The Island Of Langkawi

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General information

Вечерняя пальма на Лангкави

The island of Langkawi (Langkawi, Pulau Langkawi) is in the North of Malaysia in the namesake archipelago of 99 Islands in the Andaman sea. Both the island and the archipelago are located near the Maritime border of Malaysia and Thailand (Langkawi on the interactive map of Malaysia). The island is part of Kedah state, and located at a distance of 30 kilometers from the mainland. The maximum length of the island is 30 kilometers. The capital and largest city on the island is Kuah (Kuah). Of the 99 Islands are inhabited only 4 the largest.

When tourists talk about Langkawi, often means a Langkawi island, not an archipelago. It is the most popular island resort on the West coast of mainland Malaysia and competes in popularity with Penang, far ahead of him.

The Ministry of tourism of Malaysia has positioned the island as a holiday destination for wealthy tourists, but, fortunately, in practice all not so. Of course, Langkawi has several beaches, lined with posh expensive hotels, where ordinary tourist with an average income do not get, and there is nothing particularly to do. But still, the main part of the island's beaches, including the most popular beaches of Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah, very affordable price, but still are the most hilarious places on the island. Even the budget traveler with a backpack can easily find accommodation, whether it's a cheap Langkawi hotel or a room in the Guesthouse. And the prices for food and entertainment are not exorbitant: everything is very accessible and inexpensive, and alcoholic beverages and cigarettes are generally sold without duties, unlike the rest of Malaysia, where they are very expensive.

Панорама пляжа на Лангкави Panorama of beach in Langkawi

Stay on Langkawi

Площадь орла, Лангкави

The stay in Langkawi in the first place beach. The beaches on the Langkawi island and adjacent small Islands of the archipelago, very clean and comfortable. There are also quite a lot of secluded beaches. Settling next to a beach Bungalow for a while you can become a master of your own beach and a small uninhabited island. If you want outdoor entertainment, shopping, delicious food, and this island enough. To bored you don't have to. Of course, Langkawi doesn't compare to the rampage of entertainment with the legendary Pattaya in Thailand, or even on the scale of street trading with the same Penang, but at your choice you can visit the cable car and the Langkawi bridge, aquarium, crocodile farm, African Buffalo farm, fruit plantation. You can also visit the numerous waterfalls of the island, to make trekking a walk in the jungle and on the beach, besides swimming, enjoy water sports (entertainment). And still it is possible with a tour or hiring a boat tour to nearby Islands.

Подвесной мост, Лангкави

Spend your evening at one of the many restaurants or cafes, tasting dishes of the traditional cuisine of Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Chinese. Unfortunately, the gatherings in the bar, restaurant or cafe and the evening would have to end, because the nightlife on the island is almost no.

No outstanding historical or cultural attractions in Langkawi you will not find. But there are many natural attractions and beauties, tourist attractions and entertainment, so the island will be something to see and do.

Public transport on the island there. You can rent a motorbike, a car or just a bike and go explore the nooks and crannies of the island on your own.

And one small but good gift for the guests of the island is that the whole island is a duty free zone. Accordingly, the prices of many goods, including very expensive in Malaysia alcohol is low. To buy goods without taxes in the duty free shop, which are all tourist spots.

Weather Langkawi tourist seasons

Пляж Пантаи Ченанг, Лангкави Sunset on Cenang beach

Langkawi island is located in the Equatorial climate throughout the year is hot and Sunny. Here you can relax all year round, but in order not to spoil your vacation, you should consider high, medium and low seasons:

High season runs from November to March, with the peak in January-March. It's the perfect time for a beach holiday, because rain, clouds and wind will not interfere. Of the Doge in this period is almost never, the sea is very calm, no waves.

Mid season is in April-August. It is the optimum time for those who want to save money and get a good rest. At this time, can happen the rains, the sky is closed by clouds, but it momentarily. Bad weather usually happens in the second half for, and is very fast. Within an hour or two no trace remains from the last downpour. What is good in this period, much less tourists, lower prices. Some hotels offer discounts of up to 50% of the price in high season!

Low season (rainy season) in September and October. At this time, the rains are becoming more frequent. Often the sky is overcast. In fact, even at this time can have a good rest, just need to be prepared for the fact that for a few hours each day may rain, as part of the tourist infrastructure is closed for repairs and upgrades.

