How to get to Kuala Lumpur

On the plane

Most often, visitors arrive in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur, arriving at the international airport Kuala Lumpur International Airport or Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah.

Until recently, between Russia and Malaysia were absent, direct flights, and access was only possible for flights with transfers. Most often it is the airlines Quatar Airways, Air Astana (carries out flights not only from Moscow), Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, etc. From other Asian countries is very low cost you can get Asian budget carrier AirAsia.

The cheapest flights from Russia to Kuala Lumpur:

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Find and book tickets to Kuala Lumpur on the date you can through the search form below, as well as options of the cheapest flights on any date you can view and book here: the cheapest air tickets to Kuala Lumpur.

  • The international airport of Kuala Lumpur (KLIA and KLIA2)

    Международный аэропорт Куала-Лумпура

    Kuala Lumpur International Airport is one of the biggest airports in the world, takes all international flights to Kuala Lumpur. Located about 50 kilometers South of the city in Sepang (Sepang) (airport of Kuala Lumpur on the map). Details about the airport Kuala

    The airport consists of two terminals: the main KLIA and low cost carrier terminal KLIA2 (to replace the previously existing terninal LCCT, which is now very much closed). Both the international terminal. Moving between terminals is carried out by a special train KLIA Ekspress (2 ringgit, for 3 minutes):

    • Main terminal, KLIA (pronounced Kay-El-Oh-El). Most international flights arrive at the main terminal. On arrival you first get into a cross-shaped satellite terminal (Satellite terminal), which is inside the airfield. To get to the satellite terminal only via the main terminal or the plane. Satellite and main terminal are connected by a free automatic train "Aero train" that go literally every few minutes. By train you have to get to the main terminal, which is already happening, passport control, checking visas and baggage claim.

    • The low cost carrier terminal, KLIA2. The terminal used by the budget airlines AirAsia, Tiger Airways, Cebu Pacific, etc., and all their flights, including internal, are performed here.

    How to get from KLIA to the city?

    • Taxi:

      This is, as usual, the easiest and most convenient way to get into town to your hotel or from the hotel to the airport.

      When arriving at the airport are advised to use Airport Limo taxi and to refuse the services of informal taxis and the local bomb. The cost of travel by Airport Limo taxi is a fixed per journey (not the meter) and is 70 RM (Malaysian Currency) RM 100 depending on the car class and destination in the city. To get inexpensive taxi should be at the front of the order to request a budget taxi, otherwise you can slip and limousine. To use the official taxis, you must first purchase a ticket for one of the three pillars Limo taxi: when you exit the international arrival hall (International Arrival Hall); at the arrival hall of internal flights (Domestic Arrival Hall); in the baggage claim area of the domestic flights arrival (Domestic Baggage Reclaim).

      If you do decide to take advantage of the airport taxi, be prepared that taxi drivers will try to cheat you and charge you more money. You can find a taxi outside the airport or in the Parking lot, but be sure to confirm with the driver the final price in advance, and even better, write it on a piece of paper and show the driver that you accurately understand each other.

      Can also order a taxi by using the search box, and driver will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign:

      How does a transfer bookingDetails >
      Поиск трансфераFind the right route
      Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
      Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station
    • Автобус из аэропорта Bus:

      Buses are less convenient transportation to get from the airport to the city, but much cheaper. Buses are comfortable, air-conditioned.

      Bus station the main airport terminal (KLIA): All buses ( in KL and other cities, and to LCCT) recovering and waiting passengers on the covered Parking, which is located at the exit of the main terminal on the ground floor across the road, on the right, unit C. you can Get there also possible without leaving the airport, follow the signs "LCCT shuttle service".

