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Инсталляция Rapid KL на улице в Куала-Лумпуре The installation of Rapid KL

The urban transport system of Kuala Lumpur is well developed and is constantly evolving, although at first glance it can seem very confusing and complicated. Your choice, you can take advantage of the rail (consisting in turn of several types of transport), a system of buses, taxis.

The main company that covers all types of public transport, is RAPID-KL (Rangkaian Pengangkutan Integrasi Deras Sdn Bhd). It includes three underground lines, Skytrain LRT line, a new Skytrain MRT, monorail, and bus network. To understand all this diversity, you can use the route planner on the website map routes Also available for downloading and installing a few unofficial apps maps.

Buses, monorail and the LRT possible in a single pass RAPID-KL or using the card Touch n Go. But if you're in town for a couple of days, it makes little sense in them, and it will be cheaper to use single tickets that are purchased before you travel from any station vending machines.

Also a very attractive option is the KL TravelPass. It includes the trip from the airport by Aeroexpress ARL, and unlimited movement for all city subway (LRT, MRT and monorail) within two days. Such tickets are sold in the ticket office of the Aeroexpress to the airport and on the ground floor of KL Sentral. Cost 70 ringgit (Aeroexpress to one side) and 115 (Aeroexpress to both sides).

Well, it is worth to mention about the free Shuttle bus Go KL. They ply on four routes, very convenient for tourists, and completely free.

About all the modes of transport in Kuala Lumpur and transportation, read more more:


Пешеходы в Куала-Лумпуре Pedestrians in KL

The centre of KL is quite compact, and just walking distance there is a lot to see. But we must be prepared for the relentless heat, high humidity and not very comfortable walking infrastructure.

The geography of the city quite simple and will not cause any difficulties experienced hikers, but because of the smooth bends of the roads is sometimes lost direction. Besides the free tourist maps are very inaccurate and can be misleading. But that's okay, you can see some handy pointers, and you can additionally rely on them. Do not hesitate to ask passers-by, they always help.

The traffic on the roads of KL is just crazy, especially in the Central areas. Few pedestrians at crossings. Some pedestrian crossings are equipped with a "on demand" with a delay. In some places the transition is organized in the form of a pedestrian bridge, but not very much.

Пешеходный указатель в Куала-Лумпуре Walking the pointer in KL

Given the complexity of the traffic when crossing the road even at pedestrian crossings should be extremely cautious (to cross the street wherever pedestrian crossing). Just take a look at where and how to cross the road by the locals, and feel free to follow along with them. It is important not to cross the road, not to twitch and not to rush from side to side in another thread. Speed here is not great, so that drivers see you on the road, or will travel, or miss out.

The fine for crossing the road in not put place or to red signal theoretically entails a penalty of RM 20, but police on the road is almost not visible, and if they appear, they are not pedestrians.


Такси в Куала-Лумпуре Taxi in Kuala Lumpur

The city is constantly runs a number of different taxi companies and private owners without a license. Of course, it is recommended to use the official (proprietary) taxi cars which are easily recognizable by their original coloring. All cars (except private owners) use the meters, but the drivers under different pretexts try to offer the trip at a fixed price. We recommend you to go to the counter because the price without a meter is always several times higher.

The cost of a taxi varies in colour car, although in principle between machines and the service there is no difference:

  • Cheapest – orange-white and red-and-white machines: they fit and the first kilometre costs 3 ringgit (about $ 0.77 US, see money of Malaysia and the exchange rate, over the next kilometer 1 ringgit. Thus a trip within the city centre for 3 miles on the meter will cost 5 ringgit (about 1.3 USD).
  • Almost twice as expensive as the blue taxi: landing and first mile 6 ringgit for each subsequent kilometer is 2 ringgit.

Will also have to pay extra for large Luggage (about 1 ringgit), phone call (2 ringgit), the use of toll roads. If you're in a traffic jam, the meter's running time, but much slower. For the trip in the night from 12 to 6am, and sometimes even for two or more passengers in addition to the meter readings will be charged at 50%. Ie if the meter is RM 10, payment will be RM 15.

Read more about taxi in Kuala Lumpur can be found here

Car rental

Дорога в Куала-Лумпуре The road to Kuala Lumpur

To rent a car or motorbike in Malaysia, it is necessary to have international law, in the form of booklets, which are issued in addition to the basic national rights (see the whole truth about driver's license abroad). You can get them in the local traffic police or the DCP, in this case to take re-exams not required. You can arrange the IDP on the website of public services.of the Russian Federation. The cost of registration is discounted through the website services will be 1120 rubles.

Remember that traffic in Malaysia is left-handed. Traffic in Kuala Lumpur is very dense, the roads are confusing and complicated. So a few times think before to take the car to rent.

