How to get from the airport to Kuala Lumpur to Pudu Raya station and back

One of the most successful areas to stay in Kuala Lumpur, is the area around the bus station Pudu Raya. Within walking distance from the bus station is also another good district – Chinatown or Chinatown (more about Kuala Lumpur read here).

One of the reasons why budget travellers staying here is that you can get here from the airport of Kuala Lumpur can be cheaper. The trip from the airport or Vice versa will cost only 10-12 ringgit (refer to the currency of Malaysia, the exchange rate).

On this route transportation is carried out by buses StarShuttle, also known as StarWira. Official website -

  • Fare: 10-12 ringgit
  • Travel time: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • With Puduraya the buses run from 03:45 to 23:15 on schedule every 30-45 minutes
  • From the airport buses depart from 05:15 to 02:15 on schedule every 30-45 minutes

From these airport buses depart both from the new budget terminal KLIA2or from KLIA international. Tickets are sold in KLIA on the ground floor right at the bus station and KLIA2 need to look for the ticket office in the arrivals hall.

But somewhat harder when sending from Pudu Raya station. The fact that this bus passes, and the station itself is not done. To sit on it, you must first buy the ticket at the box office StarShuttle No. 21 on the 3rd floor of the station (where all cash), then you will need to walk to MyDin hypermarket and wait for a bus at a bus stop. The bus passing by, coming from the station Batu 3 and makes a stop here for a few minutes. Of course, better to buy a ticket, and for a set time to come to the bus stop. From Puduraya bus stop 5-10 minutes walk.

To find this stop is not difficult. It is expensive Jalan Tun Perak between MyDin hypermarket and high-rise building Menara MayBank, MyDin. The stop position on the Google map, see here.

Пеший путь от Пудурайи до автобусной остановки
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Katerina 03 Jan 2017, 02:12
September was flying from Bali to Seoul a low-cost carrier airasia via Kuala Lumpur. Specially made dock 12 hours. I walked the entire downtown, while getting to the Petronas twin towers, the whole day there, and spent. To be honest, in addition to towers in the city did not impress, I would be glad if someone tell me that you can still see when we're in town next time. Tip: at the airport terminal, klia2 is very expensive Luggage, take your stuff on the bus to the bus station, there's a lot cheaper. ...
admin 04 Jan 2017, 09:56
On taste and color as they say... but me in KL very much. Even just to be there and walk constantly something new to discover interesting. Of course it's not Bangkok, with its Palace and temples in KL be sure to visit Batu caves, the main mosque, independence square, national Museum. In addition, a lot of interesting places there. ...
Natashi 08 May 2017, 16:00
There are 4 lines of free buses to all the attractions. About them separately is written here. Type in Google free buses KL. To the tower you should go, I was in the restaurant at the same time and ate cheaper than just visit. In fact, the market was very beautiful. Chinatown is not worth, do not go. ...
123 CATHERINE 22 Dec 2017, 02:19
Good day!!! Please tell me we fly from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur after 4 hours flight to Seoul with another airline and will need to get Luggage and check it again, whether I understood what kind of Luggage you need to take a ride on the automatic train Aerotrain, go through passport control then go to baggage, then climbed to the fifth floor to register, check-in baggage and return back to the satellite terminal??? ...
admin 22 Dec 2017, 10:07
Need to clarify whether you have to change terminal from international to budget, because there is also fly international flights. If there is a change, that's right, you get the Luggage, but then do not return to satellite and go to KLIA2 on aerotrain - ... kliatolcct.
If you are not changing terminals, you will have to do as you described. But just in case, verify at check-in and Luggage delivery, can make out from to the end point. This, of course, is unlikely, so it is not accepted, sometimes they are combined flights, when the plane of one airline and tickets from different airlines. ...
Вадим2 05 Jan 2018, 16:20
Fly from KLIA to Penang flight Malaysian airlines baggage, flight to 11-15. To go from Kuala Lumpur will the bus from Pudu bus station (near the hotel), the bus arrives at KLIA and 08-15 to 09-00, that is, until the flight will be 3h or 2H 15 min.
Please tell me, in Your opinion, what bus it is better to use, can be the delay (cancellation) of buses and how much time is needed at the airport for check-in and baggage drop? ...
admin 05 Jan 2018, 16:59
Hello Vadim! I would definitely choose the earlier flight. On the road anything can happen, so the extra time needed. Besides 2 hours 15 minutes it's practically right next to the international flight, because you have to check-in, passport and customs control, to get to the satellite terminal. Queues may not be each of these controls, and may be here as lucky, it is impossible to predict as to risk an international flight is impossible. And when you buy tickets in puduraya be sure to check where you can catch the bus. Primarily used to go from a stop from MyDIN nearby, but maybe that has changed. ... 06 Jan 2018, 16:54
good evening, tell me how to pay for subway in KL,GK use the octopus card , but in KL? ...
admin 07 Jan 2018, 07:30
Paid like almost everywhere - a single card that is bought at the machine or at the ticket office at the station, or travel. Everything is painted in detail here - is no reason to repeat them here. But what kind of city is this GK, I did not understand you? ...
Ferdinand 08 Jan 2018, 04:39
I venture to suggest that the Hong Kong ...