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Langkawi island has to offer tourists a full range of traditional tourist attractions, which won't allow here to be bored all the rest. In addition to tours or independent travel to attractions, you can enjoy Golf on one of the fields, ride horses or elephants, go trekking a trekking through the jungle to swim to nearby Islands for diving or snorkeling, and much more . What is good to look for entertainment you do not have, they will find you. Many advertising brochures with suggestions and maps of the island welcome tourists at the airport, and will be offered during the holidays constantly. On the popular beaches of Langkawi, Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah, offers a lot of traditional water sports: banana, parasailing, jet skis, etc, during the day you will not be bored.

Unfortunately, with evening and night's rest here the situation is somewhat worse. Evening and night stay on Langkawi are presented in the form of late night bars, pubs, restaurants with sunset views. But fans of nightlife will be disappointed, there are none on the island. Prostitution on the island is poorly developed, not as in Thailand. Find girls it is possible, but prices are higher and they have to look in the city of Kuah in the district of Bellavista Hotel.

The following is a list and description of the most popular activities in Langkawi that you can visit independently or with a guided tour:

  • Cable car and suspension bridge

    Подвесной мост, Лангкави

    Of course, ropeway (Cable Car) and suspension bridge (Sky Bridge) should be included indispensable item in the program of your stay on the island as it is one of the most spectacular entertainment and iconic sights. The famous suspension bridge can be seen on most covers of guidebooks on the island as one of his characters, along with a statue of an eagle.

    Cable car with closed doors from the station, located in the East village takes you to a height of 708 meters and a distance of 2.1 km. Upstairs you will discover a breathtaking view from two observation decks (there is also an observation deck a bit of a lower transfer station) for the whole island and the archipelago. In good weather you can even see the coast of Thailand. Then you can go for a curved suspension bridge Skybridge. To with road, have a little walk down the stairs, but the route is short and available to anyone. If you don't want to walk to a surcharge (15 ringgit), you can go up and down in the cockpit. The entrance to the bridge is charged 5 ringgit. Read more

    🕐 Working time: from 09:30 to 19:00. Several times a year the cable car closes on prevention, to learn about these periods on the official website

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price:

    • Cable car: adult – RM 30 / Child (2-12 years) – 20
    • The entrance to the bridge: adults – 5 ringgit / children – 3

    🚶 How to get there: cable car station is located in the East village (station on the map). The suspension bridge is located on the top of mount Mat Cincang (the bridge on the map)

  • East village

    Восточная деревня, Лангкави

    Langkawi Oriental village (Oriental Village) is specially designed for tourists, the village is the attraction. But do not be deceived by the name and believe that the village is designed for those who wish to get acquainted with the life and way of life of the inhabitants of a typical Malay village. In fact, the village here and does not smell. The main commercial idea of its creators is to collect in one place a large number of tourists and a large number of duty-free and souvenir shops that trade was more briskly. Settled here more than 30 duty-free shops. And around were not only the shops and the tourists are not too bored, here added entertainment, cafes and restaurants, has created a beautiful setting. Over time, this attraction turned into a mini-town.

    In General, despite the commercial focus, to visit the village of worth, all the more so to pass it you can't, because the station Langkawi cable car is located here. Read more

    🕐 Working time: cafes and entertainment in the East village start to work from 8 in the morning and start to close at 18:00

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

    🚶 How to get there: the East village is a short distance from Pantai Kok on the West of the island (the East village on the map). The taxi ride from the beaches of Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah from here will cost 28 ringgit. For the rental of transport there is ample free Parking space.

  • Oceanarium "Underwater world Langkawi"

    Подводный мир

    If you have not been in such places, you should definitely visit the aquarium. There are more than 4,000 marine species, including fish and other aquatic animals, corals and reptiles. At a certain time, feeding of fish, which is delivered in the form of the show. If you are on the island with children, this place can not be ignored, but if the objective, the aquarium is very inferior to the entertainment and the cleanliness of the other similar places.

    Official website of the aquarium: www.underwaterworldlangkawi.com.my

    🕐 Working time: weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00, on weekends from 9:30 to 18:30

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: adult – 46 ringgit for children (3-12 years old) - 36 / under 3 years free

    🚶 How to get there: the Aquarium is located on the Cenang beach. You can reach it on foot from anywhere Cenang or Pantai Tengah. Position the aquarium on an interactive map.

  • The marine Park of Palau Payar (Pulau Payar)

    Палау Пайяр

    Marine Park Pulau Payar is located in the waters off the eponymous island, 30 kilometers South of Langkawi, on a sea journey to Penang. There is no tourist infrastructure for long-stay tourist, and tourists are invited to visit the reserve in the form of guided tours to diving, snorkeling and relaxing on the beaches of the island. And it is the only place where there is moderately good diving and snorkeling around the island of Langkawi.

