The Pantai Cenang in Langkawi

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Пляж Пантаи Ченанг, Лангкави

The Pantai Cenang (Pantai Cenang, Cenang Beach also) is just five kilometers from airport Langkawi (Pantai Cenang on the map). This is the most popular beach and tourist area on the island of Langkawi. Here mainly is budget accommodation, so if you want to save, it is best to begin the search from here, but it is better to book in advance, especially during high season (November to March). Here you can rent not only a room in the hotel or the Guesthouse, but also a home for the long term.

The beach here is not perfect, but very good. The sand is very small, the sandy strip is very wide, all the traditional water activities are. Sun loungers and parasols are available to rent for 10 ringgit. The sunsets here are wonderful. Sometimes on the shore throwing waves of trash, but carefully and conscientiously cleaned in the morning.

The whole area and the beach of Pantai Cenang stretched on 2 kilometres in length. Basic infrastructure is concentrated along the main street Jalan Pantai Chenang, which runs parallel to the beach. Way to stay on the shore does not interfere, because it is at a distance and separated from it by a number of hotels. Along the street are hotels, cafes and restaurants, travel agencies, duty free shops, stalls, there is a large shopping center. Here is the aquarium (Underwater World), and karting. Despite the fact that it is the most touristic place in Langkawi, night life here is virtually none, and midnight on the street for almost no one, working only a few bars and restaurants.

🚶 How to get there: to get to Cenang only by taxi. The trip from the airport will cost 20 ringgit (refer to the currency of Malaysia, the exchange rate).

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Albert, 25 February, 2018
The situation in February 2018. Took a 30 min walk from Cenang room in a 6 apartment building. Rengit 800 per month. The hostess has requested a further 800 as Deposit for water and electricity. The house is not on the road, have a banana garden, hot water, TV, but no kitchen and refrigerator. Since we are the first tenants and no one other in a brand new building, we asked for a refrigerator. Prices have not been as accustomed to the variety of fruits and competitive prices on Samui. Still look on the island rynecki and budget cafes. ...
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