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Public transport in Langkawi is only weakly developed and is represented mainly in the form of a taxi. There is a bus service through the main parts of the island Marina, Kuah, Pantai Cenang and airport. But count on a bus ride not worth it because they go very rarely, and bus items not marked and not equipped. If you value your time (and on vacation it is very expensive), you have to use a taxi, rental car, motorcycle or bike.

Another way of moving through and around Langkawi – ferry. On the island there are several piers, between which you can travel by ferries or boats, but it is much more expensive than a taxi or private hire transport.

Read more about all the types of transport on Langkawi and how to navigate around the island read more:


Такси на Лангкави Taxi to Langkawi

Taxi is the main form of transport, which move tourists around the island. In Langkawi taxis without a meter, at a fixed price. Moreover, these prices are quite high for such a short trip.

The price calculation is made according to fixed tariffs, which are available every taxi driver in the form of tablets. In tablets prices are in the form of a fare for a trip from one point (one area) to another, and in payment for the rent of the taxi. Trade was useless. If you try to bargain, the driver will just drop you to a sign with the rates. What can you do - monopolists.

Taxis on the island are several companies that provide cars of different class and therefore, different prices, but the prices of these differ quite a bit. To choose a taxi is cheaper, just choose a car simpler. Before the trip, can check named driver the price and tariffs of the company, which can just start to bargain with the driver, and when he will give you a sign with prices, check out tariff. Or just ask to see the rates. But be sure to do this before you travel. Although in General the Langkawi taxi drivers was not seen in deception.

Very convenient to rent a taxi timed, so you will be able to travel and explore the many attractions of Langkawi. Traffic jams on the roads there, so the driver safely take you for all you have marked on the map tourist attractions. Only one this bad: constantly push the idea that we must hurry to see the sights and to go further, because the fee goes even beyond expectation.

A short taxi ride within one district/beach cost 12 ringgit (150 rubles), between the beaches of 16 ringgit (200 rubles). There is a table of the official taxi fares in Langkawi, approved by Ministry of tourism Malaysia. These rates are very close to reality for a budget taxi, but may be slightly different, of course in a big way. In addition, for trips in the evening and at night (from 23 PM to 7 am) to the value added 50%. But at least the table will give you a General idea of the cost.

The cost of a taxi from the airport to Langkawi (per car up to 4 persons):

Direction Rate in ringgit
Port Langkasuka 12.00
Beach Cenang Beach 20.00
Underwater World 20.00
Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort 20.00
Langkawi Holiday Villa 22.00
The Beach And Tengah Beach 22.00
Kuah (Kuah Town) 30.00
Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall 30.00
Kompleks Jetty Point and port 30.00
Pantai Kok 30.00
Berjaya Langkawi Beach Resort 26.00
The Datai Beach 60.00
Datai Golf Club 60.00
Стойка заказа такси в аэропорту Лангкави Stand taxi to Langkawi airport

The hourly cost also published by the Ministry of tourism:

  • For taxis with capacity for 4 persons - first 3 hours 60 ringgit, each additional hour 15
  • For taxis with capacity for 6 people - first 3 hours 70, each additional hour 20
  • For taxis with capacity for 11 people - first 3 hours 120, each additional hour 25

To get from the airport to the place of rest, at the airport when you exit the arrival hall is hour taxi service Langkawi (Langkawi Taxi Service). Go to the bar and name the place where you want to go. You name the price and once you pay, you will be given a completed voucher with the car number and destination. When you exit the airport, find a car with this number (this helps to make the special people), sit down and give the voucher to the driver. It should take you directly to the hotel. Pay the driver nothing.


Rent a car, motorcycle, Bicycle

Прокат транспорта на Лангкави Transport rental in Langkawi

One of the most convenient ways to travel to Langkawi research is the rental of vehicles. The road network on the island is well developed and covers all the interesting places and places of recreation. Traffic on the island is calm, the police are almost there, so it's a great place to try on a motorcycle, if you've never traveled.

If you do not know how to drive a car or motorcycle can travel around the area by bike. Just keep in mind that the island is not so small (maximum length in diameter to 30 kilometers, and the length of roads on the perimeter 70 miles), and drive his bike around the perimeter is unlikely.

Rent a car at the airport, on the beaches of Pantai Cenang or Pantai Tengah, Kuah and next to the Marina. The cost of renting a car from 120 ringgit per day. The price depends not only on the car, but also the season. In the high season (November-April) prices go up by about 30%. Rent for a few days is cheaper. Fuel your daily mileage is unlimited. For driving in Malaysia requires international law (those that are issued in addition to national WOO, cost 1600 rubles in 2017). Read more about all questions, rent of transport in Malaysia here...

1 liter of gasoline in Langkawi is 2.1 ringgit, equivalent to about 26 rubles. Gas stations are not very many so it is better to determine in advance where you will refuel. Where are the gas stations, you can ask the locals and they are marked on the free tourist maps that you can pick up at the airport, hotels and travel agencies.

If you book the car in advance via the Internet, you can get a decent discount. One of the main distributors of the island - Kasina Rent-a-car offers some of the lowest rates on the island. You can see them on the website Can also book a car using the search (search for all the rental offices):

To find a car for rent in Langkawi

Прокат мотобайков на Лангкави Rent a motorbike in Langkawi

Motorbike rentals are widely available in tourist areas. A simple scooter Karisma can be rented from 16 ringgit a day (about 200 rubles), a good scooter Passion 25 (about 300 rubles), a large motorcycle Kawasaki 150 (about 1900 rubles). Prices from different distributors are different, so worth a walk and look for somewhere cheaper and somewhere you can even haggle.

Which is very convenient, rent is even on the main jetty Kuah Jetty, where ferries from the mainland, and Satun in Thailand. Prices there as elsewhere, so that immediately on arrival to the island you can take a motorbike to travel around the island.

When renting a motorbike, you often won't even ask your international driving license, even though they theoretically should be. It's okay if you rent a motorbike without an international driving license but it will be nice if you have at least Russian. If in one place you refuse to give your motorcycle the Russian rights, feel free to look for another rental, there too you will certainly give. Traffic policemen, who see the island is incredibly difficult, will not stop you to check documents when you clearly and blatantly don't violate the rules, and if it happens, it's easy to pay off. And don't forget to wear a helmet is mandatory. Hats usually give for free along with the bike.

Renting a bike will cost from 10 to 30 ringgit. Bicycle rental is available in many hotels.

To find the closest rental car, motorbike or bike, just ask at the hotel reception, and you all show, or even organize.

Don't forget that traffic in Malaysia is left-handed. In order to quickly cope with the rebuild with right-hand traffic for left-hand, mark with something bright and noticeable, for example with tape or rubber band for hair, the right side handlebar of a motorcycle or the dash of the car, and stay on the road always this way. This method, despite its simplicity, is very effective. Signs along the roads of Langkawi is almost there, and those that are on our not always similar. On the roads may appear animals, especially in the dark.

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