Bus and railway station of Kuala Lumpur

The transport system of Kuala Lumpur is the most developed system of public transport, and at the same time very complex and confusing to understand it the first time. To simplify the understanding in the previous section: "How to get into Kuala Lumpur?", and the following sections: "how to travel around Kuala Lumpur? Transport", we will present a brief description of the most important bus and railway stations, transportation hubs of KL, we denote their location on the map and describe the possible usefulness for the purposes of tourism.

You don't need to read this section. In the corresponding place of the other articles you can click on the hyperlink on the name of the station and gets on the background information in this section.

Of course, this is not a complete list of stations and transport nodes, as to describe all of them, would probably make a separate site. But, if you can't find information about a particular station, please write to the forum. We complete the section.

Map with bus and train stations in Kuala Lumpur and benchmarks

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Ожидайте, карта загружается

Transport hubs

  • KL Sentral. In writing of the name of this transport node is no error, at least from the point of view of Malaysians. Everywhere the station name is spelled exactly Sentral and not Central. Malaysians are not too resorted to spelling of names, and just altered them from other languages (in this case, apparently, with English), as I hear. The station is located in the district of Brickfields (Kl Sentral on the map).
    Whatever it was written and not spoken, the station KL Sentral is the main transport hub of the city and one of the most important points for exploring Kuala Lumpur, and whole Malaysia. Despite the fact that KL Sentral is primarily a railway station (and the largest in Southeast Asia), through it or next to it are almost all kinds of urban and intercity transport:
    • Station intercity train KTM intercity trains.
    • Line Kelana Jaya Line LRT urban metro Rail.
    • Two lines of KTM Komuter.
    • Line trains to the international airport Express Rail Link and Rail Transit Link.
    • The Terminus of the monorail KL Monorail (located 140 metres from KL Sentral via a covered walkway).
    Furthermore, KL Sentral is the point of departure/arrival of many buses to/from the suburbs, international airport and many city buses.
    KL Sentral is a huge complex, which has a rather complex multi-level layout. On different levels (floors) are various modes of transport, and next to the building in all sorts of places are starting Parking different bus companies, and find that it is sometimes very difficult. So if you purchased a ticket for long distance bus departing from KL Sentral, be sure to find out from the seller exactly where the bus leaves and arrive at the station in advance to find the bus because of the faith of the sellers no. Detailed floor plans and description of the station in English can be found on the official website of the station http://www.stesensentral.com/.
    A little bit to understand all the transport mess around stations will help you a little map of the surrounding area KL Sentral:
    карта KL Sentral

Bus station

  • Станция Пудурайя

    Pudu Raya (Pudu Sentral Puduraya or Pudu Raya) – the old bus station, a survivor of the 2010 global update, and re-open in August 2011.

    This is the most important bus station in KL. For tourists its importance consists mainly in the fact that this station is accessible from/to go with her to the international airport of Kuala Lumpur (as in KLIA and KLIA2). It also allows you to get on the bus to suburban capital. Attention! In 2015, all Dalniy bus routes transferred from this station to autosbytel BTS (Bandar Tasik Selatan ).

    The station is located at the intersection of Jalan Pudu and Jalan tun Perang (Pudu Raya on the map). It's practically the Western side of the Bukit Bintang area and East of Chinatown, so, arriving at this station, you can immediately begin the search for a hotel in these areas, although, given the size of the district, on foot you have to walk under the scorching sun a couple of kilometers. From the station to the Central tourist street of Chinatown can be reached on foot in 10 minutes. But in the vicinity of the station, you can find plenty of hotels in different price categories. Literally leaving the station you will stumble on a few inexpensive guesthouses on the opposite side of the road.

    To get to Pudu Raya station or depart from it in other parts of the city from Plaza Rakyat station (located approximately 200 meters and is connected to Puduraya covered walkway) of the Ampang line of the city metro (LRT Rail). Here also are many routes of city buses.

    Read also the detailed information how to get from Pudu Raya station to the airport.

  • Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (bus station TBS) / (southern bus terminal). In 2015, the station became home to KL. The vast majority of long-distance bus from Kuala Lumpur departs from this bus terminal, including buses to Singapore and Thailand. Located quite far from the city center, but fortunately to get to/leave you on the airport metro KLIA Transit, urban Rail, LRT, commuter trains KTM Komuter station (station Bandar Tasik lines Rawang-Seremban), buses (comfortable Marshrut No. 690 to the centre and Pudu Raya station). Terminal Bersepadu Selatan on the map. Read more about the TBS station here.

  • Putra bus station (Putra Bus Terminal/Hentian Putra). With Putra, you can go by bus to the East coast of Malaysia, including the States of Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan. The station is located next to Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC). To reach the station easily at the Ampang line LRT urban metro Rail station PWTC, and commuter train KTM Komuter station to Putra KTM. Putra station on the map)

Monorail station (the Monorail)

  • Maharajalela Monorail station. This station is located near Chinatown and will be your goal, if you decide to stay in this area. Not to say that it is right in Chinatown, but it's the closest monorail station and she will have to walk 10-15 minutes walk (half a mile from the heart of Chinatown).
  • Imbi, Bukit Bintang and Raja Chulan. Depending on what part of the area of Bintang area around you can walk to one of these stations of the monorail. To sort out which station is closest, depending on your location, see where the stations on the map.

The city's underground subway (LRT Rail)

  • Two metro stations Plaza Rakyat and Hang Tuah is the closest station to the area of Bukit Bintang. Both stations are on the Ampang line. The entrance to the station Plaza Rakyat directly from Puduraya bus station by a walkway.
    Unfortunately, metro lines (LRT Rail) walked around the Bukit Bintang area side, and to these stations, you will have quite a walk. If you live in Northern or North-Eastern part of the district, then to the stations you have to walk a kilometer and a half. The alternative is the monorail, which station Bukit Bintang can be reached either to the transfer station Hang Tuah (Ampang line) or KL Sentral (Kelana Jaya line).
    See the position of the stations on the map.
  • The urban metro station Masjid Jamek is good because you can sit on either of the two branches of city metro LRT. The station is located relatively close to Chinatown, within a 10-minute walk away.

Commuter station (KTM Komuter)

  • Batu Caves KTM Komuter station. The terminal station of line Batu Caves-Port Kelang, is interesting to visit the famous Batu caves, one of the attractions of KL. Located a few hundred meters from the cave entrance.
    The sale of tickets at this station operates from 6: 00 to 21:30 and the last train leaves the city at 22:35. Journey time to/from KL Sentral, according to the schedule – 29 min. The fare to/from KL Sentral is RM2,0
    Where is the Batu Caves KTM Komuter station you can see on the map.
  • KTM Komuter Kuala Lumpur Station and Bank Negara KTM Komuter Station. Nothing remarkable in these plants, except that these stations are part of both lines of KTM Komuter trains and is located in the Central part of the city, rather almost on its border. Through stations are both lines of suburban trains.
    If you live in the city, particularly in Chinatown, the station is Kuala Lumpur KTM Komuter Station is accessible from any part of Chinatown for a maximum of ten minutes walk. You'll have to move to the other side of the river across the bridge.
    If you are staying in the Bukit Bintang area, to any of the stations you will have to make a serious March with a length of up to 3 kilometers in sweltering heat.
    The location of the stations see the map.
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Need to clarify whether you have to change terminal from international to budget, because there is also fly international flights. If there is a change, that's right, you get the Luggage, but then do not return to satellite and go to KLIA2 on aerotrain - https://nashaplaneta.net/asia/malaysia/ ... kliatolcct.
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