Hotels In Kuala Lumpur. Areas, where to stay

Hotels in Kuala Lumpur, where to stay

in Kuala Lumpur almost anywhere you can find cheap accommodation. However, to find a hotel/hotel mid-level and decent quality is quite difficult. Much easier and more reasonable for a small additional fee to find the hotel high-level, of which there are many. In Kuala Lumpur five-star hotels are the cheapest in the world. You can find "five" from$130.

The cheapest hotels and guesthouses mainly concentrated in the Central area, especially in Chinatown (Chinatown). Renting a room for$ 20 for two. In the hostel you can rent a bed in addition to Breakfast from $6. A little more comfortable and tourist accommodation for the same money, and many five-star hotels can be found in the area of the Golden Triangle.

Very popular with backpackers, the streets of Bukit Bintang within Golden Triangle. This place is a 10-minute walk from Chinatown and within walking distance to the Petronas twin towers. The choice of places to stay here longer, they are cleaner and cheaper than Chinatown. Here is a collection of variety of restaurants, cafes, shops for tourists.

Another useful recommendation for selecting the right location, especially if you are an economical traveler and prefer to use public transportation choose a hotel closer to metro station, LRT, and ideally to Masjid Jamek station, where both LRT lines. To settle near the monorail makes no sense, because you almost will never make it.

Find and book a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, you can through the search form. The search is performed in popular South East Asia search engine, Russian language and Russian-speaking support is present:

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Areas of the city and tourist area

The city is conditionally divided into several areas:

  • City Centre (Central district) is the commercial, administrative and commercial centre of the capital and the country. There are many shopping centers, cafes and budget hotels, there are thoroughfares of the city. Popular tourist Chinatown is also in the center:
    • Chinatown (Chinatown, Chinatown).
      Куала-Лумпур, Петалинг стрит в Чайнатауне
      Watch the Chinatown on the map
      This is one of the most popular for tourists is located in the heart of the capital. Chinatown is not really a district, a quarter within the Central area. It was called Chinatown.
      Chinatown lies along the street of Petaling Street (Jalan Petaling) and extends along its surroundings.
      Very often in front of tourists in Kuala Lumpur is faced with a choice - where to get: in Chinatown or nearby the street of Bukit Bintang. In short, Chinatown is a very interesting and one of the most popular tourist destinations with a special flair (mostly Chinese), always noisy and never sleeping nightlife. At the same time, many tourists think this place is too dirty and messy outside here you can see rats and cockroaches running under the trade stalls. Budget accommodation, according to many, is also not very clean and comfort. Bukit Bintang has no flavor and a vibrant nightlife, but for the same money it is possible much better and cozy room.
      However, the cheapest hotels, hostels and guesthouses located in the centre of KL and most of them are concentrated in Chinatown. To find a room here from 25 RM (Malaysian currency) with Breakfast and backpacker beds for RM15.
      If you have settled in Chinatown, a 10 minute walk you will have access to the station commuter trains KTM Komuter Kuala Lumpur Station. At a distance of 5 minutes walk is a bus station Puduraya (Puduraya). Approximately same distance is station Pasar Seni Kelana Jaya line city metro LRT rail. If you want to sit on the Ampang line of the city subway, you just walk 5 minutes to the station Plaza Rakyat or Masjid Jamek. The way to Masjid Jamek, you can take any line from the two lines of LRT. The closest monorail station - Maharajalela is located at a distance of 10-15 minutes walk, unless you get lost along the way.
  • Golden Triangle (Golden triangle) - this area is located in the North-East of the city. Here is the majority of shopping malls and five-star hotels in the city. Also here is the famous twin towers Petronas. Inside the "Golden triangle" also highlighted the areas of Bukit Bintang and Kuala Lumpur City Center:
    • Bukit Bintang (Bukit Bintang).
      Watch Bukit Bintang on the map
      This is another quite popular area, but it is mainly valuable for tourists affordable and quality accommodation. Here, you'll find a little bit far from the extravaganza of Chinatown, but can get more clean and quiet accommodation for the same money. At the same time, the Bukit Bintang is the "shopping" area inside the "Golden triangle". Most of the major shopping centers of the city are located here.
      Bukit Bintang is located in the "Golden triangle" in the vicinity of the same street Jalan Bukit Bintang for its entire length. This street is quite long and the area respectively are also quite large.
      To explore the city using the monorail from the area, you can use one of the stations of the monorail – Imbi, Bukit Bintang or Raja Chulan. Relatively near is a bus station Pudu Raya (Pudu Raya), you come to some buses from the international airport of KL and other cities in the region. Unfortunately, the urban metro line LRT Rail walked around the Bukit Bintang side. The nearest stations are Plaza Rakyat and Hang Tuah the Ampang line is located at a respectful distance, especially if you are going to stay in the Northern part of the district. The alternative is the monorail of Kuala Lumpur, where the station of Bukit Bintang can be reached either to the transfer station Hang Tuah (Ampang line) or KL Sentral (Kelana Jaya line).
    • Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC)
      Watch the Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) on the map
      KLCC is a small area in the Northern part of the Golden Triangle, where the Petronas twin towers. On maps this area is marked KLCC, but don't confuse this area with the Central area of City Center – this is different territory. Here is the same station KLCC city subway line Kelana Jaya.
  • Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Chow Kit – the two areas occupy a small area between the city centre and the "Golden triangle", close adjoining to the towers "Petronas". This is the main "Playground" traditional trade of the capital. Here you can find and buy something that will not be able to find anywhere else in Malaysia. You can find it is budget accommodation.
  • Brickfields (brick plant) – this district lies on the South of the city. This so-called Indian quarter. In the area close to the main train station and transport hub – KL Sentral.
  • Bangsar and Midvalley – these areas are also located South of the city centre. Bangsar is known for its restaurants and nightlife. Midvalley particularly tourists, nothing interesting, except Megamall – one of the most popular places for shopping.
  • Damansara and Hartamas – a suburb in the West of the city, some of its interesting restaurants and drinking establishments.
  • Ampang is a Koreatown in the East of the city. Here is most of the foreign embassies.
  • Northern suburbs (Northern suburbs) is a huge area on the Northern outskirts of the city. Here is most of the entertainment, including Zoo Negara (national zoo), the National Zoo and the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (a huge Park–forest research Institute of Malaysia), Batu Caves (Batu caves).
  • Southern suburbs (southern suburbs) – this area on the southern outskirts, there is nothing particularly interesting for tourists is that the main sports complex (stadium) and the so-called "Park of the miners" (The Mines theme park).