      There are several operators that fly to/from city bus stand, main terminal. Here are the main:

      • Airport Coach. Very comfortable and high-quality operator, in addition to the implementation of direct flights to/from the airport for a fee of RM 25 can drop off or pick up to/from the hotel.
        The bus leaves every 30 minutes from the airport from 6:30 until 00:30 and advanced at 3:30 at night. From KL leave from 5:00 to 23:00 and advanced at 2:00. Journey time 1-1. 5 hours. The final station in KL - KL Sentral. From the airport leave from platform No. 1 bus station main terminal. Tickets cost RM10 (RM6 child) one way and RM18 return. Tickets at the airport are sold at the ticket office number 3; in KL on the lower level of KL Sentral. On the official website of the carrier - available schedule and cost.
      • Starwira. The Star Shuttle buses leave from the main terminal and follow to the station Pudu Raya, close to Chinatown. The cost of the trip RM10 (from KL - RM12). Buses depart every 30 minutes around the clock. This operator also offers delivery to the hotel (according to hotel list on the website) for RM18 and transfer from the hotel to the place of departure of the bus for RM20. In addition Starwira provides transportation in Ipoh (Ipoh) and Sialum (Sitiawan, to get to Pangkor island). On the official website of the carrier you can check the timetable and cost if the information in this article obsolete.Attention! From Kuala Lumpur buses depart not from the station itself, and from the street nearby MyDin Mall (at least at night and in the morning). Be sure to ask in advance about the place of departure of the bus at the box office Starwira at the station.
    • By train: Поезд KLIA Express

      It is the fastest way to get to the city centre. Two types of trains provide connection between the main terminal of the airport and KL City Air Terminal (KL CAT) at the station KL Sentral:

      • KLIA Express. To end without stops at the station in 28 minutes. But will this trip cost you RM 55 (RM 25 for children under 12 years; under 2 years free). Trains depart every 15 minutes during peak hours and every 20 minutes the rest of the time. Trains from 5 a.m. until midnight.
      • KLIA Transit. Different from the Express fact that it makes the path of three stops at Salak Tinggi, Putrajaya, and Bandar Tasik Selatan, and the total journey time is 35 minutes. The cost from the airport to KL Sentral also RM55. Trains depart every 30 minutes.

      You can pre-buy an electronic ticket on a train here Payment by Visa or Mastercard.

    How to get from KLIA2 to the city?

    • Taxi:

      Exactly the same as when traveling from the main terminal, it is recommended to use official taxis and not to mess with the traders. In order to take a taxi, you must first purchase a ticket at the taxi Desk in the baggage claim area. A taxi rank is located immediately at the exit of the airport. The cost is fixed and depends on the car class and destination in the city (100 RM). If you want to save, then ask for the budget taxi counter.

    • Bus:

      Between KLIA2 and the city transportation is carried out by several operators. You can also directly from here to go to other cities in the country without a transplant. Main operators:

      • Starwira. Buses Star Shuttle company Starwira follow to the station Pudu Raya in KL near Chinatown. The fare RM8 (From KL - RM12). Buses depart every 30 minutes around the clock. This operator also offers delivery to the hotel (according to hotel list on the website) for RM18 and transfer from the hotel to the place of departure of the bus for RM20. In addition Starwira provides transportation in Ipoh (Ipoh) and Sialum (Sitiawan, to get to Pangkor island). On the official website of the carrier you can track changes in schedule and cost, and book a ticket.
      • SkyBus. Skybase run between KLIA2 and KL Sentral every half hour all day and night. The cost is RM9. About changing the schedule and cost please check on the website of the carrier
      • Aerobus. Buses from KL Sentral every half hour from 04:30 to 01:30, and depart from the KL Sentral to LCCT from 03:15 to 22:30. The cost of one way ticket is RM8 (children 2 to 12 years – RM4), back part no rm14 (RM8 child). Schedule and cost can be clarified
  • Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah

    Airport Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (formerly Subang, SUBANG) until 1998, was the main airport of the country. With the opening of a new SUBANG airport was closed to only accept turboprop aircraft, and it currently serves only flights of the two airlines: Firefly and Berjaya Air. Both airlines have flights to cities in Malaysia and coming to Malaysia by Asian countries

    Firefly flies within mainland Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Islands of Phuket and Samui in Thailand.

    Berjaya Air flies to the Islands of Tioman and Redang and Koh Samui in Thailand.

    Tickets for flights are best purchased on the airline's website, although you can sometimes find a profitable compound routes through find tickets with these airlines. But be careful when developing such a route. If your flights arrive in KLIA or KLIA2, departure Il SUBANG (well, or Vice versa), it is better to lay 2-3 hours to get from airport to airport.

