Menara KL tower in Kuala Lumpur

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Телебашня Менара

Menara KL tower (Menara KL Tower) at a height of 421 meters is currently the seventh place among the world's tallest telecommunications structures, gradually yielding to the position of the newly built. At the time of the construction, in 1996, she ranked fifth.

At the top of the tower at the height of 276 meters above ground level is an observation deck with a 360 degrees, and even higher outdoor observation deck (access is payable). The tower and lookout above the bridge of the famous Petronas twin towers, breathtaking views over the town and the wonderful photos you provided, unless, of course, will not spoil weather. And here there is a new attraction SkyBox – glass cube at the height of the observation deck. We recommend you to buy a ticket for the open viewing as the view and the feeling there is much more exciting, and besides it includes both platforms.

If you have your photographic equipment, be sure to capture the tower at night with lights. For the original illumination Menara earned the nickname "Garden of the world". By the way, down at the foot of the Menard, is a small theme Park culture of Malaysia.

Many tourists prefer to visit exactly the KL tower instead of the Petronas towers, and familiarity with Petronas twin towers restrict photography on their background and visit the shopping malls at the base of the skyscrapers without up to the observation deck. Indeed, the views from the Menara open better, cost less, and there is such a rush, as Though. You can just come here and just buy the tickets up and not have to stand early in line at the cash register or order tickets on the website a few days before the visit, as is the case with Petronas.


🕐 Working time: 9:00 to 22:00

💵 Entrance fee / tickets cost: visit of the tower is divided into several variants which differ in the set of visited parks (rides) in the tower

Video-audio guide given at the entrance to the observation deck for free. The use of stationary binoculars on the observation deck for free.

🚶 How to get: Menara is located in the Central part of the city (the position of the KL tower on the map). If you stopped in the Bukit Bintang area or Chinatown, then to the tower, you can walk 15-20 minutes (distance in a straight line, slightly more than a kilometer). TV tower is visible from almost anywhere in the city, so you can simply follow in her direction. The entrance to the tower is from the street Jalan Punchak (at the intersection with Jalan P Ramlee) on the East side. The building itself is located on a hill, the ascent to which can be done on foot (but quite hard), take a taxi or wait for the free minibus which takes visitors taking in the entrance every 15 minutes.

If you have no desire to hoof it to the tower on foot, at a distance of about a mile from the station monorail Bukit Nanas and station Dan Wangi Kelana Jaya line city metro LRT Rail. Unfortunately, closer to the tower by public transport to get close in any way, because it is surrounded by a green Park. Another option is to drive directly up to the tower on the free tourist bus at the purple line GO KL (stop KL Tower).

The view from the Menara tower

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Inna V 30 January, 2019

Tickets can be purchased at a promotional rate during the promotional period. Now they are more expensive. And second, I want to learn how to do Asjha what others and/or companies is never a problem. I sincerely wish to Southeast Asia I love to go back again and again. So this experience is useful to me. And judging by the statistics of a replacement flight at ASI, for me it has to be - what water to drink.
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Zosia March 3, 2019
Good afternoon.Arrive in KL AIR Astana in 9:50, flight to Ho Chi MINH city AK Malindo Air at 14:20. After reading the above,I have to go through passport control,claim your Luggage in the same terminal go up the 5th floor in the relegation zone...? ...
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Most likely not. Look closely at the itinerary, you are likely to arrive in KLIA and depart from KLIA2. If so, then go through passport control, and went down on the train to get to KLIA2. If the terminal is a genuine one, then right. ...
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AK "Malindo" is based in a/p KLIA to KLIA2 don't have to move. ...
Evgeny Kanev June 6, 2019
Please tell me if you know where is the airline "Malaysia",in KLIA or KLIA 2 ? ...
admin June 6, 2019

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Please tell me airline ticket offices in KLIA and KLIA 2 are easy to find there ? (the diagrams do not see where or) (if in Singapore is not empty,then the ticket is there to buy) ...
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