    Before visiting this attraction is to know not only its advantages but also some disadvantages. First of all, the conditions for observing marine life and its diversity will surprise only the inexperienced tourists. Unfortunately, sometimes you might not be so lucky with the weather, and the water is turbid, visibility is very bad. The way to long island, the tour will take all day, and most will go on the road. I think that the island has no fresh water, and after bathing there is no place to wash off the salt water and on the beach there are no facilities. Well, even in high season the number of tourists on the island just off the charts. Read more

    🕐 Working time: hours, guided tours are available for the whole day

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: the cost of excursions for snorkeling from 200 ringgit per person (including equipment), diving from 350 ringgit for two dives

    🚶 How to get: marine Park is located 30 kilometers from Langkawi in the South (Pulau Payar on the map). Although you can visit it yourself on boats departing from the main pier in the town of Kuah, is much more profitable and convenient to visit Palau Paillard in the form of group tours. They include the transfer from hotel to Wharf, boat trip and stay on the island. To buy tours in travel agencies on the street and in hotels.

  • Hot springs air Hangat

    Горячие источники Ayer Hangat Village, Лангкави

    The hot spring complex Ayer Hangat Village formed on the site of natural thermal springs that are born in the bowels of the mountain Gunung Raya. Before the entrance here was free, and could freely walk around the grounds and to soak your feet in healing water, and in the low season when the complex no visitors, you can even take a dip in the outdoor gazebo. Pay was only private booths and beauty and health treatments, Now the entrance was paid, even just to dip the toes.

    The area of the hot spring complex includes beautiful grounds, a few natural ponds with hot water, gazebo with swimming pools, Jacuzzi, private cabins with tubs. Many are afraid of the kind of overgrown with algae ponds, but this is their natural state, not specially clean and bathing they are not intended. Paying for General admission, you get access to the pavilions and pools where you can dip the toes, reflexology track, and everything else at extra cost which can be quite high.

    Also located on site is a restaurant and shop duty-free, you can see demonstrations of traditional crafts, dancing elephants and snakes, and offers massage and Spa treatments. Read more

    🕐 Working time: from 09:00 to 21:00

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: General admission 5 ringgit (refer to the currency of Malaysia, the exchange rate), the other is provided for a surcharge (Jacuzzi 199 ringgit per hour for two)

    🚶 How to get there: located in the village of Air Hangat near the main ring road, 16 Jalan Air Hangat (hot springs on the map). Have to get here by taxi or rented transport, sightseeing tourists are not yet carry. For visitors there is ample free Parking.

  • Crocodile farm

    Крокодиловая ферма

    Crocodile farm (Crocodile Adventureland or Crocodile Farm) is a tourist attraction, organized in one of the largest crocodile farms in the world. It contains and "learn" from more than 1000 crocodiles.

    If you've been to a crocodile farm in Thailand or other countries, nothing special you will not see here. If there were not, you can look here and get acquainted with the reptiles closer, the more that the entrance to the farm costs just 20 ringgit. But don't expect for the price, nothing more than you paid. For the sake of visitors trainers crocodiles twice a day show modest show of crocodiles. You can also purchase products made from crocodile leather and stuffed crocodiles in the shop. Prices on leather goods start from 120 Ringgits for a simple key chain, and go up to several thousand for a bag.

    🕐 Working time: Crocodile Adventure Land is open to the public from 9:00 to 18:00. Show crocodile show at 11:15 and 14:45.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: Adult ticket 20 ringgit / child 15

    🚶 How to get there: located in the North-Western part of the island away from the beaches and resorts (Crocodile farm on the map).

  • Wildlife Park


    Wildlife Park, Langkawi Wildlife Park, formerly known as Bird of Paradise, is quite diverse and will be interesting both adults and children. Although the main specification of the Park are the birds, and in addition here you can also see other animals, with more than 150 species. A distinctive and pleasant feature of this zoo is the possibility of feeding animals. Some of them can even touch and stroke. So don't forget to buy enough food (package costs around 6 ringgit). Also very convenient that although animal Park under the open sky, all of the tracks for visitors closed a canopy from the weather, so here you can walk in any weather, rain is not a hindrance.

    Animal shows and feeding of the individual types is as follows:

    • Show talking animals: at 11:00 and 15:00
    • Feeding "of parrots lovebirds" from 9: 00 to 10:00, 17:00 to 19:00
    • Feeding the giant arapaima (fish): 10:30
    • The feeding of crocodiles: Tuesday, Saturday at 11:30

    Website: www.langkawiwildlifepark.com

    🕐 Working time: daily 8.30-19.00 (sale of tickets ends at 18.00)

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: adult - RM 39, children (3-12 years) - 22 ringgit

    🚶 How to get: floor Jalan Ayer Hangat, Kampung Belanga Pecah (wildlife Park on a map of Langkawi)

  • A boat tour in Langkawi amphibious Duck Tour

    Langkawi Duck Tour, Лангкави

    Tour by boat amphibious Langkawi Duck Tour is an entertaining boat ride with wheels. Part of the walk takes you along the paths of the island and part on water. The route is simple: it begins in the East village, on the road to Telaga Bay area where a boat down to the water and goes around the Cape with the lighthouse and swims across the Bay the Marina of Telaga Harbour. A great variety of landscapes or animals you will not see here, but as a short entertainment (tour lasts 3-45 minutes) is very pleasant to children. One of the most impressive moments in the walk is the entrance of the boat in the water, and the types of luxury yachts and boats in the Bay and the Marina. If you're lucky, in the water you can see dolphins, and over the water of the red eagles.