Some idea of the location areas can the study of interactive maps on the website interactive maps on our website

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lancer1978 09 Oct 2014, 08:56
Checked ) ...
Andrey.. 19 Oct 2016, 14:55
I think it possible to travel on a single travel RAPID-KL for 3 days to take the local metro train to Batu caves? ...
admin 19 Oct 2016, 17:14
Hello! No, to the bat need to go to the KMT, and travel is valid only on monorail and LRT. ...
Andrey.. 20 Oct 2016, 20:01
Then it turns out Rapid KL can be used in the city,but not all modes of transport? ...
admin 21 Oct 2016, 04:33
Rather, Rapid KL operates in the city, and KTM is already commuter trains. ...
Katerina 03 Jan 2017, 02:12
September was flying from Bali to Seoul a low-cost carrier airasia via Kuala Lumpur. Specially made dock 12 hours. I walked the entire downtown, while getting to the Petronas twin towers, the whole day there, and spent. To be honest, in addition to towers in the city did not impress, I would be glad if someone tell me that you can still see when we're in town next time. Tip: at the airport terminal, klia2 is very expensive Luggage, take your stuff on the bus to the bus station, there's a lot cheaper. ...
admin 04 Jan 2017, 09:56
On taste and color as they say... but me in KL very much. Even just to be there and walk constantly something new to discover interesting. Of course it's not Bangkok, with its Palace and temples in KL be sure to visit Batu caves, the main mosque, independence square, national Museum. In addition, a lot of interesting places there. ...
Natashi 08 May 2017, 16:00
There are 4 lines of free buses to all the attractions. About them separately is written here. Type in Google free buses KL. To the tower you should go, I was in the restaurant at the same time and ate cheaper than just visit. In fact, the market was very beautiful. Chinatown is not worth, do not go. ...
123 CATHERINE 22 Dec 2017, 02:19
Good day!!! Please tell me we fly from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur after 4 hours flight to Seoul with another airline and will need to get Luggage and check it again, whether I understood what kind of Luggage you need to take a ride on the automatic train Aerotrain, go through passport control then go to baggage, then climbed to the fifth floor to register, check-in baggage and return back to the satellite terminal??? ...
admin 22 Dec 2017, 10:07
Need to clarify whether you have to change terminal from international to budget, because there is also fly international flights. If there is a change, that's right, you get the Luggage, but then do not return to satellite and go to KLIA2 on aerotrain - ... kliatolcct.
If you are not changing terminals, you will have to do as you described. But just in case, verify at check-in and Luggage delivery, can make out from to the end point. This, of course, is unlikely, so it is not accepted, sometimes they are combined flights, when the plane of one airline and tickets from different airlines. ...