Rent a car at the airport of Kuala Lumpur as well as in the car rental office in the city. Price starts from $ 25 per day. It is best to search and book a car rental through the Internet using the search form and compare prices from different distributors:

To find a car for rent in Kuala Lumpur


Монорельс КЛ

Subway system and commuter trains in Kuala Lumpur is very developed. There are several types:

  • Light Rail Transit/Mass Rapid Transit (abbr. LRT/MRT) – the underground city. The underground city, covering the main areas of the city, but passing under the earth and above it.
  • Monorail Line – the monorail line. The only line metro complements the city's metro, but the stations very little.
  • KTM Komuter is a commuter train. Mainly used to get out of the city and to the suburbs.
  • The ERL or KLIA Transit and KLIA Express is an Express train to the airport. Only need to get to/from the airport to Kuala Lumpur and to move between airport terminals, but in General more expensive than the bus ride to the airport.

The fare for all types of metro depends on the length of the trip, and varies from station to station. In General, the fare is cheap, from 1 ringgit for the trip. When buying you have to call at the ticket office or machine to specify the start and end station of the trip, and pay the amount.

The ticket control is in automatic turnstiles at the entrance to the platform and exit. If you get off at the wrong station, the turnstiles will not let you.

Read more about subway in Kuala Lumpur, and how to use it here...

The system of tourist buses Hop-On-Hop-Off

Автобус Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Hop-On-Hop-Off

In the TC system operates tourist buses Hop-On-Hop-Off. Hop-On-Hop-Off – this is a paid tourist bus, plying on a particular route with an interval of 20-30 minutes and makes stops at places of attractions. In Kuala Lumpur, these stops 22, which cover 40 minutes. Buses run 365 days a year without a single day off since 8:00 to 20:00. They are fully adapted for the disabled.

The principle of use is quite simple: buy a ticket (in advance online http://www.myhoponhopoff.comand can when entering the bus), find the nearest stop for these buses and waiting. To recognize them easily: they are two story and are filled with tourists with cameras. When the bus approaches, show the ticket (or buy) and go. Get off at any stop, walk, see the sights, and come back to a stop. Then again go to another spot on the same ticket. And so, until you examine what you want, or all that time since the tickets are 24 hours and 48 hours.

  • 24-hour ticket - 50 ringgit adult; 25 - children, students, disabled
  • 48-hour ticket - adult 90 ringgit; 45 - children, students, disabled
  • Children under 5 years stay free of charge.

It's certainly not cheap, but if you have lack of time, and look like a lot, it's a great alternative to the standard urban transport on which you are going to lose a lot of time sorting out the intricacies. By the way, the tickets are open, i.e. you can buy on the website at home and use any time you want. The countdown begins from the date of first boarding the bus.

What are the advantages? On Board free Wi-Fi, a rooftop outdoor area, there are audio guides in 9 languages, but not Russian.

But among used the buses Hop-On-Hop-Off and dissatisfied. Cons do exist. Because of the huge traffic jams in peak hours in the capital (almost all day) buses are moving very slowly for a long time standing at the crossroads. Sometimes it is faster to go on foot distance from stop to stop than to ride the bus. Full circle on the route without stops according to some reviews, take a full 3.5 hours. This is the time you will lose out on a seat on the bus and explore the city through a window or from a platform on the roof instead of close to get acquainted with the city. Well, another drawback, in General, a rather high fare. The cost of the ticket for 24 hours you can drive around almost all of the same attractions by metro+taxi, and you will not be limited in time 24 hours and can stretch this period even for a few days.

Official website, map of the route and to purchase tickets -

The system is free Shuttle bus Go KL

Автобус GO KL CityBus на улице Куала-Лумпура

Free bus routes in Kuala Lumpur earned in December 2013. Four of the routes (as of 2018), they are not numbered, and vary in color. Them run new and comfortable (air-conditioned) buses that stop at each stop of the city buses are on their routes. Work period:

  • Monday – Friday: 06:00 – 23:00
  • Saturday - Sunday: 07:00 – 23:00
  • The frequency of buses from 5 to 10 minutes

Of course, this "freebie" are the locals, so at peak times (weekdays from 7:30 to 10:00 and from 16:30 to 20:00) the buses are going Packed. However, these buses are still a great alternative to a taxi and paid the city subway. Their advantage is that they cover the areas and sights, to which a metro is not always possible.

To always have on hand in their pattern of motion, can upload their smartphone map in pdf format here. Also in the description of each attraction of Kuala Lumpur we have pointed out, the bus which line color you can get to them. Official website and additional information

Read more about the system of free buses in Kuala Lumpur, and how to use it here...

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