    🕐 Working time: tours leave approximately every hour (there are at least 10 people) from 09:00 to 19:00. In bad weather do not go

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: the cost of the tour is 38 ringgit for adults, 22 for children 4-18 years old, under 4 free. There is also a family ticket 100 ringgit for 2 adults + 2 children

    🚶 How to get there: boats, amphibious start from the ticket office at the main gate of Oriental village from the Parking lot (the start of the tour on the map). Here, at the box office, tickets are purchased on the tour.

  • Museum of 3D paintings Believe Langkawi

    Believe Langkawi

    Believe Langkawi is a Museum of 3D paintings, although for some reason the authors claimed as a 5D Museum, which, of course, does not happen. Of course, there really is not a Museum, but simply attraction. Here, as in other similar places can be plenty of fun for photographing herself in various funny stories.

    🕐 Working time: daily from 10:00 to 20:00 (last entry 19:30)

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: adults – 25 ringgit for children (4-18 years) – 20 / seniors (over 60) – 15 / family ticket (2 adults+2 children) – 80 ringgit

    🚶 How to get: Believe Langkawi is located on the first floor of the shopping complex is Langkawi Fair, which is located in Kuah town near the eagle Square (Believe Langkawi on the map).

  • Museum of 3D paintings Art In Paradise

    Музей 3d-картин

    Another attraction of 3D paintings located in the East village. It can be visited separately for a fee, or when buying a ticket for the cable car, it is included in the price. For private use they are a bit overpriced.

    🕐 Working time: daily from 10:00 to 20:00 (last entry 19:30)

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: adult – 38 ringgit for children (4-18 years) – 28 / free with the purchase of a ticket for the cable car

    🚶 How to get: Art In Paradise is located in the East village

  • A mini-zoo with tigers

    Тигр, Лангкави

    Mini zoo tigers Tiger! Tiger! Langkawi actually contains only one tiger, or rather tigress named Zanah. There is also an elephant which you can feed, and a café with great coffee.

    🕐 Working time: from 10:00 to 18:00

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free feeding the elephant 15 ringgit

    🚶 How to get there: located next to the cable car and Oriental village (Mini zoo of tigers on a map of Langkawi).

  • Orchid farm in Langkawi

    Ферма орхидей, Лангкави

    This is the largest Orchid farm in the North of Malaysia. Here are grown more than 200 species of these amazing colors. If you love orchids, and even fond of its cultivation at home, then you should definitely go and see here. During the visit you can around the plantation, to study the methods of cultivation. But if understand well English, you can ask the staff to give you a tour, during which they will show and tell how to grow and care for plants. For a wide range of tourists the place would not be very interesting.

    🕐 Working time: from 10:00 to 18:00

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 10 ringgit

    🚶 How to get: Orchid farm in Langkawi is in the West of the island close to Kuah (Orchid farm on the map). You can only get here by taxi or rented transport. The farm maintains the same road as Wat Koh Wanararm, on the main road Jalan Ayer Hangat eats the mouse, and in the temple, and on the farm.

  • La Ferme des bisons

    Ферма бизонов

    Farm bison or Buffalo (Buffalo Park Langkawi) is not only fun for tourists but a real farm where these animals are grown, produced and processed their milk. During a visit to the farm with the tourists are guided tours, during which in detail tell about these animals and show you how to make cheese "Mozarella" and other cheeses. You can also ride in a cart drawn by buffaloes, and the most daring can try to take a ride. And, of course, in a cafe in the farm are available products produced on the farm: milk, cheese, ice cream, jagrut from the milk of Buffalo steaks.

    Overall, the place is not bad, the kids love it here. And if you have reviewed all of the attractions on the island and you are not busy, you can drop here.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: entrance for adults is 5 ringgit for children (under 12 years) 3 ringgit. Riding the Buffalo 35, 15 steak, ice cream 2 ringgit

    🕐 Working time: from 10:00 to 17:00, Friday holiday

    🚶 How to get there: the farm is located in the Central part of the island (the bison farm on the map).

  • Tropical fruit farm MARDI

    MARDI Langkawi Agro Technology Park is a high – tech tropical fruit farm. Here on 35 acres are gardens of exotic fruits such as durian, rambutan, pineapple, mango, jackfruit etc., in total more than 20 kinds. This, of course, only a small proportion of all types of exotic fruits, but this is one of the few places where you can see how they grow the crystals on a farm. The visit consists of a trip around the farm in the minivan with a guide and tasting of fruit.

    🕐 Working time: from 09:00 to 17:00, Friday holiday

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: guided tour costs 25 ringgit

    🚶 How to get there: the farm is located in the Central part of the island at the foot of Gunung Raya (thefruit farm on the map).

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