Seasons Langkawi by months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Langkawi and forecast

The time in Langkawi

The time in Malaysia and the Langkawi ahead of Moscow 5 hours. From winter to summer is not translated.

The current time in Malaysia*
The time difference with the cities:
Moscow: +5 Samara: +4
Kazan: +5 Nizhny Novgorod: +5
Ekaterinburg: +3 Novosibirsk: +1
Irkutsk: 0 Vladivostok: -2
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Helpful information

Карта Лангкави

Duty-free Langkawi. The island has a large number of duty-free shops. The interior of some of them more like the gift shop or warehouse, but the prices and the range is less than that of airport duty-free. Before you decide to buy, go around some of these stores, as prices can vary.

Where are the duty-free shops in Langkawi? Duty-free you can find in any tourist place, including all the beaches. The largest concentration of duty-free shops in the East Village (Oriental Village) - more than 30 shops. Quite a lot of duty-free shopping area of Cenang beach.

Banks, ATMs, credit cards. Most national banks have placed their branches on the island, and they are in Kuah town. In each Bank you can find exchange offices and ATM (supports international plastic cards Visa, Mastercard, Cirrus, Maestro). ATMs are also found in the Langkawi airport, at various locations in Kuah, in Kuah jetty jetty, on the beach of Pantai Cenang. Credit cards are accepted in almost all shops and hotels.

Currency exchange, money changers at Langkawi. Currency exchange on the island will have no difficulty, but the rate here is lower than in Kuala Lumpur or Penang, so if possible, better take care of the currency exchange in advance in KL. Almost any hotel can exchange currency, but at a reduced rate. Also offices are located at the airport, Kuah, Jetty Point Complex (shopping center next to the Marina Jetty Kuah, Pantai Cenang, Padang Matsirat, Langkawi Fair. The best exchange rate in shopping centers in Kuah. In Pantai Cenang the price is lower, but closer to the Underwater World he rises. The difference of course in different exchangers Langkawi can reach 5%, so it makes sense not to hurry and look for where the course povygodney

The exchange rate at Langkawi airport. The exchange rate at the airport of Langkawi is almost no different for the worse from the rate in exchange offices in the resorts. So you can easily change the currency at the local money for the first time.

Where it is possible to do on Langkawi island snorkeling? To be honest, good snorkelinganywhere. Sandy beaches, constant waves and, accordingly, muddy water. The underwater world is quite poor. For snorkeling you need to sail to the neighbouring Islands. For this there are organized excursions for the day, and you can take a boat rental.

Swimming at the beach of Pantai Pasir Tengkorak. If you go for a swim at Pantai Pasir Tengkorak, watch out for your belongings, and it is better to bathe in the queue. Living here monkeys easily could leave you without purse, or clothing.

The flow of traffic. Traffic in Malaysia drives on the left. In order to quickly cope with the rebuild with right-hand traffic for left-hand, mark with something bright and noticeable, such as with tape, the right part of the motorcycle handlebar or the instrument panel of the car, and stay on the road always this way.

Snakes on Langkawi. On the island there are indeed some kinds of poisonous snakes, but the chances of meeting a snake, even a tour of the island jungle, very low. You can calmly go on trekking excursions, without fear of meeting them.

Refueling and gasoline in Langkawi. 1 liter of gasoline in Langkawi is 2.1 ringgit, equivalent to about 26 rubles. Gas stations are not very many so it is better to determine in advance where you will refuel. Where are the gas stations, you can ask the locals and they are marked on the free tourist maps that you can pick up at the airport, hotels and travel agencies.

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Yes, Telagi closer, only 20 minutes on the motorbike, in the car, the same probably. Take of course a taxi, there's no other way to Langkawi in General. Taxi will find immediately without any problems when entering the Parking lot. About to change money in Telaga, you can't tell, it should be theoretically. In the port of Kuah in the airport too, and there should be. Well, at least in the airport will change and pay driver. Theoretically should be sharing and on Lipe, but I was not there. Crossed from Satun to Langkawi, there just was exchange from Thai baht to Malaysian, course acceptable.
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admin 15 November, 2018

Hello Sana! No problems on the bike, the terrain mostly flat. As far as I remember, the perimeter of the island, only one place will have uphill to go - it's beyond the airport towards the crocodile farm. And with a choice of side of the island much of a choice then and there: only of Pantai Cenang or Tengah ...
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