    SUBANG airport is 25 kilometres from the centre of Kuala Lumpur and more than 50 kilometers away from KLIA and LCCT (SUBANG airport on the map). To get from the city to the airport is easiest by taxi (the meter comes out to about 50 ringgit, 45 min). You can use public transport: in the direction of the airport there are buses of the system of Rapid KL number U81 иU81W, which will cost 3 ringgit. The bus leaves from the station Sultan Mohd Bus Hub, which is adjacent to the Pasar Seni LRT station of the Kelana Jaya line city metro Kuala Lumpur (you can get on a bus and in other places, route information here). Time to airport – 45 minutes – an hour and a half depending on traffic.

By bus

Bus service in Malaysia is very developed, you can reach almost any corner of the country (with the exception of the island of Borneo where you want to fly from mainland) and Thailand (the city of hat Yai) and Singapore.

Many operators offer their services for passengers. Some of them offers online booking and sale of tickets for their flights. Do not have to book your trips in advance, but the site operator you will learn the routes and fares (in the summary table below the schedule of all buses in Kuala Lumpur).

Buses mainly arrive at the main bus station TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan), which is located on the outskirts of the city. To get it to the center for suburban KTM Komuter, subway, urban metro LRT metro from the airport KLIA Transit. For tourists the most convenient to get on the LRT Ampang line, because you can drive to the tourist center of the city. All other types of railway vehicles going to the station KL Sentral, where you can also take the metro or bus to the centre.

Besides the metro, you can reach the tourist centre in the metro Pudu Raya bus 690. Will have to go 40 minutes, but this is the cheapest option, only 1.9 ringgit.

Information about long-distance/international terminals KL, they serve the areas and location you can see the Bus station of Kuala Lumpur.

By train

Details about the trains and railway Malaysia read here.

The cheapest way to get from other cities in Malaysia or neighboring countries (Thailand and Singapore) in Kuala Lumpur is to use rail. For example, from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur can be reached in 34 ringgit, which is approximately equal to 340 rubles.

A railway line connects KL with Singapore to the South and should be in the Thai city of Hat Yai and then to Bangkok to the North. Trains run along railway along the West coast of Malaysia, along the way making stops in major cities of Malaysia.

From Bangkok and most cities in Thailand with direct trains to Malaysia did not go, but you can get there. You have to first drive to the border of Padang Besar station (this station is on the border), here to go through passport and customs control, and then take the train to Kuala Lumpur or any other station in Malaysia. By the way, the cheaper the trip will be released, if you take the train to station Batteries (Butterworth) near the island of Penang, and there go on foot to the bus station and take a bus to Kuala Lumpur (buses depart constantly and very often). Another option – to reach by train, bus or plane to the Thai city of hat Yai, where you can catch a direct train to Kuala Lumpur.

Depart and arrive trains in Kuala Lumpur at the city's main station KL Sentral. When you purchase tickets to Kuala Lumpur, keep in mind that you need to select the destination Sentral Kuala Lumpur (this is station KL Sentral), not Kuala Lumpur.

To buy tickets for trains throughout Malaysia and also in Singapore or in Thailand directly at stations; via the Internet on the website of the carrier; to book by phone or email listed on the website. Tickets can be purchased no earlier than 30 days before departure.

Keep in mind that buying tickets on the train Singapore – Kuala Lumpur you will have to pay more than double the Kuala Lumpur – Singapore. Even if you purchase tickets on the website of the shipping carrier and your itinerary starts in Singapore, still overpay, and almost three times more expensive. These oddities come from the fact that the cost of tickets in Malaysian ringgit are converted at the exchange rate in Singapore dollars (the rate of which is higher), and transferred one to one. To circumvent this oddity purchasing two separate ticket on the same train from Singapore to Johor Bahru on the Malaysian side (and pay for it on the Singapore prices, but a small distance), and a second ticket from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur for the Malaysian rates. If we fail to purchase a ticket Singapore - Johor Bahru on the website, then purchase it at the box office in Singapore.

On the boat

In KL you can not get directly from the sea, since the city is located at a distance of 30 kilometers from the coast. But 40 kilometers from the capital is the town of Port Klang, which is the most important sea port. There is a ferry service to the island of Sumatra (Indonesia).

From Port Klang to KL is easily accessible by bus or use the commuter trains (KTM Komuter), which is part of the urban transport system of KL.

The schedule of buses and trains in Kuala Lumpur

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