost all year is hot and Sunny. So feel free to go here anytime of the year. Except that before departure from Kuala Lumpur or other cities of Malaysia can check the weather in Malacca on the Internet, to avoid really bad weather.

The tourist seasons in Malacca by months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

*best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Melaka and forecast

Helpful information

A ban on Smoking. Malaysian Malacca from 15 June 2011 became the first non-Malaysian. The law on the ban on Smoking was adopted by the authorities to eradicate widespread in the country the habit of Smoking and to attract foreign tourists.

According to the Minister of health, the ban will help to preserve the monuments, because it will reduce air pollution and will promote a healthy way of life of the local population.

For violating the ban faces a fine of 300 ringgit (currency of Malaysia)and the maximum fine for serious or repeated violation can be up to 5 000 ringgit.

Day off on Tuesday.On Tuesdays in Melaka official holiday, and almost all government offices, museums, attractions, closed to the public. If you decide to look to Malacca for one day on a trip, in any case do not do it on Tuesday.

Tourist information and maps. Find Malacca free maps and tourist information are not on every corner. Excellent information centre is located in the heart of the historic district near the bridge (see its position on the interactive map of Malacca). There you can find free maps and lots of brochures about tours and sightseeing, book a tour. Some leaflets about sites contain discount coupons for the purchase of tickets or information about promotions. At the entrance to the information center need to take off their shoes.

Bus 317. If you got to the center of the city to the intercity bus station of Melaka by bus No. 17, take the time to sit down at the same stop to get back. The bus will travel another hour through the city. You need to pass the street Jonker Street and sit immediately on return to the bus (the stop is marked on our map of Malacca).

Currency exchange. In Melaka are not many exchange offices, so if possible, exchange currency before you travel to Malacca in other major cities. Nevertheless, the rate here is slightly higher than the airport of Kuala Lumpur, so it is best to look for an exchanger here, than to change at the airport.

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